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I thought when Mom and I came back together, there might be this awkwardness, but there hadn’t been. The second she wrapped her arms around me and I smelled that peach smell I always remembered about her, I knew everything was going to be okay. That our love had never gone anywhere.

“Sometimes I just like to come down and stare at my man,” I admit. How that husband of mine keeps getting hotter, I don’t know.

He doesn’t ride anymore, for competition at least. He hung that up a few years ago, but he’s good with helping the up-and-comers, which makes us popular. Wranglers fight to try and get in here.

Daisy, our baby girl, stands beside him, her hands on her hips, nodding her head at everything her daddy is saying to the man in front of him. I’m sure he’s giving some kind of advice too. She might look like me, but damn does she have a lot of her father’s attitude in her.

“All right, do you need anything?” Betty asks.

“Actually, my mom is coming to get Daisy.” I check my watch. “Should be here soon. Bronco and I are going on a date night. I take it you’ve got this place handled.”

“You know I do.” She gives me a bright smile.

No one messes with Betty. She’d not only grown a bit of a backbone and confidence, but she’d gone and married the sheriff a few years ago. If he hears anyone is giving her problems, they’re going to have all kinds of them of their own real quick.

Bronco must feel my eyes on him because he turns his head, his eyes locking with mine. A smile pulls at his lips as his gaze turns to hunger when he sees what I’m now wearing. I’d already changed for our date. I’m not sure what we’re doing tonight, but I know where it’s going to end and likely start.

Some of the other men around him start to turn to see what he’s looking at, but he barks at them, and they all scatter.

“Mommy!” Daisy shouts when she sees me. “I need Daddy to teach me that. He can clear a room,” she says proudly. “You look so pretty,” she shouts a second later.

“Thank you, baby girl. You look pretty too.”

“It’s the hat!” She takes her cowboy hat off before putting it right back on.

“I think it’s the whole package,” I laugh. “Come up, Grandma is on her way.” Daisy’s eyes light up at the mention of her grandma. She takes off at a dead run, her little cowgirl boots loud as she starts to head around to make her way up.

“Got you.” Jericho snags her around the waist and lifts her over the side so she doesn’t have to go all the way around. I drop to my knees to engulf her in my arms. I catch my mom coming out of the corner of my eye.

“Kiss Daddy,” I tell her before I release my hold on our little angel. She skips back over to where he’s now coming back up through the stall doors from below. He lifts her and tosses her into the air and catches her. She lets out a giggle. He drops a kiss on her cheek.

“You two don’t have too much fun,” I tell my mom, giving her a hug.

“I would tell you the same, but you won’t listen.” She winks and places her hand on my small baby bump.

“Mom!” I laugh.

“See you both tomorrow.” she tells us both. Bronco drops a kiss on the top of my mom's head before she heads off with our baby girl.

“I love our Daisy, but I am ready to have my wife to myself.” He grabs me, lifting me in his arms. He’s careful to make sure when he cradles me in his arms my dress doesn't show my panties. No way he’d ever allow that. If Bronco is anything, it’s damn possessive. I love it.

“Agreed, but I need to lock my office before we go.”

“Oh, we’re going to the office. I’m not taking you out in this dress until you look thoroughly ravished.”

“I’m pregnant, Bronco, I think people know I’ve been thoroughly ravished.” He kicks my office door closed behind us, sitting me down on my desk before turning to click the lock into place. I’m already pulling my panties down my legs and tossing them away. “Ravish away,” I say as I pull the dress off next, throwing it on a nearby chair.

“Ravish? No, worship,” he says, walking over to the desk. He drops to his knees, spreading my thighs wide, and worships every inch of me.

* * *