Claiming Macie (Crave and Claimed #2) Read Online Sam Crescent

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Seven months ago, Macie couldn’t believe how incredibly miserable she was. She thought Wilson had left her, and in fact, he’d been a hero, saving a young woman and putting a man back behind bars. This time, no good behavior was going to help him.

“You did it, sweetheart,” Wilson said.

They held hands, and Macie looked down at their locked fingers. They’d been married a month later in a sweet ceremony on a small Caribbean island. Wilson had paid for Carl to be there to walk her down the small aisle. Some women wanted big luxury weddings, but she’d only wanted her closest family. Carl and her man.

The last seven months had been … insane.

She still worked for Carl, even though Wilson found every single reason to dispute it. She adored the older man so much. He was more of a father to her than anyone else.

Her life with Wilson had been perfect. Macie couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have found him. The day he stepped into the diner, he’d changed her world.

Their baby girl was placed into her arms, and Macie stared down at the most precious person in their world.

“Holy shit,” Wilson said. “She’s perfect.”

“Look what we made,” she said.

“No, this one, this is all on you,” he said.

Macie laughed, glancing up at him. The anger faded. “I love you,” she said. “So much.”

“I love you too. With all of my heart.” He pressed a kiss to her lips, and she smiled, feeling the love consume her.

They had the rest of their lives. Macie was going to make the most of it. Not a day would go by when she didn’t tell Wilson how much she loved him. Her feelings for him would never fade, and as he gripped her shoulder, she knew he felt exactly the same way. He’d spent the last seven months showing and telling her how much he loved her, and she had no doubt he’d spend the rest of their lives doing the same.

The End