Double XL – A MFM Menage Romance Read online S.E. Law (Sweet Treats #10)

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Double XL - A MFM Menage Romance (Sweet Treats #10)

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S.E. Law

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Sometimes you need more than one man … you need two.

Alizeh: I’ve been a member of Dads and Daughters for a while, but I’ve never had one of the wild encounters the club is notorious for. But my friend June tells me about two men who are legendary: Torrent and Trainor. Supposedly, they’re huge, gorgeous, and exactly what I need.
Torrent: We’ve been members of the club for years now. But when we catch a glimpse of Alizeh at the pool, our knees go weak because we know that the girls in the club are dirty … but Alizeh takes “filth” to a new level.
Alizeh looks like a virtuous good girl on the outside, but every woman has a sassy inner self that’s dying to make an appearance. In this case, Alizeh ends up exploring with Torrent and Trainor, who take her to the outer realms and beyond
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Sweet Treats Series by S.E. Law

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I pack a small bag and slip silently into the hallway. Thankfully, it’s deserted. At the Lodge, you never know. Dads and Daughters is known for its activity, so there could be people merrymaking in the small hours of the night, or even just socializing and enjoying one another’s company.

I stealthily creep down the hall. The doors are mostly shut, and it’s silent. But then, as I pass a door on the left, I hear distinctive moans and sighs, coupled with harsh grunting sounds. A smile creeps over my face. Evidently, one of the truckers wanted it so badly that he was willing to come to where the girls live.

You see, the truckers and the initiates sleep in different areas of the Lodge. The truckers are huge, handsome, virile men, and the initiates are young girls here to serve them. By and large, we’re sassy women who love to be of service. But obviously, you can’t have the two groups getting their zzz’s in the same area, otherwise no one would get any sleep.

As a result, the truckers have the west wing, where they occupy luxurious suites. Each room has an attached bathroom, a large closet, and plenty of space. By contrast, our quarters are a bit more modest. It’s a little more like a dorm. We each have our own room, but it’s a small room outfitted with a bed, a chest, and a tiny desk. I’m not even sure why there’s a desk, given that we’re not in school.

But the set-up makes sense because most girls are with Dads and Daughters for only a few years. We begin when we’re eighteen, and we’re initiated into the club by a handsome man. Then, over the next few years, we service truckers in need, meaning that we’re available to them mind, body and soul. It works out because after a few years of service, most of the girls move on. In fact, several of the girls have actually married one of the truckers, and are living in the west wing with a bouncing baby. I long for such an existence, but haven’t been so lucky yet.

Not that my time here has been terrible. It’s fine, to be honest. I go out on outcalls, which means that we have visiting truckers who pull into various truck stops in our neighborhood. They’ll put an inquiry in with the Lodge, and then the Lodge will ask me to meet him at the truck stop. By and large, my encounters have been wonderful. The truckers are gorgeous, virile men, and I enjoy my time with them.

But something’s lacking. It’s partly because I hear the other girls talking. It’s also because I’ve become friends with a few of the ladies, and they’ve revealed their wild exploits. They engage in the craziest bedroom acts, and my mouth literally goes dry upon hearing them. Why hasn’t that happened to me?

For example, June Merchant is currently with three brothers named Finn, Fred and Forrest Connaught. She tells me that her three lovers will plug all of her holes at once, leaving her airtight. A shiver ran down my spine when she told me that, and I felt myself go moist. What would it be like to experience that?

Then, there’s Melissa, who went to Italy to help the truckers in Milan start up their first club. She came back with Domenico and Matteo, and they’ve pioneered a new apparatus called a reverse glory hole. You can imagine what that is. Instead of a man-sized hole in the wall, it’s a woman-sized hole. All I can say is that they set up some reverse GH spaces in one of the playrooms at the Lodge, and it gets a lot of activity. Quite a few girls have come out pregnant after spending time there, actually.

But that leaves me. Although it sounds hard to believe, I haven’t had wild and crazy experiences yet. Sure, I’ve had fun, but it’s just vanilla one-on-one fun. I’ve never been with two men, much less three or more. I’ve never tried any new toys, nor introduced new ways of making love to my friends in Dads and Daughters. I’ve just been going at it missionary style, with the occasional hands and knees, or sometimes standing up. It’s okay, but I want more. I want to have my own titillating stories to share with my friends, and to be able to experience some of the earth-shattering pleasure they’ve had.

Melissa told me that I should go overseas. Evidently, Dads and Daughters is opening a few lounges in Europe and Australia. She says that Spanish men are allegedly very passionate, and that British men can be very kinky. Plus, all the Swedish guys look like Vikings, and that made my heart race for a moment. But I’m afraid of traveling by plane, and now with the pandemic, I’m even more reluctant to get on public transportation. As a result, I’m hoping for a breakthrough here, at my home lodge. Maybe I’ll meet someone on one of my outcalls. It hardly seems likely though. I’ve already been with Dads and Daughters for a while, and nothing crazy has happened as of yet.