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413 Cherry Street

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Olivia T. Turner

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It was all a big misunderstanding.
I swear. I know most people in prison say the same thing, but in my case, it’s true.
The gun wasn’t mine. The drugs weren’t mine. But luckily, the hot domineering lawyer is all mine.
Mr. Liam Garret.
He’s come to save me. He’s going to make all my problems go away. Because there’s no one as persuasive as Mr. Garret.
Believe me, I know. After only a few minutes of being in the same room as him, he persuaded me to…
Actually, I’m going to plead the fifth on that one. My lawyer is advising me to remain silent.
So, I’ll remain silent for him. In between moans.
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Olivia T. Turner

Chapter One


“Two black cherry mochas,” I say with a smile as I hand over the drinks to the adorable couple waiting in front of me.

“Thanks!” the girl says as she takes hers. “Oh, I love the little hearts you drew around our names.”

I smile as I watch them take a seat in the corner, completely and utterly in love. It warms my heart.

I’m working at the Cherry Tree Coffee Co., which is a favorite for first dates and adorable couples of the town.

“Always with the hearts, eh?” my coworker Madison says with a grin as she watches me from the cash. “You really are a hopeless romantic, Hazel.”

I scoff even though I know she’s right. “I am not.”

“Oh, please. As soon as you start your shift you always change whatever music is playing to the love song playlist.”

“I like nice music,” I say with a shrug. “What’s the harm in that?”

“And the hearts on all of the couples’ drinks?”

“I like seeing people in love. Doesn’t mean I’m a hopeless romantic.”

She grins. “What’s your cat’s name?”

I gulp.


“My cat’s name is Romeo.”

She laughs as the bell over the door rings and a guy walks in. He lowers his hat and heads straight for the most secluded table.

“Oh, sir!” Madison calls out. “You’re supposed to order before you sit down.”

He’s not paying any attention. He looks all fidgety and nervous as he glances at the door.

I’m assuming he’s on a blind date about to meet the love of his life when it hits me that maybe I am a hopeless romantic after all. Guilty as charged.

Well, one thing is for sure—I’m definitely hopeless when it comes to romance. I’m twenty-one years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend, date, or even a first kiss. My experience with love starts and ends with movies and love songs.

“Hey, Juliet,” Madison teases. “Why don’t you go get that hottie’s order since he can’t be bothered to stop at the counter?”

My heart starts pounding as I look over at him. Maybe the intense love affair destined to smack him across the face is with me…

Nah. He’s not the guy. I’ve always believed that when I see him, I’ll know it immediately. It will be love at first sight. A fairy tale in the flesh. A Hollywood worthy moment I’ll never forget and this ain’t it. I’m not having that once in a lifetime moment while wearing this ugly apron. I refuse.

Just in case though, I slip off my apron and name tag before heading over.

“Practice your flirting,” Madison whispers as I walk by her.

I shoot her a look and she laughs.

“Unbutton your shirt.”

“Will you stop?!” I hiss under my breath. I don’t unbutton anything, but I do fluff up my hair as I strut over, trying to sway my hips like Madison always does when she’s with her boyfriend Duke.

“Hi there,” I say with an upbeat chipper voice.

His eyes dart up to mine. They’re all bloodshot like he hasn’t slept in days and there’s a sheen of sweat all over his face. Ew. Now, I’m really hoping this guy is not the one for me. His skin is a greeny-yellowish color and he’s picking at a bloody scab on his hand.

I take a step back. “Can I get you anything?”

“Coffee,” he grunts as he glances at the door for the twentieth time since he’s sat down. “Black.”

“We do make a delicious black cherry mocha if you’d like to try something new. It’s our little shop’s specialty drink. People love it.”

“Coffee. Black.”

This guy is all grunts and tight uneasiness. I start to get a flutter in my stomach telling me to back away, so that’s exactly what I do. “Coming right up.”

“So?” Madison asks with a salacious grin when I arrive behind the counter. “How did it go? Did you give him your number yet?”

“He’s… weird,” I say glancing back at him as I grab a mug from the rack. I pour the coffee and then take my apron and name tag to put it back on. I don’t need to look good for him.

I glance over just in time to see him bolt out of the coffee shop and take off down the street. “What?!” He didn’t even cancel his order! What a jerk.

And he forgot his bag.

I huff out a breath as I toss my name tag and apron back on the counter and run after him. I grab the bag and burst out of the door, sprinting down the street after him.

He stops on the corner and starts unlocking his bike from the street light.

“Hey!” I shout as I rush over to him. “Hey! You forgot your bag!”

He curses under his breath when he sees me with it.

Finally, I catch up. I’m breathing heavily and sweating myself now.

“You forgot your bag.”

He looks so annoyed. What the heck is wrong with this guy?