Control Me (Corrupted Royals #2) Read Online Michelle Heard

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The man teases me with another brush of his lips against mine before watching for my reaction.

I’m about to become a puddle of arousal at his feet when his mouth slams into mine. An embarrassingly loud moan from me is smothered as his tongue sweeps over mine.

Finally. Jesus, finally.

I lift my hands to his chest, my fingers digging into his shirt as I push up on my tiptoes to get as close to him as possible.

He tastes like power and danger, the combination totally intoxicating.

Nikolai pulls his mouth away from mine, and our eyes connect again. Seeing the desire etched on his face, my core floods with heat.

“You’re too young and careless,” he mutters.

My teeth tug at my bottom lip. “You’re old and grumpy.”

His breath teases my cheek as he feathers kisses down to my jaw. “This will never work.”

God, I just need him to stop talking and fuck me already. “I don’t care.”

“There’s an eighteen-year age gap between us.”

Pushing my hands up between us, I frame his jaw. “It’s perfect.” I try to pull him closer as I groan, “I’m going to die if you don’t fuck me.”

“This will be a one-time thing,” he warns me.

I’m too far gone to take the warning to heart, my ovaries in total control of my body.

This time his mouth claims mine in a wild kiss. God, it’s filthy and so freaking passionate I’m unable to think of anything but Nikolai.

His hands grip my ass, and I’m lifted against his muscled body. I quickly lock my legs around him as he blindly carries me to the bedroom while I feast on the taste of his lips and tongue.

The kiss is broken as he shoves me down on the bed. He grips my silk blouse and rips it over my head.

Nikolai grabs hold of my wrists and forces my arms above my head, where he ties them together with my blouse.

Yes. Give me rough and filthy.

“Don’t you fucking dare move your arms,” he orders as his hands slide down my sides.

“Yes, Daddy,” I say with all the obedience I can muster.

Nikolai shakes his head, a sexy-as-hell smirk tugging at his mouth. “Christ, you’re trying to kill me.”

He pulls the zipper of my pants down and strips me of the fabric, leaving me only in my bra and g-string. Suddenly he grabs hold of my hips, and I’m flipped onto my stomach.

A satisfied rumble comes from Nikolai. “Fuck, your ass is perfect for spanking.”

Heat flushes to my core, and my skin itches for his palm.

The smack to my right ass cheek is so hard a cry bursts from me. My skin stings, bringing every nerve ending in my body to life.

“Harder,” I moan. “Show me how much I’ve annoyed you the past couple of weeks.”

I feel Nikolai move, and when I glance over my shoulder, I watch as he rips the belt out of the loops of his cargo pants.

Holy shit that is hot.

Instead of using the belt on my ass, he crawls back over me and orders, “Open your mouth.”


I part my lips, and he places the leather between my teeth. “Bite down.”

I do as I’m told while he fastens the belt behind my head, effectively gagging me.

New kink unlocked. I like where this is going.

“For weeks, you’ve been taunting me,” he grumbles right before his palm connects with my ass cheek.

The belt muffles my moan as I push my ass into the air. Another slap from Nikolai has me gripping the covers, a tremble rocking through my body.

Suddenly he bites my shoulder blade, making goosebumps spread over my skin. His hands land on my waist, his touch rough and greedy as he moves them down to take my g-string off. He pushes my bra up until the lace is around my biceps before he peppers kisses down my spine.

This is so much better than I could ever imagine.

I’m flipped onto my back, my body on full display for Nikolai. Slowly his eyes burn over every inch of me, then he murmurs, “So fucking perfect.”

I watch as he yanks his shirt over his head and finally get to see the sculptured abs I’ve felt during our sparring sessions.

God, he’s a work of art.

There’s an impressive tattoo covering his chest. On his left peck is the head of a roaring tiger, and on his right, a dragon.

I wonder if it was just a random tattoo or whether it has meaning.

When he pushes his cargo pants down, and his impressive erection jumps free, I let out a needy moan because I know he’s going to split me in two with his size and girth.

I open my legs wide in invitation for him and mumble around the belt, “I’m on birth control, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Good.” He places a knee on the bed, and grabbing hold of my legs, he yanks me to the edge.