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A Date for the Regatta (The Dating #9)

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Heidi McLaughlin

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Hoist the main sail and ready the bow thruster, this ship is going to be rocking.
London Bauer hates her job. Working with the New England elite, she’s used to yacht club snobs glaring down their noses at her as she serves them dinner and caters to their extravagant whims. Thankfully, they tip well and London needs every cent she can get.
One shift goes from bad to worse when Max Richmond saunters in. As if she needed another reminder why she should never mingle with the sailors, he has the audacity to ignore her. London wasn’t looking to sail off into the sunset with him after the night they spent together, but acknowledging her would have been common decency. She follows Max into the bathroom, fully intending to give him a piece of her mind. Instead, she finds herself getting wonderfully reacquainted with his drive shaft.
Now, Max is insistent that London join him at the Kingstown Regatta. Surrounded by his uppity friends and family, London fears the divide between their lives is too deep for any vessel to sail. While she’s ready to weigh anchor and move on, Max is manning his helm and prepared to show her they can weather the roughest of seas… together.
Climb aboard and wax the deck, the motion of this ocean will leave you weak in the knees.
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The Dating Series by Heidi McLaughlin

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Heidi McLaughlin



“Do you have any idea how much I want you?”

The sound of his voice lingers in my mind. I can still feel the way he touched me and the way he kissed me. When I close my eyes, the vivid memories of our night together flash through my mind. I’ve never had a one night stand before, and I should’ve known better than to give in to him. Max Richmond. I don’t know how or why he noticed me, but he did. Someone like Max is only after one thing, but he sure does have a way with words…and he knows how to treat a woman in bed. He has a way of making you feel like you’re the only thing he could ever want. Never have I ever been with a man who thought about my needs. Not even my ex-husband knew how to make love right. It was usually a wham bam, thank you ma’am kind of deal. If I happened to get an orgasm, then great, but if not, it wasn’t his problem. That might be why our marriage lasted only two years. We dated in high school and got married right after. The biggest mistake of my life. The asshole took all my savings and there was nothing I could do about it. Hence, why I’m now living with two women and have been working as a waitress at the Wesleyan Yacht Club for the past three years. My goal is to become manager one day, but I have to work up the ranks for that.

Dressed in only my bra and underwear, I open my closet door and pull out the crisp, white button-down shirt with the Wesleyan Yacht Club logo printed on the front pocket. I’m supposed to wear it to work along with a pair of black pants or a black skirt. Most of the young women I work with wear the skirts and flaunt themselves around the elite men who waltz into the club. I could care less about impressing anyone. That’s why it was a shock when Max started flirting with me, and even more of a shock when he was waiting out in the parking lot for me after my shift, asking if he could take me out, which ended up being a night sail on his boat, followed by hours of pure bliss. It felt amazing, but then morning came, and I made sure to leave before he woke up. He probably doesn’t even remember my name. What really makes me nervous is being at the club. With the regatta coming up, I know he’ll be around with his yuppie friends. I hate this time of the year. I’m constantly reminded how I’m beneath people like him.

My bedroom door flies open and Kim saunters in. Her light brown hair is sleek and pulled back in a low ponytail and she has on the same clothes I’m about to put on. We work together at the yacht club and it’s how we met. I was in a hard place financially, so she took me in as one of her roommates. I live with her and her sister, Holly, who is currently in school to be a dental assistant. Splitting the rent three ways makes it affordable, and it’s helping me to save more money so I can buy my own place one day.

Kim walks over to my dresser and picks up a pair of my silver earrings. “Do you mind if I borrow these tonight?” She holds them up and stares at me through the reflection in my dresser mirror.

Closing my closet door, I turn to her, grinning slyly. “Only if I can borrow your black sandals tonight.”

She nods once. “Deal.” Her mouth gapes and she jerks around, her eyes trained on my chest. “What is that?” She points at the spot on my breast.

I look down and sigh. There’s a giant hickey on my skin. Great, just what I need. “It’s nothing,” I say, sliding my arms into the sleeves of my shirt. I button it up quick.

“That is not nothing,” Kim teases. “Who were you with last night? I heard you come in early this morning.”

She knows who Max Richmond is. Everyone at the yacht club does. I know what she’ll say if I tell her it was him I was with. The words crazy and careless come to mind. “It was nobody,” I try to tell her.

She bursts out laughing. “Well, nobody left a huge ass hickey on your boob. You must’ve had a good night.”

More visions play through my mind. Max and I in the cabin of his boat, him taking my clothes off, and laying me gently on his bed. It was seriously something you’d read about in a romance novel; it was that perfect.

Once I have my pants on, I hurry out of my room and head straight to Kim’s to grab her black sandals. She follows close on my heels. “Why are you making this difficult? I want to know what guy put that glow on your face.”