Her Cowboy Prince Charming (Four Corners Ranch #1.1) Read Online Maisey Yates

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Their one night of passion changes everything, but is a fairy-tale ending possible with her cowboy prince?

Tired of being alone for the holidays, tomboy Jessie Granger decides to make her debut at the annual Christmas masquerade ball. In a gorgeous dress and mask, she meets a handsome masked stranger, and they spend one passionate night together. And just like Cinderella, she even leaves a shoe behind. Neither expect to see one another again…until Jessie realizes it wasn’t a stranger at all but her brother’s best friend and her unrequited crush, Damien Prince.
Jessie knows Damien isn’t looking for anything serious, especially something that would put his relationship with her family in jeopardy, but her youthful crush is feeling more and more like something real. As the sparks between them continue to grow stronger, can they survive falling in love with the one person they were never supposed to touch, or will the other shoe drop this holiday season?

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JESSIE GRANGER HAD never been brave enough to go to the masked ball down in Mapleton. Well, ball was really stretching it. But it was what they called it. It was Christmastime, and everybody got a little antsy. A little sad maybe, a little drunk. And they liked to put on their fancy spurs, and some airs along with it, and pretend that Mapleton was some kind of big city.

She had never seen the point of it. It was a meat market. A place to hook up. And anyway, the holidays made her sad.

Her oldest brother did his best to make them not sad. Levi was a prince among men—if a bit too serious and a hell of a lot too overprotective. But she was twenty-three, and she was tired of being sad. And more than anything, maybe, she was tired of being alone. So she had put on the tightest dress that she had been able to find while still maintaining the ability to walk—and whether or not she was going to manage to keep her circulation going for the evening was iffy—a pair of high-heeled shoes unlike anything she’d ever worn before, a big, sparkly mask with feathers coming out of the top and a whole lot of red lipstick for good measure. Because well...it was kind of supposed to be a disguise.

But only kind of.

The problem with growing up in a town as small as Pyrite Falls was everybody knew who she was. And not only did everybody know who she was, they also knew who her older brothers were. And knew that they would kick their asses as soon as they looked at them if they were to fool around with her. She could have left Pyrite Falls, she supposed. But it just hadn’t seemed right ever.

She was worried that Levi needed her—though he would swear up and down that he didn’t. But her oldest brother had raised her and her siblings after their parents’ deaths, and she could see how that had taken over his life. She worried he didn’t have anything without them.

He swore up and down he was fine, but she just didn’t believe him.

But there just wasn’t...anything there. But there was Mapleton, the town over, where at least some things might be possible. And tonight she wanted to have the experience of walking into a room without everybody knowing who she was. Tonight she wanted to feel beautiful. Like a woman. Maybe she was looking for a Christmas miracle.

Maybe you just want to lose your virginity.

Whatever. Either way, she was feeling good.

When she had put on the short red dress that she had ordered online, she’d been surprised by how good her body looked in it. She was accustomed to seeing herself in baggy T-shirts and high-waisted jeans. The kind that gave a girl that particular Wrangler butt that some men liked, but in her experience men ignored her. Maybe it was the long, baggy T-shirts. But she’d been uncomfortable about her abundance of curves since she was a kid, and she preferred to wander around looking spherical rather than displaying the rather extreme hourglass she had.

But when she had put the dress on... Well, she felt like a different person. She felt like the kind of person who could do...damn well anything. The mask really helped. Because the mask made her feel like someone else entirely.

For the first time—especially since her crushing rejection two years ago—she felt beautiful.

The parking lot of the Evergreen ballroom was full. Normally, it was a place that hosted line dancing lessons, West Coast swing and the odd concert and special dinner. But once a year, she had been told, it was transformed.

She got out of the truck and crossed the gravel lot, and was surprised to find out there was a small line at the door. The women were wearing masks, and over-the-top dresses, though few men were decked out quite as grandly. Though they all had on masks, of varying degrees of severity, and definitely not the way the women did.