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Hammered - Love Trap

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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

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Jessie ‘The Hammer’ McKenzie made my father a promise six years ago. But promises don’t always work out, especially in matters of the heart. I’ve tried to ignore my attraction but loving a man almost twice my age, comes with epic complications. Complications that we both don’t need.

I made a promise to my best friend as I watched him die in my arms, to always be there for his daughter. But for the last six years thoughts of Harper have been running rampant in my mind. I’m not the type of man that breaks a promise but Harper Law is about to be mine.
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Aria ColeMila Crawford



I watched as she adjusted her stance at the long mahogany table, books scattered in front of her as her teeth gnawed on the tip of a ballpoint pen. I couldn’t help staring at her pretty pink lips wrapped around that cap, so seductive, so sweet, that it made my cock strain in my pants. Five years I’d watched over her, keeping my distance, making sure she had everything she wanted.

I knew the promise I made to her father didn’t include the type of relationship I wanted.

“Always hitting the books.” I stopped across from her. Her gaze moved from the papers in front of her and landed on me. I watched as those pretty lips abandoned the pen and she flashed me a sweet and startling smile.

“Hammer.” She jumped from her seat and ran straight into my arms.

As I touched her curves, my mind wandered to filthy images of her spread before me, naked. My mouth watered at thoughts of tasting her.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” She moved away from me. I took her in, her long creamy legs in that short summer skirt, her curvy hips and her lush breasts being clutched by the cotton of her shirt.

“I was on campus for some business and your roommate said you were at the library.” I flicked the pages of one of the books. “Always studying. You’ve eaten today?”

“I grabbed some coffee and a bagel this morning.”

“This morning? It’s seven-thirty. Collect your things, it’s time to eat.”

“I still have a little bit of work to finish,” she said, looking nervously at the clutter of papers on the table.

“Dinner. Now. Don’t make me carry you out of here like a caveman.”

“Something tells me you might like that.” She winked. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if she walked a thin line with me on purpose. Ever since she’d turned twenty-one, Harper acted a little differently with me than normal. Like just now when she’d hugged me, I could swear she pressed her breasts a little closer than usual. But I’d always put those thoughts out of my mind until that moment.

“There are a lot of things I’d like. Most of all right now is to make sure you eat.” I put the books in her bag and tossed it over my shoulder. “What are you in the mood for?”

“You know what I’d like.” She almost purred, pressing up against me and linking her arm with mine.

“Pizza Roma it is,” I said, trying to avoid the suggestive nature of her question. We walked outside into the cold night air and I could feel her shiver beside me. “You really should wear something more practical in this cold,” I said, shrugging off my jacket and putting it across her arms. “Those clothing pieces aren’t exactly suitable for New York November weather.”

“It was sunny when I left this morning.” She shrugged, putting her arms through the sleeves. I smiled, so small in my jacket that she almost disappeared. “I’ve always loved wearing your jackets. I’m nowhere near skinny but your clothes make me feel tiny.”

“You’re perfect,” I said, walking us to my car.

“Whoa, new wheels?” She opened the door to my Corvette and slipped inside. I buckled her in. “You know I can get that myself.”

“I like making sure you’re safe.”

“My hero,” she whispered, voice breathier than normal.

“Still the best pizza in town.” Harper took another bite of her pepperoni pizza. I loved watching her eat, always had. Usually, women barely ate around me, they would have ordered a salad and pushed it mindlessly on their plate. I found it incredibly irritating watching my buddies’ wives eat. But not with Harper. Watching her eat was incredibly arousing and satisfying.

“You want more?” I asked, noticing the last slice was gone.

“Oops, looks like I ate most of that pie.” She dabbed the corners of her mouth with a white paper napkin. “So, what kind of business do you have at the university?”

“My company is taking over campus security,” I said, not admitting that I bid low to ensure I got the job. I really didn’t like the fact that Harper was at that school without real protection. I had a few private bodyguards keeping tabs on her but I really liked knowing that my guys would be in charge of keeping the campus she was at safe.

“You don’t need to watch over me. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“I noticed, but I take my promises seriously.”

“What exactly did you notice?” she asked, leaning over, pushing her voluptuous tits together, making them appear even larger. “Like something you see?”


“I always like seeing you,” I said, testing the waters by being a little more inappropriate than I normally would.

“And I like being seen by you. So, how long are you in town for?” she asked, changing the subject and pouring ice cold water on my rock hard cock.