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Boss of Me

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Aubrey Wright

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Living with my boss was a bad idea.
Getting pregnant by him...
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Aubrey Wright



I couldn’t believe it.

Katie Marten stood in front of me making drinks behind the bar of Hey You! like something out of a dream.

Or, judging from the look on her face, a nightmare.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Over ten years and that’s what you say?” I asked, smiling despite her clearly bad attitude.

She looked as good as ever, if not even better. Sandy blonde hair, slender body packed into tight jeans and a Meat Puppets T-shirt. And her face… Grass-green eyes, button nose, and lips that you couldn’t help imagine wrapped around your…

Seriously. Some things don’t change.

“What the hell do you expect? A hug?”

“Wouldn’t say no to that.”


She rolled her eyes and finished making her cocktails before setting them on the bar in front of two guys with side-shaved haircuts and skinny jeans, who took them and headed back to their seats.

“You ordering or what?” She was trying to look blasé, but I could hear the anger in her voice.

“Yeah. Give me one of those IPAs.”

Katie filled a glass and handed it over to me as I gave her a ten. “Don’t need a tip,” she said. “You can keep it.”

Three singles were placed in front of me, Katie regarding me with a skeptical, annoyed expression.

“It’s good to see you, Katie,” I tried.

She rolled her eyes again. “Can’t really say the same for you.”

“Come on, Kate.”


“Katie. High school was a long time ago.”

She raised her eyebrows. “So? Who cares about that?”

I knew she had every reason to be annoyed. After all, we’d dated, and I’d left her without saying a word. I’d tried to make things right in my own small way, but apparently it hadn’t worked.

“Then what is it?”

“Your attitude.”

I laughed before taking a sip of my beer. “My attitude?”

“Yeah. Strolling in here with your fancy-ass suit, strutting around like you own the place.”

It was a surprising choice of words—I was there to scope out the place as my next acquisition. But Katie didn’t need to know that. She was mad enough already. I could only imagine how she’d take the news that I might be her new boss.

“Suit’s not that fancy,” I said. “But thanks for the compliment.”

Another eye roll. “Anyway, what’re you even doing here? Don’t you live in LA?”

“I’m here to meet Josh and your sister.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Come on, Katie. You know Josh and I go way back. I want to congratulate them on their engagement.”

Before she could throw another retort at me, a glass shattered at the other end of the bar and she rushed away to help. My eyes were on her perfect ass the entire time, of course. Even though she was clearly still mad at me, she was still the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen.

I had to get my mind off her. I turned and regarded the place that I might soon add to my collection of properties.

The jukebox played some kind of rock from the ’80s—Buzzcocks, maybe—and the place was packed with Brooklyn’s hippest, twenty- and thirty-somethings all dressed like they were hoping some Instagram modeling page might pull them aside for an impromptu photoshoot that could boost their follower count by a few thousand. The walls were decorated with kitschy neon signs along with posters for schlocky horror movies. Pretty standard for these pretend dive bars.

I polished off my beer and ordered another, from a different bartender this time. As soon as it came, I saw Josh and Cassidy—Katie’s sister—walk into the place.

The guy was tall and strapping, I had to give him that. His dark hair and eyes complemented Cassidy’s auburn hair and blue eyes.

And there was the little matter of the baby. Cassidy was well into her pregnancy, her stylish blouse hanging over her bump.

Josh was all smiles as he approached me. “Holy shit!” he said. “It’s really the man himself!”

“Won’t argue with that title.”

We pulled each other in for a back-slapping hug, then the three of us went toward the back, sliding into a booth. “So fucking good to see you, bud!” he said. “How long has it been?”

“Ten years?” I asked. “Before I left for LA.”

He shook his head in disbelief. “Shit—you’re right. How the hell did we let so much time pass?”

“Life happens, right?” I offered, turning my attention to Cassidy. “Congratulations on everything—the wedding, the baby…”

“Thanks, man,” Josh said. “You two knew each other, right? From high school?”

“Mark and I didn’t know each other that well,” Cassidy said. “We ran in different circles.” She looked at me. “But your reputation certainly preceded you.”

I tried to smile, glancing away and running my hand over the back of my neck. Yeah, I had a reputation, all right—a player, but I prefer ladies’ man. That, and borderline juvenile delinquent. Hell, nothing “borderline” about it, really.

It was a reputation I’d worked hard to put behind me. As in, “a tour in Afghanistan” behind me. Not like I’d had any say in that particular matter, but still.