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Diego - The Lost Boys MC

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Savannah Rylan

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A bullet to the shoulder.
That's all it took to take me down. I thought I was f*cking tougher than that. But one look at Ruby and I realize I'm not tough at all.
She makes the whole room spin, Or is that the blood loss?
With those lips, and the curve of her hips, I can't think straight. Damn the Banderas Cartel. I'll get revenge on them.
One day.
Especially once they go after Ruby. Oh f*ck no. Give me a bike. And a vest. I'll protect my family to the death.
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Savannah Rylan



The wind whipping through my bed-tousled hair swirled the steam coming up from my mug. As I sat on my back porch, I inhaled the sweet scent of the coffee Mom had taught me to make before she got sick. She insisted on teaching Sebastian and I the recipes she wanted to pass down to us.

The idea that she thought this cancer might kill her made me sick.

But as I slurped the creamy goodness down, my mind fell back to my brother. I wondered what he’d talk about if he were out here with me. He had always been a morning person who needed two cups of coffee just to calm himself down. That was usually his ADHD talking, whereas I needed two cups just to be able to interpret what he told me.

Damn, I missed my brother.

“Hey! Diego!”

I turned my head slowly at the sound of my neighbor’s voice. Notch waved at me from his back porch, and I lifted my hand while I tried not to seem jealous at the leather jacket he donned. The man looked like he had been up all night, and it caused me to wonder what kind of things the Lost Boys M.C. had gotten into.

I’d give anything to be part of a brotherhood like that.

Notch walked up to the chain link fence. “Good coffee this morning?”

I nodded as I swallowed, but I didn’t say anything. I hadn’t been up half an hour, and it was all I could do to start the coffee boiling on the stove in the first place.

But Notch didn’t seem to mind. “Mind if I come over for a cup with you?”

As I stared down into my drink, I considered his offer. I hadn’t had anyone over for coffee because that had been me and Sebastian’s thing. He always came over—if he wasn’t living with me for some reason—and the one thing we shared was our insane love for our mother’s way of making coffee.

It’ll be the first time it’s someone other than Sebastian…

Notch cleared his throat. “Or I could come over later and we could—”

I nodded. “Come on in. Coffee’s on the stove and cream’s out on the counter.”

The smile that spread across Notch’s face reminded me of my brother’s smile. The two of them had been very good friends, and I probably knew more about Notch’s motorcycle crew than I needed to because of how much my brother talked about things he honestly shouldn’t. I knew that was what got him killed, too.

I mean someone couldn’t work for the cartel and run their mouths the way my brother used to do.

I leaned back in my chair and let the summer breeze wash over me. I heard Notch rummaging around in the kitchen via the cracked patio door behind me, and when he slipped out, it didn’t shock me one bit that out of all the chairs I had out here, he dropped himself into the one closest to my side.

What I wouldn’t give to wear a leather cut like his.

“So,” Notch said as he sipped his coffee, “wait a second. Holy shit.”

I grinned. “Good, huh?”

He scoffed. “This is fucking fantastic. How the hell did you make this?”

I winked at him. “Mom’s little secret.”

He groaned as he sank into his chair. “You guys have the best recipes. I just get day-old coffee in a pot at the clubhouse.”

I chuckled. “You’re welcome anytime.”

I felt him staring at the profile of my face, just like my brother used to do. In a lot of ways, Notch reminded me of him. Always looking out for me. Always coming over to check up on me. Always making sure I had what I needed. And because of that, I always felt like a disappointment whenever Notch made his presence known around me.

And because of that issue, I wished I had never gotten involved with the Banderas Cartel in the first place.

“So,” Notch said as he turned his head toward the horizon, “got any fun plans for today?”

I slurped my coffee. “If by ‘fun plans,’ you’re asking if I’m getting into any trouble today, then the answer is ‘not to my knowledge.’”

He nodded slowly. “You know you can always come by if you need something. Right?”

Which was code for, “if you get yourself into some shit and can’t get out, I’ll do what I can.” And I was most appreciative of it.

“I appreciate that, thanks,” I murmured.

Notch reached over and patted my knee. “How’s your mother doing? I thought about going by the hospital and peeking my head in. I haven’t done that in a couple of weeks.”

I grinned. “I’m sure she’d like that. She always calls after you leave. Says she was ‘visited by the most handsome angel’ she’s ever met.”

He barked with laughter. “That woman can flatter the pants off anyone, can’t she?”