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Guts & Glory Brick (In the Shadows Security #6)

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Jeanne St. James

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"That city is well fortified which has a Brick instead of a wall of men."

Former Navy SEAL sniper, Brick, has no idea what hits him when a woman bursts into his life unexpectedly. So not only is he dealing with this female whirlwind, he’s dealing with his own past coming back to haunt him.

Note: Brick is the sixth book of the Guts & Glory series, a six-book spin-off from my Dirty Angels MC series. While it’s recommended to read both series in order, each book can be read as a stand-alone. As with all my books, this has an HEA, no cliffhanger or cheating.
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In the Shadows Security Series by Jeanne St. James

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Jeanne St. James

Chapter One

The glass-shaking slam of the front door had all the Shadows shooting straight up in their chairs. Brick wasn’t the only one sitting around the table whose hand automatically fell to the handgun strapped to his ankle.

What sounded like a woman’s heels came down the hallway in their direction.

“Shit,” Ryder muttered. “You said she was out with the sisterhood tonight.”

Mercy’s silver eyes slid to him. “Yeah, she’s fucking supposed to be out most of the night with the rest of them.”

“I knew we should’ve had poker night at the fucking warehouse,” Steel grumbled.

“The motherfucking heat is out,” Hunter said. “We would’ve had to cancel because of blue balls. And all the women are occupied with Bella’s baby shower, so it’s the perfect time to play.”

“We could’ve worn layers,” Walker muttered.

All eyes slid to him. “And your momma could’ve dressed you up in your fucking snowsuit and mittens, too.”

Walker gave Steel the finger.

A stutter of those clicking heels was heard, a stumble, then a bang. Like Rissa had fallen against the wall.

Brick glanced at Mercy. “Jesus, is she drunk? What’d you do wrong to make her get smashed?”

Mercy frowned and surged to his feet. “Nothing. I never do anything wrong, asshole.”

Chuckles and snorts circled the dining room table where their chips, cards, ashtrays, cigars and booze were strewn.

Before Mercy could go check on Rissa’s condition, a woman burst into the room, her dark blonde hair—the same color and almost the same length as Rissa’s—a wreck. Her blue eyes—also the same color as Rissa’s—wide as she took them all in.

“Fuck,” Mercy muttered and sank back into his seat, scraping a hand down his scarred face.

“You didn’t set the alarm?” Ryder asked, grinning.

“You know I fucking did,” Mercy grumbled, then turned to face the intruder. “How do you have the fucking code?”

“From the last time I was here. Parris gave it to me.” The woman made a face at Mercy. “What? I’m her sister, not a terrorist.”

Brick pursed his lips as he took in a younger version of Rissa, but one just as curvy and whose attitude, and other similarities, could make them twins.

Gorgeous, but a pain in the ass.

Or at least, that’s what Mercy said. Not the gorgeous part, the pain in the ass part.

Though, Brick never had a chance to meet her in person. And he only half paid attention when Mercy bitched about her during their poker games.

Normally, Mercy wasn’t one to bitch. He usually kept shit to himself and let it eat at him like acid. But apparently Rissa’s sister liked to do stupid things. Or, at least, make stupid decisions.

The biggest one being, moving across the country to shack up with a man she met on the internet after only talking with him for a month.

Mercy said she was “impulsive.”

“She lets you smoke cigars in here?” Not only were Londyn’s S’s slightly slurred, but her balance wasn’t so steady, either, as she wrinkled her nose and waved a hand around to break up the smoke. “Yuck.”

“Rissa know you’re here?” Mercy growled.

Brick read the look on Mercy’s face and hoped to hell that Rissa hadn’t forgotten to tell Mercy something so important.

“No, I sent her a text when I landed at the airport... For some reason she hasn’t responded yet.”

Brick swore Mercy rolled his eyes.

Actually, rolled his fucking eyes.

Brick dropped his head and hid his chuckle.

His chuckle died when Londyn stepped up to the table, grabbed the bottle of whiskey sitting next to the pile of poker chips in the center, removed the cap and guzzled straight from it.

While Brick had noticed many similarities between Mercy’s woman and her sister, he’d also noted that her chest was just about as big as Rissa’s. And Rissa had a great rack.

Brick’s eyes swung back to Mercy to make sure he wasn’t going to die for even thinking those thoughts. He swore the man could read minds.

Luckily, Mercy was too busy scowling at Londyn, so Brick turned back to her. She had dropped the bottle for a second, took a breath and then took another guzzle.

Brick noticed he wasn’t the only one whose eyes were glued to her exposed cleavage in the deep V-necked pant-suit thingy she was wearing, or the way her throat moved as she swallowed.

“Bet it would look like that if she was swallowing something else,” Brick said under his breath, unable to contain it.

Next to him, Steel stifled a snort and dropped his head.

Mercy surged to his feet and snatched the bottle from Londyn. “Why the fuck are you here?” He slammed the bottle down next to him and out of her reach.

“I had nowhere else to go since you made Parris sell her house in Vegas.”

“I didn’t—” Mercy’s mouth snapped shut and he just shook his head.

“I can’t understand why she’d want to leave Vegas when Michael spoiled her. You’re just a big ol’ grump.”