Fierce (Malicious Monks MC #2) Read Online Autumn Summers

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When Stax get’s locked up, I have no choice but to go to the one person most wouldn’t dare to go to.
Don Jancinto is a vicious drug lord who wouldn’t bat an eye burning us.
I know I’m playing with fire, but I can’t let my brother be locked up like an animal.
When I meet Gloria, a woman who works for the Don, I’m blown away!
But I know her type…she’s trouble!
And she won’t let off.
I learn about the deadly past that forces her to continue down a destructive past.
The connection between us is hot enough to get to an icebox like me.
Being with her can ruin the deal with the Don.
Will I be able to resist?


Chapter 1

The Sale Gloria

I walked into the office of my boss, Don Jacinto, curling my nose at the sharp smell of tequila spilled on the floor. The Don sat there, holding the bottle, the finest tequila we could get our hands on, putting it down on the table to look at me.

“Gloria… my darling, you’re here,” he said.

“You called for me, sir,” I said, shimmying my way inside, pushing my black hair out of my face. I locked eyes with him, that disgusting creature, and he smiled.

“Come on, don’t be such a stick in the mud, it’s time to celebrate! We’ve got some big plans coming up,” he said to me.

What kind of big plans did he have in mind? To my knowledge, big plans meant either we were going to take the territory from one of the schmucks in the area and I would have to be a part of it, or bring in new people to help us sell stuff.

“Care to elaborate, sir?”

He took a long drag from the bottle, slamming it back down there and grinning. “New dealers. Seems like we found some luckless boys willing to sell it for us. You know how long I’ve been looking for someone to help me with the sale of all this.”

“Yes I know, sir,” I said. I’d been here long enough to know how Don Jacinto liked the way things done. Less questions, more solutions.

“Yes, well, we’ve got new people we’re going to show the ropes to, some newbies called the Mediocre Monks or something like that,” he said.

I nodded. I never liked Don’s ways of doing thing. He pulled unlucky dudes into everything. I crossed my arms, looking at him. “Do you think you should be doing this, sir? Selling meth like that is so dangerous and—”

The bottle slammed on the table, and Don Jacinto glared at me. “Fuck off! You should know better than to be asking questions. I’m the one who asks the questions here. You just do your fucking job and be a good little tramp. The way things should always be.”

I paused, nodding. “Sorry, sir.”

“You know that asking questions will not get you anywhere. Anyway, I need you to go to meet with these guys, and to make sure that the shipments are safe.”

I look around this place, the staid, draped velvet over the walls, the way the Don sat on his plush couch like he owned the goddamn place.

Well he did, but I never liked his ass.

I walked out of Don Jacinto’s place and over to the warehouses about three blocks away. The man liked to stay close, but he didn’t want to get too close. After I got there, I waited for someone to come over and give me the information related to whoever was coming here to work for Don Jacinto.

They must be really fucking desperate if they’re willing to do this , I thought. Hell, even if I was strapped for cash I wouldn’t do it if I was them. Maybe they’ll see how shitty things are.

Then again, it’s not like I’d had the chance to convince men before that working with Don Jacinto was basically a death sentence. If you fucked up… things weren’t pretty.

Not like I hadn’t experienced this myself. I’d been in this since I was a youngin’. Hell, I knew how to run this shit better than some of the bastards Jacinto brought into this mess. They never lasted long, either.

Selling drugs has always been my game—not that I liked it or nothin’. I was just desperate for money, and I knew if I ever needed it, Don Jacinto would always provide for me. He’d helped me… ever since I was younger.

And not to mention, it helped me with my own addictions. I fumbled with the little bag of LSD in my pocket. The strips would definitely be used later on, especially after all of this bullshit.

I walked up to the warehouse, spotting Toby, one of Jacinto’s men whose managed to survive standing here. He looked at me with slight surprise.

“You’re here? Not Jacinto?”

“You know the man. He likes to make me do his dirty work. So what’s the skinny on these guys?”