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(Charming #2) He's No Prince Charming

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Lisa Renee Jones

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Sex, lies, and love...
Zoe Marks believes in the sex and lies, but life has taught her to leave love out of the equation. She keeps her life simple, avoiding the corporate world of her father and brothers. As for her men, she prefers them short lived and red hot. So when she meets attorney Declan Price, she wants nothing more than her proverbial 'hot spot' stroked.
Only Declan isn't willing to stop at one night, and he makes it known.
Soon Declan and Zoe are in a whirlwind affair where the battle for control—both in and out of the bedroom—becomes an erotic adventure. And just when Zoe begins to trust Declan, to think she might let him beyond her barriers, she discovers he has a business connection to her father. Now, Zoe must decide what Declan's real motives are, and she'll do whatever is necessary to get to the truth. If Declan wants to end up on top, he's going to have to prove he belongs there.
He's No Prince Charming is a blast from the past. Originally published over a decade ago with Ellora's Cave, it was originally titled: Who’s On Top.
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Charming Series by Lisa Renee Jones

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Lisa Renee Jones

Chapter One

Declan Price hit her proverbial “hot spot” in a wicked way.

Not many men got that rating in her book. Of course, she wasn’t alone in her assessment. Declan made a lot of women hot. The high-priced defense attorney drew plenty of attention. For one thing, he had a knack for getting really bad people off some pretty nasty charges. It gave him a sense of power. An air of success and confidence. He smiled and women swooned. No one really considered what kind of ethical lines he crossed to win his cases. Not with his movie-star good looks and suave way with words.

Zoe Marks knew the type well. After all, her father was both CEO and founder of Marks Beverages. In other words, one of the corporate types who bent the rules to meet his needs. Someone like Declan. What she hadn’t learned from that venue, she’d learned from her hound-dog brothers who were too good-looking for their own good. They’d taught her much about the psyche of men. Then, of course, her job as an entertainment reporter for The New York Review had added even more clarity to the world of the down and dirties. Money. Power. They corrupted and controlled the world. And then there was sex… Sex was a weapon. She’d seen others use it and she had learned how to profit from its rewards as well.

From across the bar, Zoe let her gaze roam toward the object of this evening’s obsession and found him looking at her as well. For a good hour, and the better part of an extra-large frozen margarita, they’d been doing a sultry exchange of heated glances. She, killing time before an interview with a new Broadway sensation. He, having some meeting with an older, stuffy-looking man in a suit.

Her eyes locked with Declan’s and awareness charged the air. Her attraction to him was crazy, considering he wasn’t her kind of man. Not at all. She liked artists and

creative types who had no agenda but feeling good. Yet with each contact, the looks grew less subtle. More charged.

Damn the man was sexy.

His dark hair fell over his brow with a bit of wildness. It begged for her fingers. And his eyes…she couldn’t see the color now, but she’d seen them on television and in photos. They were blue. A vivid color that made people do a double-take. And, finally, his full bottom lip. Oh yeah. She could already imagine kissing him.

If only she didn’t have this interview…

Truth be told, her extreme reaction to Declan could be a result of her lack of a sex life. It had been months since she’d found a good diversion. Since her best friend announced her engagement and then married. Somehow a little fling here or there had lost its appeal. Until tonight. Tonight Declan, and a little privacy, sounded mighty good.

Zoe knew watching her best friend play house had gotten to her. It had messed with her head in ways she didn’t quite understand. She’d never admit it, but she even felt a pinch of jealousy. Happy jealousy. If anyone deserved good things it was Lucy. Her best friend shared one of those unique bonds with her man that few had. This was one of the few times Zoe thought maybe, just maybe, a couple had a real shot at happily-ever-after.

But in her real world, Zoe knew there would be none of that for her. She also knew a good dose of the human touch would get her past her weird mood. The one she slipped into on occasion when she felt…alone. What made her feel that way she didn’t know? It just happened every now and then. And over time she’d found what chocolate didn’t cure, sex did. She’d tried chocolate in many forms. Ice cream. Candy. Cake. If she ate much more she’d have to hit the gym. So sex seemed the better option.

And judging from the way Declan was staring at her, he needed a little under the covers action himself.

After another sizzling moment, he looked away, obviously drawn by something the man he was meeting with had said. She watched as they stood and shook hands.

Zoe knew what to do next. A man like Declan had to be handled just right. In other words, Zoe knew she needed him to come to her. With a hint of a smile on her lips, she turned away from him, ensuring no further eye contact. With her bare legs crossed, a black silky dress hiked just above the knee, she took a sip from the straw sitting in her strawberry margarita. And she waited. Knowing it was only a matter of time.


The sultry male voice made Zoe smile to herself. She looked up to find him leaning on the bar, facing her. The dim lighting of the trendy club nestled inside the Manhattan hotel set a perfect stage for seduction. If only she had the time to see it through to completion. With a deep breath, she inhaled his warm, masculine scent. There was a spicy quality to his cologne that made her all warm inside.