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Don't Go Bacon My Heart - The Way To A Man's Heart

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Frankie Love

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I'm a cop, so when I see a damsel in distress, I jump into action. But the crook isn't who I want to handcuff...
It's Valerie, the sweetheart I just saved. I'm ready to tie her up and make her mine.
Problem is she's my little sister's best friend...and she thinks I'm just the nice guy. But I want to be her guy. Now and forever.
When I take her to the local diner to talk some sense into her, I order eggs and hashbrowns, praying I won't get a side of her bacon my heart.
Dear Reader,
Vance is a good cop who wants to play dirty. Grab a pan, baby, let's fry up something nice and hot. He's ready for this short & filthy breakfast date...are you?
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Frankie Love

Chapter One


Halfway through my workout and all I can think about is the breakfast I’m gonna get after this. Usually, as a cop, I am a total cliché — donuts and black coffee — but today I am kicking some serious ass and have really worked up an appetite.

“Grady, wanna grab breakfast at Hot Spot after this?” I ask my buddy.

He grunts, finishing his push-ups. “Gotta get to work. Have an order of topsoil coming when I open.”

“What about you, Trent?” I ask the new guy. He’s a professor at the local college and just started working out with us. Lately, it’s been the three of us working out together. My other workout partners are dropping like flies with the new women in their lives. I swear, Josh, Matt, and Kaden all shacked up within the last few months. Something must be in the water at this gym.

Speaking of, Trent grabs a water bottle. “I wish. I got breakfast plans already.”

“Yeah?” Grady asks, mid-crunch. “With who?”

Trent shrugs. “A student. It’s a tutoring session.”

“It’s all good,” I say, starting my dead weight reps. “I can see if Georgie can come.”

“How is Georgie?” Grady asks. “Still going out a lot?”

I scowl. “Yeah, I don’t know what her deal is. Every night she’s out at some club.”

Grady shakes his head and I appreciate his concern. He’s my best friend for a reason. We’ve been through thick and thin together — when I got shot in the line of duty four months ago, he was the guy taking me to my doctor appointments every few days for weeks on end.

I text my sister, but she doesn’t reply. It’s annoying how MIA she’s been. To be fair, I remember Kaden saying the same thing about his sister, Trista.

Who knows — maybe everyone has lost their minds. I swear, every time I log into social media I get a glimpse that the world is falling apart.

I don’t want that to be true. Not until I get what I want. Selfish, maybe. But I mean it. I don’t want Antarctica to melt or a virus to sweep the world before I get the girl of my dreams.

So what am I waiting for? Already know who I want.


And the truth is, I want some breakfast backup. I don’t really trust myself going alone to Hot Spot. Valerie is a waitress there… and it’s hard not to think about all the ways I want to make her mine. Heart. Mind. Soul.

But she’s my little sister Georgina’s best friend and that complicates things.

Still, it doesn’t diminish the truth. I want Valerie. Badly.

She is petite, with curvy hips, perfect tits, and a smile that makes me melt. Her laugh is soft, yet infectious. She is generous with her time and endlessly patient with my sister. She works hard, has fought for the life she’s got. After I got shot, she’d bring me lunch every day from the diner, my favorite matzo ball soup mostly, telling me I needed something to warm my bones. Even though it wasn’t my bones that were broken — it was the spot right beside my heart.

It was the best part of the day, her bringing me lunch. She’d never stay long — always had a reason to leave. To feed her cat. To do laundry. Another shift.

But God, how I wanted her to stay. Move in. Be my goddamn wife.

Still, I never made a move. But it’s been months now, and my feelings have only grown.

Maybe it’s time I man up and tell the girl how I feel.

After the workout is finished — and I get my name on the board for the best time of the day — I clean up quickly, putting on my uniform. My stomach growls and I’d be lying if I said my cock wasn’t hungry too.

Damn. Just thinking about seeing Val gets me all worked up. That girl has never once given me reason to believe she’d be interested in me. But she’s still the girl I want.

I cut through the alley on the way to the diner — and what I see stops me in my tracks.


I’m good at pretending. At acting like I have my shit together… my life all sorted… but truthfully? I’m hanging on by a thread.

Rent is due, my cell phone is turned off for late payments, and my best friend is acting distant, leaving me alone with my thoughts… which isn’t a good thing.

I spent years in foster care, mostly a group home, which meant I had to fend for myself. But after the costs for a visit to the emergency room this winter when I came down with pneumonia, and two weeks out of work as I recovered, I haven’t seemed to catch up.

And I’m tired of facing the world alone.

I’m lost in my thoughts, my purse on my shoulder, my earbuds in. It’s only nine in the morning. Too early to already feel so defeated. But when I tried to check my texts this morning and realized that my phone was turned off, I admit that I had a good long cry. Georgie was still gone from the night before — and I was alone in our apartment. So I allowed myself the luxury of an old-fashioned shower-sob.