Dizz (Nameless Order MC #3) Read Online Michele Lee

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I was the one that no one saw coming.

I was known for my love of Disney. I was the one that everyone turned to when they needed a friend. But what they all didn’t see when they looked at me was the demon that I have, buried deep within. Years of torment turned me into something that I never wanted to be. Now? I can’t live without it.
That was until the day my world did a complete one-eighty.
One day, one place, one little girl.
She found me because she knew I would keep her safe. When her mother found her, I found the one I couldn’t live without.
Running from the past and hiding from the unknown, I become the savior she never wanted. I vowed to defend her and her daughter from the monsters that were after them.
I would keep her and her daughter safe.
Yet when more windows to the past are opened, a new, bone-chilling truth is revealed, a reality that I can’t ignore. One that I will die before I let it touch Meg or Roxanne.
Monsters may hunt them, but a demon is guarding them.

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I awoke with a start; something didn’t feel right. I reach beside me where Neil usually is sleeping. But the bed is empty, and the sheets are cold. I looked at the clock, and it was only 3 A.M., the witching hour. Like clockwork, I am awake because I forgot to take my anxiety meds at bedtime. I sleep through anything and everything when I do take them.

I hear a muffled cry coming from down the hall; I toss the covers back, thinking it was Roxie having a bad dream or something. I make my way down there, expecting to hear the TV on downstairs from Neil, but all I could hear was noises from my daughter’s room.

“Roxie? Baby, are you okay?” I whisper, opening the door.

I stop, horrified as I see the man who had taken me in at seventeen, pregnant and scared. Now on top of my nine-year-old daughter, trying to hold her down while pulling at her pajamas. I don’t even think; I just launch myself towards the man knocking him off her struggling frame. I start swinging and hitting and screaming at him. This man told me he loved my daughter and me; he cared for us; I never really loved him, but I felt indebted to him. Now I see why that nagging feeling about him never left after all these years!

“You sick fuck! Don’t you ever touch my daughter!” I keep screaming and swinging.

He starts to get the upper hand on me. I call for Roxie to run and call a neighbor for help. I don’t know if she ran or if she was still in bed. I know that he was in here for a while, alone with her while I slept. That while I slept, he took advantage of my daughter; I didn’t save her; I couldn’t save her! I had failed her. I fight him with everything in me, but he still manages to hit me once across the face, knocking my body from his, and he has me pinned to the ground; he starts beating on me.

“You stupid bitch! You ruined everything! You should have just died so we can be together!” The words coming from his mouth made me sick to my stomach.

With each blow of his fists, I fought harder because he would be alone with Roxie if I died, and I needed to protect her. I need to be the good mother I thought I was and protect her from this monster! I tried to swing back, but my movements were getting sluggish; there was darkness creeping in around my vision. I thought I was done for, that I had failed my daughter again when it came to her life.

Then the weight was lifted from my chest; I heard voices and Neil yelling in fear and pain. I tried to focus enough to see three men in leather cuts with a devil skull on the back. They were working Neil over while another man pulled me up into his arms and started pulling me from the room.

“My daughter!” I thought I yelled, but I am sure it came out strangled and raspy.

“I got her, Meggie. She is safe, she called me, and we came over as fast as possible. You guys are safe. Let’s get you out of here.” I heard the soothing voice of my cousin.

The man that my daughter called Uncle Lock has always been there for us. But when mom and dad kicked me out, he was just a prospect at his MC and couldn’t save me then. Even though he really wanted to, I was with Neil by the time he had patched in and gotten some say in his club, and Roxie was attached at two years old.