Flynn (Blue Halo #4) Read Online Nyssa Kathryn

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Some pasts are harder to escape than others.

When Carina Murphy is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, a fresh start in a new town is her only option. Unfortunately, Cradle Mountain may not be the safe haven she’d thought. The son of her new patient may be tall, dark and handsome…but he also knows all about her past.
Keeping her job should be the hardest part. Keeping her heart safe seems to be much harder.
Former Delta Flynn Talbot was kidnapped, separated from his sick mother and irrevocably changed. His enemies now dead, he’s back in his hometown with his teammates, running Blue Halo Security, and his mom is his top priority. So when it turns out her new nurse has a questionable past, Flynn’s first instinct is to keep her the hell away from his mother. But Carina’s adamant she’s innocent. And something in her deep blue eyes makes him inclined to believe her.
When one too many ill-fated events leave Carina needing help, Flynn steps up. It isn’t long before both discover there’s more danger surrounding her than they thought. And Flynn will risk everything for the woman who’s stumbled into his town, into his life…and into his heart.



“No!” Carina Murphy massaged her temple, her eyes shuttering. “I’m sorry, I just…I only started the job a week ago.”

Her fingers wrapped so tightly around the phone that she was sure her knuckles were white. But, dammit, she couldn’t help it. She’d already withdrawn her application at the hospital, and there were no other nursing jobs available in the small town of Cradle Mountain. If she lost this one, how would she pay for rent and food and every other usual adult expense?

Barbara sighed. “I know.”

She knew? That was it?

Sweat beaded Carina’s forehead. “There was another job I applied for when I got here, but when you hired me, I withdrew my application. If you let me go, I’ve got nothing.”

So, she was screwed. If they fired her, she was utterly and completely screwed. And maybe homeless.

“I’m sorry, Carina, our hands are tied. It’s not our choice.”

She scrubbed her eyes, trying to decipher Barbara’s words when they made no freaking sense. The older woman worked admin for the Home Care Agency, so Carina knew this wasn’t her doing. But then, whose was it? “I just… I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong?”

“We received a call from a family member requesting a different nurse.”

Carina frowned. “A family member…” Patricia Talbot only had one living relative. Wait, that meant— “Her son. Flynn.”

She went back to rubbing her head, already feeling a gigantic, the-world-hates-me headache coming on. She’d just met the man yesterday, and they talked for maybe two minutes. How could he already hate her?

What the heck had she done to piss him off?

“Yes,” Barbara said, confirming what Carina already knew.

Carina scrambled to come up with a solution that didn’t leave her jobless. She’d never gone down without a fight, and she didn’t intend to start now.

“What if I talk to him? Convince him to let me stay? I mean, I only replaced Joy Anderson on such short notice because you had no one else in the area and needed someone immediately, right? So, won’t it take you time to find another replacement now?”

She already knew the likelihood of Joy returning was slim to none. They’d been friends since college. The other woman was older and had decided to become a nurse later in life, but they’d clicked. And she’d told Carina she’d probably be staying with her sick father in Florida.

Barbara’s sigh was heavy across the line. “Yeah, I’m going to have my work cut out for me getting someone down there in the next couple of days.”

“Give me an hour before you start looking,” Carina said quickly. “Maybe two. I swear, I’ll change his mind about me. I can be very persuasive.”

Desperate. She could be very desperate. And that desperation often came out as persistence.

“Maybe it’s my age,” she mused. “I’m a lot younger than Joy. Maybe he thinks I can’t handle the job.”

In actuality, she’d handled a lot worse in her ten-year career. She was totally capable of providing adequate care for his mother. No, not adequate. Better than adequate. She was damn good at her job. Something Flynn Talbot obviously needed to learn.

Another beat of silence. Carina bit her bottom lip, hoping and praying the woman took pity on her and agreed.


Thank Christ. Carina sagged in relief.

“But if he doesn’t agree by early this afternoon, I’ll need to reach out to other nurses.”

“Yes. Of course.” She shot a quick look at the time. It was nine in the morning. That gave her a minimum of three hours to convince the man. That was enough. It had to be.

She grabbed her keys off the kitchen counter. “Thank you, Barbara.”