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Blame It On The Gin - On The Rocks

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Frankie Love

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She spills the dirty martini all over my suit coat, but I couldn’t care less.
Catching her before she falls seems like my idea of a perfect night.
She’s undeniably sexy and innocent in ways that make me want to protect her.
Screw getting a round of drinks — I need to get Ginny in my bed.
The chemistry is electric. The desire is obvious. Taking her home is easy. The hard part is keeping her there.
She’s the one. I know that for certain. But she’s not so sure about me.
I may be a billionaire with all the money in the world — but Ginny Holiday is the only thing I want.
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Frankie Love



Thank God it's Friday. It's been one hell of a week. Losing our PR assistant has become a bigger issue than I realized it would be. And we need to fill this position immediately.

We've all been putting our noses to the grindstone since this startup got up and running six months ago. I put my whole heart and soul into this company, and I believe in what we're doing: giving half our profits to charity and making sure the water we source is sustainable.

Hell, it's work I believe in, but still, it doesn't mean I want the people who are working for me to be exhausted every week. They deserve a little bit more than grinding it out. Hustle culture can kiss my ass.

Jonas, my assistant, raps his knuckles on my glass door. "Hey," he says. "I have the applicants for the PR position. Do you want to look over the resumes before the interviews begin? There are already some applicants here in the lobby."

I nod, taking the papers from him. There are a dozen prospective hires, and I know it's going to take most of my day going through these interviews.

As if reading my mind, Jonas adds, "Your calendar's blocked from 11 to 5, so everyone gets about 20 minutes with you. Hoping you can find a hire by the end of the day."

"Thanks for getting this all organized, Jonas. You're a lifesaver."

He grins. "No problem. However, I do have a date tonight with Eli, so..."

"I know," I tell him. "I remember you’re leaving early."

"Not too early though," he says. "At five."

"Sounds good," I say.

"Are you going out tonight?" Jonas asks.

I chuckle, running a hand over my jaw. "Going out? I don't think I've been out in months."

"That's what I was noticing," Jonas says. "Not to overstep, boss, but maybe you should enjoy the weekend too. You practically live at this office."

"Duly noted," I say. He leaves and I look at the applicants. The first few look promising, but the third one I run upon, Virginia Holiday, seems too qualified for this entry level position. She's just graduated college early with a degree in marketing and public relations from a state university. Her internships have all been at sustainable companies on the West Coast, and she spent a summer in Rwanda, building wells.

I give a low whistle. She's way too qualified for this job that I'm looking to hire for. Maybe if the PR head position was open, but it's not. Lisa has been with me from the beginning and she's doing a bang-up job. I call Jonas immediately and tell my assistant to let this applicant know she won’t be getting an interview. No need to waste her time.

Virginia Holiday wouldn't fit on my team right now, unfortunately. But believing that she has a lot going for her, I pick up the phone and call my old friend, Bobby McIntyre.

He picks up right away.

"Hey, I was just thinking about you, Grant."

"Yeah?" I say. "What were you thinking?"

Bobby laughs. He's a big old ball of fun and always up for a good time. "I wanted to know if you want to go get drinks tonight after work. I heard there's a new place downtown. What do you think?"

I groan. "I don't know. I’ve been pretty swamped here at work."

"Dude," Bobby says, "all you do is work. Come on, let's go have some fun and catch up."

I think about what Jonas said a few minutes ago, how I need to enjoy my weekend. Maybe if I get this position filled, I'll feel less stressed. Besides, it's one night out.

"Sure," I tell Bobby. "That sounds good, actually. I haven't done anything fun for a while, and it's probably time I let loose a little."

"Yeah," Bobby says. "Maybe take off your tie and roll up your shirtsleeves."

I chuckle. "Let's not get crazy." Without thinking, I straighten my narrow tie and adjust my suit coat. I always dress for the occasion, and today is no exception. I come to work with one thing on my mind: the job.

Bobby's probably right. I do need to have some fun.

"So, why were you really calling?" Bobby asks.

"Well, I have someone that I think you should hire. I know you've been looking for a new PR lead and—"