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Hard As Wood - Hard For Her

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Frankie Love

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I'm an axe-wielding alpha with absolute resolve:
I will not fall in love with Honey. She's my ex-stepdaughter -- and off limits. But it's a hell of a lot easier said than done.
Her mom's long gone, and she's still here, in my secluded cabin.
She's sweeter than sugar, with a body that makes me think of one thing alone: But I see her eyes linger... and the way she licks her lips.
I may be a hard ass... but she makes me hard as wood. And maybe this is one promise she wants me to break.
It's time I spread some Honey all over my... toast.
Dear Reader,

Huck rhymes with F*ck and Honey rhymes with Punny.
But this little treat is filled with more than innuendo -- it's dripping with sticky sweet scenes.
Get ready for Huck, a new mountain man who'll make you feel like the Queen Bee!
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Frankie Love

Chapter One


Sweat rolls down my ladder of abs and I grab my flannel to wipe it away. Axe in hand, I look up at the bright blue, cloudless sky, thanking my lucky stars for this piece of paradise.

I worked hard for it – years grinding away in the city, investing my money until it became large enough to live on. Now I chop wood because I love it, give it away because I can, and try to let the past stay there – in the past.

Swinging the axe down into a piece of timber, I grunt, the wood splitting in two. Just like it’s meant to. Wood seems to know the rules; always plays by them. Women, though? That’s another fucking matter.

Maybe not all women – just Trista.

Damn, I’d say I wish she’d never entered my life a year ago, but that would be a lie. Sure, she stole a bunch of my cash, but she sure as hell didn’t steal my heart.

That belongs to someone else.

I grab another chunk of wood, raise the axe, slam it down. I can’t keep doing this – thinking of Honey like she’s mine when she was never mine to begin with. She’s my ex’s daughter.

My cock aches at the memory of her – I met her once, a year ago, and I’ve never felt the same since. She woke me in a way that fucking scares me. Being out here now, on a warm day with the sun high, I remember being here with her… Honey watched me chopping wood, her mother in the house – probably drunk since it was past noon – and she looked at me, as if trying to figure me out.

Honey was worried; she was leaving town and wouldn’t be able to watch over her mother. Appeared that she’d been taking care of her mom for years and felt a duty.

“I got it from here, Honey, you go live your life,” I’d told her.

“I got a job on a cruise ship,” she told me. “I’ve never been to the ocean.”

“Don’t worry about your mom. Go have fun. Be a kid,” I told her, my cock twitching with every word. God, even then I knew marrying Trista had screwed things up royally.

“I’m not a kid. I’m twenty,” she told me, a cute streak of independence flaring up in her wheat-colored eyes.

“Okay, not a child – I understand. But I’m nearing forty, so I just mean, enjoy this time. Be happy, be free.”

She licked her lips, staring at me, her eyes roaming to my big pile of wood. The axe in my hand. “I don’t need to leave the state to be happy,” she told me. “I’d be fine living in the woods, leading a simple life.”

I looked at her, believing every word she said. She didn’t wear a lick of makeup; her skin was tanned from spending time outside, freckles across the bridge of her nose. She was sunshine, she was a promise of sweeter days ahead, and she was sure as hell not mine.

“Your mother is inside,” I told her, doing my best to keep my voice even. I was glad to have the axe in my hand because if my hands were free… I’d be sorely tempted to pull her close. Close enough to kiss.

“Why did you marry her?” Honey asked. “She’s going to cheat on you. She’ll break your heart. She’s—”

“She’s my wife,” I said firmly, the words feeling foreign, but they were the truth all the same. And Honey was off limits.

Honey walked away, into my cabin, and my heart sank. The next day, I watched the girl of my dreams drive away.

Then all hell broke loose with Trista.

I’d say it was a big fucking mistake, but that would be a lie. Without Trista, I’d never have met Honey.

When I met Trista, she had been left for dead in an alley after her pimp got more than aggressive – I felt a duty to her. To take care of her in a way no one else would.

But it wasn’t love. Hell, it wasn’t even sex. I never slept with the woman, not even once.

It wasn’t like that.

Still, we went to the courthouse and took our vows. I knew if she didn’t have a safe place to sleep, a man to watch over her, her pimp would be back, demanding payment.

She swore off it – her old life. The drugs, the booze, the men… and I believed her.

Then Honey came to the cabin to meet her mom’s new husband. To meet me.

The day was torture. I saw Honey and I realized that marrying Trista meant I could never have what I really craved.

A taste of Honey.

But a month after the wedding, Trista was gone. She would come and go for weeks at a time. Then months. I filed for a divorce; she signed the papers. Whatever we had is over now.