Burn (Elemental Warriors #1) Read Online Joanna Morgan

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Elemental Warriors Series by Joanna Morgan

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A sexy Fire Elemental on the verge of self-combustion. A human woman with a touch of Water in her blood. A supernatural foe bent on destruction.

Levi, warrior and Fire Elemental, has one mission—to protect the mortal realm from the forces of Chaos. But that changes after a chance encounter with a human woman whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him.
Brooke Simmonds can’t forget the mysterious man with flames in his eyes and strange tattoos on his arms who walked through an inferno to save her from a devastating apartment fire. When she finds him again, their reunion ignites a fiery passion that threatens to consume them both.
But Levi is back for another, more urgent reason. The Chaolt are after Brooke. There’s a power awakening inside her, and they plan to exploit it. She’s suddenly sucked into a world, and a war, she never knew existed while Levi’s powers blaze even more out of control, endangering everyone around him.
The attraction between Levi and Brooke is so hot it sizzles, but if he doesn’t get his fire in check and stop the Chaolt, the entire town of Topaz Ridge may go up in flames.
Genre: Romance



Even if you tightly controlled the conditions of something in order to get a desired result, one tiny, unforeseen element could change…everything.

The bright, balmy day smelled of spring flowers, but Levi knew that all would change. He waited for the stink of burning plastic, for the grating buzz to begin in the back of his brain, for the lazy peace to be shattered by some disaster.

Chaos was more than a theory, it was a fact. He knew how it operated. One minute, things could be fine, and the next, everything could be upended. His job was to make sure that didn’t happen.

Elementals had always played a part in human evolution and history, moving back and forth freely at times. Despite being unknown to most mortals, they viewed Earth as our neighbor in the cosmic universe. Now, only a few were allowed here for the purpose of fighting Chaos.

With the aid of the other warriors, Levi searched for Sleepers—humans with latent elemental powers—in hopes of draining them before the enemy, the Chaolt, caused them to self-destruct. And in so doing, caused damage and loss of life, and increased the amount of chaos in the world.

Self-destructing Sleepers were easy prey. More bang for less buck. Flash floods, blizzards, avalanches, tornadoes, the earthquake in 2008… They could all be blamed on the Chaolt. And that was just in Nevada. The loss of human life could be staggering, the amount of chaos released, catastrophic. Pompeii, for example. Which is why Sleepers drew the forces of Chaos like ants to sugar.

But Sleepers were rare. Even in large cities, only a handful could be found. Unless, of course, the city had a portal, a doorway between the Elemental and Mortal worlds. Sleepers felt drawn to the portals, usually settling nearby, their subconscious happier close to ‘home’. This desire to be near the portal made Topaz Ridge, and other portal cities and towns around the world, home to many Sleepers and ground zero for the war against Chaos.

Chaos had the ability to destroy the very fabric of the universe, Levi’s own world included, and for reasons unknown, that seemed to be their goal.

And they were winning. All anyone had to do to see they were losing the war against Chaos was to watch the TV or read the newspaper. Every day, there was a new disaster in some part of this world, often several. In North America alone.

Just last night, there had been an unseasonal fog so thick that no one could see through it, causing a handful of car accidents, as reported in the news this morning. And while the sun had burned it all off, Levi knew the Chaolt had gotten to a water Sleeper, albeit a very weak one. Somewhere in the obits would be the death of the unfortunate victim. But with only four warriors for hundreds of miles, they couldn’t save all of them.

On high alert, Levi walked the streets of Topaz Ridge on a pristine spring day, waiting for any slight change signaling a shift from normal.

He hadn’t expected it to come so soon.

His senses tingling, he slowed to a stop on the sidewalk. Another elemental brushed along the edge of his awareness, there and gone before he could identify who or what. He’d been with the others of his team long enough that he could recognize their energy instantly. This was unfamiliar.

He looked ahead, searching the few people in the town square to see if he could determine who the strange vibes were coming from. As far as he knew, their team was the only one for hundreds of miles in all directions. Other teams worked other hot spots, near other portals, of course, so he thought for a moment maybe one of them had traveled here. But why would they be so far from their own territory when his team covered this one?