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His Unexpected Love

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Flora Ferrari

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A protective father is no threat when you’ve found the woman of your dreams. Not when you’re determined for her to be yours…
Stella has been waiting for the right man, but a Thailand vacation with her dad wasn’t the place she expected to find it.
When she sees Jaxson’s sexy, long-haired silhouette rise out of the ocean, surfboard under his arm, all her rational thoughts wash away with the waves. As soon as Jaxson sees Stella, he just has to have her: beautiful and curvy with sparkling sapphire eyes, she’s more than he ever knew he wanted.
Sparks fly from the moment they first touch, but there’s one problem… Stella’s dad.
An aggressive tension burns between Sam and Jaxson, and Sam is determined that this sizzling chemistry between his daughter and his old friend burns out before it becomes something more. He has a dark history with Jaxson, and he’d never intended to see him again… much less with intentions towards his little girl.
But Jaxson is set on not letting Sam stand in the way. He might be 20 years older than this stunning art student, but never has anything felt more right. He’s determined to make her his for good, and he won’t let anything come in between.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


The sun beats down so hot on my shoulders that when I open my eyes and see him I’m certain he must be a mirage. The surfer emerging from the waves is so sexy that my mouth begins to water. He scrapes his longish surfer hair off his handsome face, his toned torso dripping with saltwater. He’s older than me by a long way, possibly fifteen or twenty years, but it doesn’t stop my eyes from running over his body, wishing I could touch every inch of it and be at the mercy of his sexiness.

Of course, he’ll never look my way. What interest would a man like him have with me? As I lay on my sun lounger, trying desperately to tan my pale skin, I know that I’m no more interesting than any of the other women on this beach. He could have any one of them, after all. So why would he pick me?

But I can’t keep my eyes off him now. As he walks along the shore, the sea licking at his feet, I feel something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve never fallen in love, but as my heart beats faster, my breathing becomes labored and my skin tingles, I start to wonder if this is what love feels like.

I know this is ridiculous. I haven’t even spoken to the guy. He hasn’t even looked my way. But something about him has me falling hard and fast. I can’t explain. But when I see him, I know I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him.

I guess it’s the romantic in me making me feel this way. I’ve always been so desperate to fall in love, but no man has ever caught my eye before. For all I know, this man is nothing but a good looking guy. He might be the most boring man on Earth. But something tells me that can’t possibly be true. There’s something about his dark eyes that makes me think there’s much more to him than his good looks. I want to delve deep and find out what he’s all about. I want to know him in ways that nobody else does. I want everything he has to offer.

I’m relieved my dad returned to the hotel for a nap, and glad he can’t see me staring longingly at this man. I’m almost mad at myself for getting so invested so quickly. I might be a romantic, but I don’t live in a fantasy world. I know not to shoot for someone out of your league, which this man definitely is. But some part of me doesn’t care. I want him anyway.

I pick up my sketch pad and pencil. I’ve been looking for something to inspire me to draw, and now I’ve found it. I continue to stare at him. He looks so good with his surfboard tucked under his arm and his bronzed skin shimmering with the combination of sun and water. I begin to sketch, unable to stop myself from focussing on all the details of his body. As my pencil brings him to life on paper, I realize he’s so much more than a handsome man.

He’s a work of art.

“What are you up to, princess?”

My heart seizes and I look up. A group of three young men have come to a stop at the end of my sun bed, smirking at me with their arms crossed. I know their type. They see a big girl like me on the beach and they think that for some reason, curvy girls are much more desperate to take a chance on them. They’re all skinny and untoned, but they have confidence and cockiness ingrained in them. One of them looks me up and down, making me squirm with discomfort.

“Leave me alone,” I say quietly, wishing I sounded more confident. One of them laughs.

“But we only just got here. Come on, princess, show us what you’re drawing.”

“No!” I say, clutching the sketchpad to my chest. “My dad will be back any moment...and you don’t want to be here when he shows up.”

The man rolls his eyes. “Like we believe that story. Well, if you won’t show me, I guess I’ll take matters into my own hands.”

He lunges forward and snatches the sketchpad from my hands. I try to protest, but no sound comes from my mouth. He glances at the picture.

“Well, this is pretty good.” He turns to me with a smirk and then kneels beside me in the sand, coming too close for comfort. “Why don’t you let me spend a little time with you, hmm? You can draw me instead of whoever this guy is.”

“I’m not interested. Leave me alone.”

“Come on, princess,” he leers at me. “Give a guy a chance.”

He leans in to try and kiss me, but before he can, he’s suddenly hauled to his feet. I gasp in shock as I look up and see someone has pulled him to his feet. My savior towers over the creepy guy, who drops my sketchpad at his feet. The sun is blinding so it takes me a moment to realize who’s rescued me.