Feral Oath (Syndicate Masters – La Cosa Nostra #2) Read Online Delta James

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She has become prey for the powerful head of a syndicate, and he means to make her his own.

Betrayal and heartache have been my friends for far too long. I did what was needed to find my sisters and rebuild our family. I will not let one night of blazing passion get in the way of fulfilling the oath I made to find who murdered our parents.
He may have secrets, but I have secrets of my own.

She thinks she can say no to me and get away with it. She thinks she can walk away after an intense night of passion. One taste and my beast knew she was ours. I don’t care what it takes.
A jaguar always captures its prey.

Meet the men and women of La Cosa Nostra. Their motto is family honor above all. They vow to protect their clans and live by an oath of honor and loyalty. The men are gorgeous, dangerous beasts seeking their fated mates. The women they love are bold and brilliant. Their love blazes bright and hot.



“…in a single day and night of misfortune,

the island of Atlantis disappeared into the

depths of the sea…” Plato, 360 B.C.

What the old philosopher hadn’t known, what had never been recorded by man, was that having foreseen what was to come, their patron god Poseidon had sealed their fate. The Atlanteans sent forth three of their bravest and wisest warriors, but they did not send them in the guise of man; instead, their master sorcerer granted them the ability to shift between man and beast. And so, the lion, the tiger, and the jaguar were sent to keep alive the story of Atlantis and to see that their seed never perished from the Earth.

Once safely delivered to the mainland and hidden from the sight of the Greek Gods, the three creatures spread across the land, seeking a new homeland and a new people. The tiger settled in Genoa, the jaguar in Sicily, and the lion in Sardinia.



Florence, Italy

Nico Falconeri had been looking forward to this evening for several weeks. He always enjoyed time spent at Dante’s, but lately there seemed to be little time to indulge. The fact that the event was an invitation-only celebration of Luca and Sera’s wedding anniversary was nice. What was better was it was a masked event where willing submissives had been assigned to the invited Doms. According to Luca, with whom he was friends, there had been far more submissives who volunteered than Doms who’d been invited.

“It would seem, my friend, that my anniversary present to Seraphina has attracted the best of the best of the Club’s subs,” said Luca Marino, who had been known at the club for years as The Wolf, which Nico found humorous considering he was a wolf-shifter.

“Your prowess as a whipmaster is well-known.”

Luca chuckled. “I am well-known as Seraphina’s husband. No, my friend, the allure for the submissives is the quality of the Doms invited, as well as their unattached marital status.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “Oh god, is Sera playing matchmaker again?”

“Sera is always playing at matchmaking. She is incorrigible but knows what I will allow… and what I won’t.”

“She’s a good girl, your Sera,” said Nico, a bit wistfully.

Luca leaned over. “You should take a mate, a fated one if she’s out there. This,” he said indicating the club, “is fine to see that certain needs are met without having to make a commitment. For those like us, it works for a while. But I think after a time we begin to crave true intimacy with just one woman.”

“You knew Sera for years.”

“True enough, but she was also put off bounds by Catherine, who is mate to our alpha. When that ban was lifted, I took no time at all in laying claim to her.”

Nico shook his head. Catherine DeMedici was not a she-wolf he would choose to cross, especially as anyone daring to would risk Marco’s wrath. He wasn’t sure in a contest of strength, teeth, and claws that the alpha wolf would win, but he had no interest in finding out.

The truth was, Nico envied Luca the relationship he had with his mate, but then, he figured it was a lot easier for Luca than it was for him. Luca was the omega to a wolf-pack with a happily mated alpha. Nico was the head of an illegal cartel or syndicate and chose to look after the needs of his people before his own. That didn’t stop the other ranked members of his clan from sticking their noses into his business, which was why he chose to play and take care of his sexual needs at lifestyle clubs, with Dante’s being his favorite.

The Wolf took the stage with his beautiful submissive, who was also his mate and wife, strapping her naked to the St. Andrew’s Cross. The Wolf normally played in private but was doing a public exhibition as part of a gift to his mate. Sera was a die-hard exhibitionist and so for the Wolf to allow her to be seen naked even from behind was an enormous concession on his part. Everything in his body language said he wasn’t happy but was doing this for his mate.