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Forbid (Whiskey Run Heroes #5)

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Hope Ford

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We’ve kept our relationship hidden. For years she’s been mine and nobody knows it.
It’s time I stake my claim. She’s younger than me. I work with her brother. I travel all the time.
There’s a thousand reasons why we shouldn’t be together But none of that matters now.
She has a stalker and I will do any and everything to keep her safe.
No one is going to hurt what’s mine… and by the time I’m done there’ll be no question whose she is.
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Whiskey Run Heroes Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



I look at my watch for at least the tenth time because right now I have somewhere else I'd rather be. Of course I can't tell Colt that.

“What is going on with you? Do you have a hot date or something?” he asks.

I shake him off and don’t answer because it’s not like I can say, Yeah, I have a hot date with your sister. The guys seem to think I date all the time, but I don't. If it was up to me, they would know that I'm in love with May, Colt’s younger sister.

“Who is she?” he persists.

I shrug instead of answering him. I know that these grunts and non-answers are not going to hold him off, and eventually he's going to have to know the truth. He'd shit if he knew I was trying to get out of here to go see his baby sister. We've been dating for a few years, and it was easy and relaxed in the beginning. But somehow I need to convince her that we need to go public with this shit. Hiding isn't working for me anymore. As a matter of fact, I would jump up on this bar table right now and announce it to all of Whiskey Run if I thought she would be okay with it.

Fuck! I look at my watch again and I know that I have to leave in five minutes to make it over to her house if I plan on getting there by the time I said I would.

“Oh, there they are!” Colt says, interrupting my thoughts.

And without even looking, I know that May is in the room. I always know when she’s near because there's a tingle that goes up my back, across my shoulders, and into my neck anytime that she’s within a few yards from me. She walks into the Whiskey Whistler with Colt’s wife, Kinsey. Shit, they must have talked her into coming out or something because this wasn’t the plan.

She looks at me but looks away quickly. A flush appears on her face, and I can’t help but think she gets that same look when I’m buried balls deep inside her.

She's dressed in her tight jeans with a red sweater and her hair up in a ponytail with curls down her back. She's so beautiful. She makes my heart race in triple time and my cock lengthen in my pants. I want to get up and pull her seat out for her, kiss her neck, and tell her hi. But I clench my fists instead, knowing I can't do any of those things. She sits down and looks at her brother. “How's everyone?”

Colt stands and holds the chair for Kinsey, and as she sits down, he kisses her on the neck. May and I exchanged a heated glance, but quickly her eyes avert when Colt sits back down next to me.

“I'm good.” Colt answers May before pointing at me. “And you know this guy; he's getting ready to head out for one of his conquests.”

I put my hands on the table and can barely contain the cringe. I can only imagine how that sounds to May. “I didn't say that.” The last thing I want is for May to think I'm talking shit about her. “The only thing I said was I had somewhere to be. He’s coming up with the rest on his own.”

Colt slaps me on the back with a big laugh. “Yeah, but we all know what that means.”

I’m about ready to spill it right then when May gets up. “I need to run to the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back.”

She walks quickly away like she can’t get away fast enough. She walks down the hall toward where the restrooms are. She's out of sight before I get up. Colt and Kinsey are saying something about the babysitter, and I tell them I’ll be right back.

I stand in the hallway outside of the bathroom with my arms across my chest, leaning up against the wall. When May comes out, she looks right at me but keeps walking, and I stop her by reaching for her hand. “You can't be mad. You knew I was coming to your house.”

She cocks her hip out “You think I’m jealous?”

Fuck, I wish she was. If she was, it would mean she wants something more than this stupid friends with benefits we agreed to. Maybe she's ready to come clean with all of this. “Let's get out of here,” I tell her.

She crosses her arms over her chest. “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Plus, don’t you have a conquest to meet up with or something?”

I smirk because she is jealous, and that sends a whole new thrill through my body. I've been patient with her—hell, we’ve dated for years, and even though she wants to keep it light, I'd confess my feelings to her right now if I thought she was ready for it. She's the only one I spend time with. I know she's jealous. She just doesn't want to admit it.