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Back To You - A Second Chance Romance by

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Natasha L. Black

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Lights. Camera. Total nightmare.
The man of my dreams is Hollywood’s hottest bachelor. But I’m not one of his crazy fan girls.
I’m his ex-girlfriend. The high school sweetheart that left him behind. My career came first.
And now, it’s what has led me back to him. His name is in lights, and I’m working on his next blockbuster movie.
Watching him shirtless on-set has me second guessing all my life choices. And spending the night with him?
Well, that has me second guessing my intelligence. A commoner dating Hollywood royalty.
The world would chew us up. His rabid fans will destroy my life faster than I can blink.
Being with him feels right when were alone in the dark, but the paparazzi’s flash reminds me that this is only a beautiful nightmare.
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Natasha L. Black

Chapter One


I shook out my hands and then took a deep breath as a knock sounded on the door of my private trailer. This was the meeting I’d anticipated for days.

I’d negotiated a hard bargain, and as one of the hottest Hollywood actors, thanks to my breakout role, I was able to play hardball with my contracts. No longer did I have to wallow in the trenches, begging for crumbs from my agent. I was sought after by the best directors in Hollywood, and my time was worth millions.

“Come in,” I said as I opened the door and found Ben Malcolm on the other side. He was one of the biggest artistic directors in Hollywood, with a reputation that far preceded him. His movies were carefully detailed and styled, each one painfully crafted as if it were a love letter, and not one had failed to outdo the previous one.

Ben leaned into the jamb and stared up at me a moment. “Jake Storm, you sly dog, you. I knew you’d catch on fast.” Ben was referring to negotiating style, a talent that it took a lot of actors ages to accomplish.

“Well, I had a lot of good advice.” I owed a lot to others who had helped me along the way, especially Ben, who sought me out and had faith in me.

“Yeah, well, you’re worth it. Or at least, you better be.” He chuckled as he strolled into my tight quarters and plopped down on the couch. “How do you like your home away from home?” He gestured around at the trailer. “I was appreciative that you didn’t make a lot of ridiculous demands. You wouldn’t believe some of the shit production tells me. I like to keep my expenses low, you know, especially when I get a cocky actor who wants to try and blow my budget right off the rip.”

I knew he was exaggerating. I didn’t put a dent in his budget, but now he had to hope the rest of the cast, staff, and location costs didn’t swallow it whole. The movie was already getting a lot of buzz, as did anything Ben Malcolm touched, but I knew the push my own name was giving it. I just didn’t want this to be my final curtain call.

Hollywood could be a fickle mistress, and any film could be your last no matter what your name was. Box office poison wasn’t just a myth.

“I tried my best,” I teased. “But seriously, I was a little concerned about the on-location aspect. We’re talking about the Amazon. If I’m going to die of some strange disease I got from drinking the water or a bug bite, then I at least want my estate to be comfortable while they mourn me.”

“Come on, man. What do you take me for? I’m a true professional, and I can promise you that I’m taking every precaution known to man against the perilous location. I’ve even hired a consultant for the team, someone who knows the Amazon well and can help us stay safe and accurate.”

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Aside from being my director in the latest film, I knew Ben personally. I’d met the eccentric genius in my early days in Hollywood before either of us had gone our separate ways and found our own paths to fame. “You hired a consultant? You? Mr. Particular, Mr. I’ll Do It My Way, will be consulted? That’s a first.”

“Well, I had no idea how much insurance would be required for the on-location shots when I dreamed this up. And I grossly underestimated how dangerous the Amazon is. So I have my assistant Ally setting up a meeting for the cast and staff to cover my ass. I know you’re a prima donna, but I expect you to be there.”

“No problem.” I rubbed my eyes and went over to my coffeemaker to fix a cup. It had been one of my demands, so I thought I’d show Ben I appreciated it. “Want some?”

Ben waved his hand as he watched me. “No thanks. Didn’t you hire an assistant? You don’t have to make your own coffee anymore. You’re big time now Jakey. We could get any number of women in here to do that. Take your pick. Blonde, brunette, or even a sexy redhead, if that’s your thing.”

“No, it’s okay. I figure I can still do some things myself. Besides, I’m pretty particular about my coffee.” I also didn’t like a bunch of extra eyes and ears around me in the morning, sexy or not. “I need my quiet time to go over my part. There’s that big, emotional scene in the rainforest. I want to make sure I nail it. I need focus.”

“Don’t go method on me, my friend. I hired you so I didn’t have to put up with that bullshit.” I had already known he hated method actors and how they performed. I had to hear about it over sushi and beer at one of his pool parties the previous summer.