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Bad Reputation

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Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

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Everyone knows the Hales. Mega-rich and salaciously famous. No one knows shy, quiet Willow Moore.
Until she makes one daring move that changes her world forever.
At seventeen, Willow moves across the country to connect with her famous older brother, Loren Hale. Before she can even say hello, she runs into the teenager who’s been vandalizing Loren’s house with his group of delinquent friends.
Garrison Abbey is off-limits. As decreed by her very protective older brother.
But if he’s so awful, then why is he so friendly to her? Willow can’t help but be drawn to the mysterious boy next door. He has a bad reputation. She’s yet to carve one of her own.
The more their paths cross, the more Willow realizes maybe…just maybe they’re exactly what each other needs.
Bad Reputation is a collector’s edition of Willow & Garrison’s romance. It contains:
TWO NOVELS (Whatever It Takes and Wherever You Are) in chronological order. A READING GUIDE to read along with the Addicted/Calloway Sisters Series. BONUS CHAPTERS not found in the duet.
If you have not met Willow and Garrison yet, we highly recommend starting with Whatever It Takes.
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Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

part one

“It’s the oldest story in the world.

One day you’re 17 and planning for someday.

And then, quietly, and without you ever really noticing, someday is today.

And then someday is yesterday.

And this is your life.”

One Tree Hill

willow’s tumblr questionnaire

Rules: Complete the form by answering each section truthfully. Once you’ve finished, tag other users to complete the task. Begin by sourcing the person who tagged you.

Have you ever…

Been cheated on: never gave anyone the chance to

Kissed someone and regretted it: never been kissed (don’t judge)

Drank hard liquor: a couple times. I didn’t like the taste

Been drunk and thrown up: nope

Met someone who changed you: I met Loren Hale once (my only celebrity run-in). He was standing on my front doorstep (long story). Loren Hale left within like five minutes—but he actually spoke to me. He noticed my Mutants & Proud pin, and I mentioned liking X-Men Evolution (the cartoons). Then he made a comment about the comics and Lily Calloway. He called her his girlfriend, but they were and are still engaged if Celebrity Crush is right. It made me think that girls could read comics too—and the way he spoke, he presumed I already did. I never tried to read them until that moment, until he left and I thought yeah, I’m allowed to read these too.

I started New X-Men and related so much to Wallflower, a girl I really needed a year ago, when my dad divorced my mom. And I would’ve never read comic books and fallen in love with them if I didn’t meet Loren Hale

Fallen out of love: I’ve never fallen in love to fall out of it

Found out who your true friends are: this is why I keep my circle small. Maggie is the truest friend there ever could be

Lost glasses: multiple times. My little sis sometimes takes them to be funny

Sex on the first date: …idk maybe I’d do it? Thinking about it makes me nervous…

Been arrested: in a nightmare

Turned someone down: for what? Like dating?

Fallen for a friend: no. I don’t like the guys at my school like that (you wouldn’t either if you were me)

What was your…

Last drink: Fizz Life

Last phone call: umm, my Grandma Ida. She wanted to crochet me a scarf for next winter and needed to know what color yarn. I told her blue

Last text message: “I bought it! I bought it!” to Maggie, in relation to Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud—I’ve been saving up babysitting money to purchase the comic book. I read ANYTHING that Loren Hale recommends (my comic book guru), and he suggested this one not long ago on social media

More questions…

Do you have any pets: my dad hates pets, but when he moved out a year ago, my mom let Ellie get a hamster. It smells really bad

What did you do for your last birthday party: ate out at the Noodle House with just my mom, sister and Maggie. I don’t like big parties, especially not ones about me

Name something you cannot wait for: A REBOOT OF NEW X-MEN (PLEASE HAPPEN!!! I’LL TAKE ANYTHING!!!) Also, for Maggie to meet Scarlet Witch (aka Elizabeth Olsen) one day.

What irritates you: being forced to speak up in large crowds

Nickname(s): none (I’m not that cool)

Relationship status: single

Favorite TV show: tie between Gravity Falls & X-Men: Evolution. I love them

High School: ready for it to expire

College: wish I could go. I’m working on it

Hair Color + Length: light brown, straight, and about to my chest?

Height: 5’5’’

Your crush: TOM HIDDLESTON!!! (aka Loki)

Tattoos: my dad says no

Right or left-handed: Right

Any surgeries: nothing that serious

Any piercings: double lobe piercings on both ears, just four little studs, two bats and two stars

Favorite sport: sports? *runs and hides*

First vacation: never left Maine before, but when I was really little, we used to go to the coast, about 4+ hours from Caribou, and we went sailing one time. I can’t really remember it, but my mom has pictures. Everyone seems happy

What do you like…

Hugs or kisses: hugs for now

Shorter or taller: taller than me. Even if it’s only a little taller. That works too.

Older or younger: older but not too old—I couldn’t do what Daisy Calloway does with her boyfriend, who’s like seven or eight years older (I can’t remember)



willow moore

“We’re not having this conversation! It’s Ellie’s birthday!” my mom shouts, the familiar octave present only when she’s around my dad.

“Her birthday ended twenty minutes ago!” my dad yells. I haven’t seen them endure each other’s presence since the divorce. I invited him to my 17th birthday dinner back in March and he said he wouldn’t come. His exact words: not if your mom is there. Now August, he’s willing to stomach my mom for Ellie—his little bundle of princess joy.

I don’t think I ever fit into what he wanted me to be. His words over the years have been etched into my head.