Caught (Cold Love #2) Read Online Scarlet Blackwell

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“Goldilocks, I presume?”
It’s the onset of polar night in Alaska and trucker Marshall Westray is looking forward to six weeks’ downtime. But first he has to negotiate 498 miles of frozen wilderness hauling his load down the deadly Dalton Highway from Deadhorse to Fairbanks.
He needs everything to go smoothly but his plans come unravelled at his first stop when he discovers a half-naked man in the back of his cab.
Stowaway Luka is all sorts of easy on the eye and has a ready sob-story that Marshall is appalled to hear. He’ll lose his job if his hitchhiker’s discovered but try as he might, he just can’t shake free of Luka and he’s not sure he wants to.
Luka Hartwell has never been loved in his life. Running from a dangerous situation in Deadhorse, he sees Marshall’s truck as his sanctuary and doesn’t think of the consequences. When the trucker finds Luka in his bed, sparks fly. Luka will do whatever it takes to make sure he gets that ride to Fairbanks and offering Marshall his body isn’t exactly a hardship when the trucker is as smoking hot as Marshall.
Thrown together for hours of treacherous driving, will the two men find solace at the end of a long, lonely road?
“You light up polar night like a beacon to show me the way.”


Chapter One

Marshall Westray hurried out of the cozy office and across the parking lot through the howling wind. Blizzardy snow struck his face like needles and he was buffeted backward with every step until he felt as though he was wading through glue.

The wind threatened to wrench the door from his truck when he stashed his thermos of coffee in the cab along with a couple of snacks. He pulled his hat low over his ears and began his checks. Walking around the truck, he looked at the tires and the straps holding the load. He moved on to checking the oil and the windscreen wash.

Finally, he settled himself in the cab, started the engine and waited for the heater to kick in. Christ, it was colder than a witch’s tit. You’d think he’d be used to it after five years hauling loads up and down the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Deadhorse and back again, but sometimes, the frozen north just took his breath away. He shivered in his down jacket, drumming his gloved hands impatiently on the steering wheel, anxious to be away before the twilight turned into the blink-and-you-miss-it shortest day of the year when the sun slid onto the horizon and stayed there until January. The thermometer said -21, but with the wind chill factor, it had to be double that. Still, positively balmy, really, for late November. All around him were indications of climate change. Soon he wouldn’t be able to drive across the ice, and soon he wouldn’t be able to see those polar bears often sighted around Deadhorse. There’d be none left.

He couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. He could find work as a trucker anywhere, but Alaska was kind of in his blood. What would he do without this place?

This was the last job, then he had six weeks off. He stared out across the flat, solid, windswept wasteland in front of him. Just about discernible in the distance was the Brooks Range. What exactly would he do with that time? This job had never been conducive to meeting people other than fellow truckers and he’d yet to find a gay one amongst them. They were all men over fifty with huge beards and years of experience. They still teased him as the newbie, even now. Annabel, the recent recruit, had taken on the brunt though; the guys had a new target. New and a woman. Just perfect.

Marshall liked Annabel. She was fun and ballsy and gave as good as she got. They’d become friends, but he also sensed she found him attractive. He’d slept with women in the past and wondered if he’d sleep with Annabel just to ease his loneliness. He sighed. That wouldn’t really be fair. At the age of forty, he should be looking for someone to settle down with, not giving false hope to people he didn’t really want. Was it better to be alone? Sometimes he wasn’t so sure. Annabel was beautiful. Maybe he should ask her out for a drink.

The heat had finally started to circulate and Marshall shrugged his jacket off and put it on the seat next to him. He’d keep his beanie hat on until he was thoroughly defrosted. He fastened his seatbelt and checked his mirrors. Here we go. He started to turn the truck in a slow circle toward the exit. His body might have warmed, but his heart felt heavy and numb with cold.

He knew the Dalton Highway well. Apart from turning over and falling into a ditch, the caribou were always a hazard. One jumped out at him within the first thirty miles, but a blast on the horn was enough to scare it back into the undergrowth, much to his relief. He couldn’t have lived with himself if he ever hit anything with the truck.