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Archer - Dirty Misfits MC

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Savannah Rylan

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I won’t let anything happen, not to another woman as long as I live.
Josie’s had it rough. I can tell.
She needs someone to protect her, Save her.
Keep her close. I want to be her hero.
But MC guys aren’t f*cking heroes. We’re the bad guys.
Except for her, I don’t want to be anything other, Than her knight in shining armor.
Hard when I’m planning a murder. F*ck.
Being a player was easier than this.
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Savannah Rylan



Hearing Josie hiss in pain with every step we took not only broke my heart but enraged me beyond belief. The idea that there were still men in this world that could harm women like this without batting an eyelash made me hungry for their blood. My arm gingerly draped around Josie’s waist. I didn’t want her to feel as if I were taking advantage of a situation, despite the fact that I thought she was breathtakingly gorgeous.

You know, beneath the bruises, the stitches, and the blood still caked on her face.

“In here. Cole’s waiting for you,” I said.

She paused. “Wh-wh—who’s Cole?”

I swallowed down my anger at the fear still laced in her voice. “He’s one of our guys. Used to be a combat medic. He can help clean you up and get you something for the pain. Is that okay?”

She slowly looked over at me. “And—who are you?”

I tried my best to smile. “Archer. The name’s Archer. I’ve been running with this crew for a few years now.”

Her lower lip quivered. “Can I lay down?”

Cole poked his head out of his room at the end of the hallway. “Yes, you can. It’ll help me work better if you’re laying down anyway.”

Fear rushed behind Josie’s eyes and I shushed her softly. She laid her head against my shoulder and I ushered her down the hallway, trying not to concentrate on the mixture of tears and blood gracing my t-shirt. I helped her into Cole’s room where he already had his trunks of utensils and shit he needed splayed out everywhere.

And after getting Josie laid down on the bed, she slipped her hand into mine.

“Stay, please,” she whispered.

I perched on the edge of the bed. “As you wish.”

I watched her eyes twitch as Cole dabbed alcohol wipes all across her face. The stitches holding her forehead closed had obviously been done professionally, but the glue holding the corner of her eye together was already coming undone. Cole prepared himself for stitches and I watched as he stuck a sterile needle into a very small bottle before hovering it over Josie’s frightened face.

“I’m going to numb up the side of your left eye a bit before I stitch you up. The glue is already coming undone, and it’s too deep to heal on its own. Okay?”

Josie nodded slowly. “All right. Just—be quick? Yeah? I really hate needles.”

Cole leaned forward. “I’ll do my best. Try to hold still for me.”

Josie gripped my hand so tightly that I lost feeling in my fingers. Damn, this woman had some serious forearm strength. Then again, she was a stripper, and she needed to have that kind of strength on a bar. I wondered what would drive such a beautiful young woman to do something so demeaning. Did she not have other job prospects?

She simply didn’t strike me as the kind of girl to dive head-first into a world like this.

“Shit,” Josie hissed.

Cole shook his head. “Sorry, sorry. Let me get a little more numbing—”

Josie grunted. “Mm-mm. Mm-mm. Just hurry up and finish.”

With a nod of his head, Cole quickly finished the stitching before tying it off. Then, he set his sights checking over the rest of her. The bruising around her neck made me sick to my stomach. But when Cole lifted her shirt and paused, I knew it wasn’t good.

“What?” I asked.

Cole swallowed hard. “Let me know if you feel this, Josie.”

And the second he pressed against her side, she cried out so badly that footsteps barreling down the hallway.

“What is it!? Josie!”

A rapid knocking followed by Astrid’s voice sounded behind the door and I got up. Josie tugged at me, trying to get me to sit back down, but I couldn't let her simply stand there with that kind of worry laced in her voice. I opened the door and she pressed past me with tears streaming down her cheeks.

And when she gathered Josie’s hand within hers, I perched in a corner to watch over them both.

Guess her and Porter finally talked.

The damage to Josie was extensive, and the more Cole uncovered, the angrier I became. Men that harmed women were the worst of the worst. But it was clear to me that they were sending a message to Josie while also making an example out of her. I licked my lips and curled my hands around the edges of the chair I sat in, gripping it with all of my might. I let anger fill the marrow of my bones, reminding me of exactly why we were going after The Black Flags in the first place.

And when we slaughtered them, I hoped we held a barbecue right on top of their graves.


I reached my hand out as men dragged her away. “Susie! No!”

A growling voice sounded behind me. “Get over here, fuck-stick.”

“Archer! Please!” my sister cried out.