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A Love to Cherish (Finding Love #2)

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Tory Baker

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Lyla Adams lived a jet set lifestyle. She was gone weeks at a time and only home every once in a blue moon. That wasn’t how she ever envisioned living and now, she’s had enough.
Deciding to switch gears and become a free-lance fashion merchandiser, seemed like the perfect solution. Sure, there are drawbacks, her demanding family being one of them.
Colton Montgomery owns a local garage, when Lyla walks in while doing an errand for her family, sparks fly. Colton takes one look at Lyla and instantly sets his sights on her. He’s out to make that woman his, and he’ll stop and nothing to make sure she knows it.
Tory is back with the second book in The Finding Love Series. Colton Montgomery is here to heat your kindles ladies. With his over the top Alpha ways, and his much sweeter side that shows just how much he wants to take care of his woman, he’s sure to make you swoon. So, take a break from the craziness of the world and dive into this spicy little insta-love story, that might make you go out looking for a mechanic of your own, to give you a nice tune-up.
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Finding Love Series by Tory Baker

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Tory Baker



“Just because I work from home now, doesn’t mean I don’t work!” I yell through the phone at my oldest brother, Silas. He’s such a jerk. Ever since I started my job working from home as a freelance clothing merchandiser, it’s been him and my other brother, Nash, calling non-freaking stop. The one saving grace is that Reed, my youngest brother, doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the other two.

“Please, one last time,” he begs.

“You owe me, big time,” I grunt, looking down at what I’m wearing. Today was a work behind the computer, glug down coffee, throw your hair up in a high ponytail, not wear a bra type of day. But no, my brother the jerk that he is, he’s calling for my help, again.

“Whatever you want, just name it. I’m elbow deep in a Mustang right now, go to Colt’s for me, please? He only has one part and you know it’ll fly out of his stockroom with the car show coming up this month,” Silas grouses.

“Whatever, it’s going to be a while though. I was planning on working from home all day, my hair isn’t even brushed yet,” I blow a breath of air out, exasperated with my family lately. I love them, I really do. The only one that understands how much work it is to work from home is our Mom. Even our dad is calling me once a week asking me to help with something at the shop.

Silas, Nash, Reed and our father own a mechanic shop here in town. Our father opened it before I was born. Being the oldest, he tried to teach me how to do certain things with a car. I got the basics down — like changing a tire and changing the oil. Other than that, I wasn’t into cars. I was more into my best friends, barbies, and dolls.

“That’s fine, let Colt know I sent you,” Silas states.

“You are aware I don’t even know who he is?” I ask.

“I’m aware, sis. I’ll call him and let him know to be expecting you,” he grumbles, and then we both end our call.

“So much for working from home,” I mumble to my empty bedroom. “I really did not want to put a real bra on today.”

I get dressed in my signature outfit of ripped up boyfriend-style jeans, a scoop neck tee, and canvas sneakers. My family is really going to owe me. It’s either that or I’m going to have a long overdue discussion with my mom and have her set them straight.



I’m in my office looking at the next project I’m interested in working on when the chime from the front entrance goes off. Silas told me his sister was coming to pick up a part, but he didn’t tell me just how drop dead fucking gorgeous she is.

He’s mentioned that Lyla’s working in town now, not traveling like she used to. But, with the frown that’s marring her face, I’m guessing she wasn’t expecting to be here today. Lyla doesn’t look like she works in the fashion industry like her brothers once said. Hell no, she looks down to earth, in the way she carries herself. With not a speck of makeup on, she’s naturally beautiful. Her raven hair doesn’t even look like she’s brushed it, just threw it up in some haphazard method. Hell, her shirt is even wrinkled.

Yeah, Lyla is a secret I’d love to unwrap, layer by layer.

“Hello.” Her voice is soft and sweet.

“Hey, you must be Lyla. I’m Colton Montgomery, you can call me Colt though. Your brother mentioned you’d be picking up a part.” I hold my hand out to shake hers.

Lyla’s sharp intake of breath tells me everything I need to know. “Yes, that would be me. It’s nice to meet you. I hate to admit it, but I have no idea what kind of part I’m supposed to be picking up. Besides Silas saying he was working on a Mustang, I’m clueless.”

“Silas mentioned you didn’t take the path your brothers took,” I reply with a chuckle.

“Hey, I can do the basic things, but no. I didn’t want to go into the family business. While the boys were getting greasy, I was busy looking through magazines and putting together inspiration boards full of design ideas,” Lyla says in one breath. All I can do is smile, I know once she takes the part from me, the chances of seeing her are slim. Well, unless I come up with some kind of crazy scheme.

“Nothing wrong with that. I hear you’re back for good?” Her eyes are a deep chocolate and I can’t tear my own off of her.

“Yeah, but a whole lot of good it’s doing working from home. I swear between Silas, Nash, Reed, and even my own father, I haven’t been able to work a full day. If something doesn’t change, I’ll have to set up shop in another town,” she says with a laugh.