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“You can try and get away, love, but I promise you I’ll never let you go.” I huff a breath, pretending to be annoyed, but damn that’s hot too. Knowing he’s always going to fight for me is a pretty big turn-on.

“You know who the Whitlocks are,” I point out.

“I do know who they are and that they have heirs, but I had no reason to know about them beyond that.”

“You didn’t get offers from them?” I went to prep school with Hannah. She’d been so insistent that Felipe would be hers one day.

“I didn't bother with offers. I’m sure my father got them, but he knew I had no interest. I told him long ago I would never agree to an arranged marriage.”

“But that’s our way.”

“Maybe so, but not for me. I wasn’t going to entertain the idea of another woman when I already knew who would be mine. I care for my father, but when it comes to love, he has no fucking clue what he’s doing.”

“I’m sorry about your parents,” I say. I don’t know them well, but in my short interactions with them, I knew the marriage was not one filled with lasting love.

“They taught me many things about marriage. At least to know what I don’t want.” As awful as I feel about his parents, I’m happy he knows he’d never want a marriage like theirs.

“What would you have done if my father had picked someone else for me?” I ask out of curiosity.

“I would have never stood by and let you marry someone else.” His firm, deadly tone makes a chill break out across my skin. I can tell from the glint in his eyes that Felipe will be a possessive husband.

“I wish I knew.” I drop my gaze. “I haven’t been a very good princess,” I admit.

“Is that so?” Felipe grips my chin, making me meet his eyes again. “Have you been a naughty girl?” I suck in a deep breath, and my nipples harden.

This is not the time to get turned on, but it’s hard not to when he touches me this way. How does this man turn me inside out with only a few words and that look in his eyes?

“I’ve been naughty, but I didn’t know. I swear it.” He leans in, brushing his mouth against mine. I close my eyes, savoring the kiss, because I’m not sure how he’s going to respond to my confession.

“I can be a very forgiving man for my princess.” He nibbles my bottom lip. “If—”

“If what?” I breathe as I push my chest into his. Desire starts to swirl inside of me, and I’m still wet. His hand sinks into my hair and fists it, and I gasp when he pulls back. His hold on me is firm. Unbreakable.

“I want to finish what we started.” He rakes his teeth down my neck, and I fight not to whimper, knowing I’ll be loud. I close my eyes as need stirs in my belly.

“Finish what?” I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but right now, he can do anything he wants to me.

“Amelia,” I hear my mom call.

“Tonight, kitten,” he says, and I gasp before jerking back from him.

“No.” I shake my head because it can’t be.

He stands up and puts me on my feet. “That ass is mine, along with the rest of your body.” He presses a hard kiss to my mouth before he’s out the dressing room door, leaving me utterly speechless. I’m dazed and wobbling as all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Chapter Fourteen


I’m impatient as I go around the side of the house and make sure the coast is clear. The sun has barely set, but I couldn’t go through the gardens after Amelia’s mother warned me earlier. Once I reach the library, I open the door and sneak inside. The house is quiet, and I watched as her parents and siblings left to go to the movies. Now I just have to avoid the staff and any cameras that might catch me on the way to Amelia’s room.

When I reach her door, I quickly go inside and silently close it behind me. One glance around the room, and I don’t see her, but when I hear the water running, I lock the door.

Having her this close and knowing she’s naked makes my skin hot. I strip off my clothes on the way to her bathroom, and the sight that greets me nearly brings me to my knees.

Amelia is leaning back against the tile of the shower with her leg propped up on the seat beside her, and she’s got her hand between her legs. Her eyes are closed, and her head is tilted back as her hand moves quickly up and down. I grip my cock without thinking and squeeze it at the base. I could cum all over myself just watching her do this.