Don’t Judge a Prince by His Undergarments (Arranged Marriages #2) Read Online Lisa Oliver

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The only goal Prince Syrius Fortune of Rosenhip had during his twin sister’s “meet the suitors” ball, was to stay quiet and out of the way. His sister’s event had been in the planning for five years, and he and his loving father had already agreed trying to seek a wedding contract for himself was not a good idea. Prince Syrius had quirks, and it wasn’t as though he needed to open himself up to ridicule from someone else, especially a spouse he would have to get to know. The event was only a week, and being a lot smaller than his older brothers, Syrius was used to not being seen. Until someone did see him.
King Mintyn of Marinkaw had been a soldier since he was fifteen years old. He was not impressed to find out the one time of the year he was supposed to be meeting King Fortune to sign their Golden Straits agreement was apparently the one time his friend decided to have a huge event going on. However, his aide told him he had been invited, and it was only one ball. Mintyn could enjoy some good food, network a while, and then leave the following morning once the treaty was signed.
That was until he saw a young vision being hassled by an entitled duke. On learning the vision being hassled was his friend’s youngest son, Mintyn decided to intervene. It was the nice thing to do. One shortened dance later as Prince Syrius walked away from him after he put his foot in his mouth, Mintyn told his aide to rejiggle his schedule. He had a spouse to woo.
This is one of those light stories that my muse weaves sometimes simply to make people smile. There are no deep and meaningful plot lines, just a bit fun between two men who look so unsuited for each other on the surface of things, but their pairing proves opposites do attract and stay together. It is in the same universe as the Infidelity Clause but is totally standalone (Don’t laugh my lovely readers, it is honestly, standalone). Watch for cameo appearances by a cupcake eating dragon, an episode of prince throwing, and potato cuffs.

This is an MM arranged marriage story with intimate situations described, along with strong language in places, and situations written for adults only. Please store your content responsibly.

Full Book:

Chapter One

“Syrius! Syrius!” The prince in question looked over his shoulder as his twin sister came running into the room, collapsing in a heap of frothy skirts at his feet. “I can’t do it,” she cried, covering her eyes with her forearm like someone out of those melodramatic dramas their mother enjoyed. “I absolutely can’t. Father will just have to cancel. I’m simply not capable of being polite to so many people all at the same event, let alone make a decision about someone to marry.”

“And you are telling me this, why?” Syrius reached over, cupping Cinnamon’s chin so her arm fell to the side, and she met his eyes. “Wouldn’t this display be far more effective if it was done in Father’s study instead of mine? Our parents are not ogres. I’m sure he’d listen to you.”

Cinnamon’s pale green eyes widened. “That’s just the point. If I tell Father about this, he will cancel. Five years of negotiations and preparations down the drain. The biggest event Rosenhip has ever seen, involving royalty and society families from six countries, and he would cancel in a heartbeat if I said so.”

Pushing back his chair, Syrius deliberately stepped away from the puffy lace and chiffon as he got up and went over to his small kitchenette. Okay, the kitchenette term was being a spot grandiose. The space was more of a bench with a heating slab than a space to cook anything. But Tim, his personal aide, made sure the coffee pot that lived on the heating pad was always full.

“So, did you want me to tell our father that you don’t want to be married then? Is that the reason for your dramatics?” He poured two cups of coffee and went back to his desk, handing one to Cinnamon who was leaning against his desk drawers, her bottom lip stuck out, before taking his seat again.

“No, of course not.” Cinnamon huff-sighed. Straightening her legs, she tapped the sides of her pink boots together. “I just felt the situation called for dramatics. After all, Father is going to expect me to behave during tonight’s dinner when we meet all our guests.”

“Ah, so you thought if you could get your stampy-pouty tantrums done in advance, the high-ranking families from six countries will believe you’re a woman of decorum and gentility.” Syrius caught his sister’s eye and they both laughed.

“I would’ve thought,” Syrius added when Cinnamon stopped laughing long enough to take a sip from her cup, “that you’d rather let your potential suitors see you for who you truly are. You’ll have a lot better chance of making a happy and long-standing marriage that way. You know that’s what Father is hoping for above all else.”