Honor-bound Witch (Miss Matched Midlife Dating Agency #2) Read Online Deanna Chase

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With her new dating agency business starting to take off in Premonition Pointe, Marion Matched is busier than ever. Between yoga classes, her budding romance, and the ghost who won’t stop haunting her, Marian can’t seem to find time to get her hair colored and her upper lipped waxed for the upcoming wedding of her two favorite clients. Whoever said women should grow older gracefully never had to deal with patchy gray roots or whiskers that are stiff enough to cut someone. But all of her grooming worries vanish when the bride suddenly goes AWOL, and Marion realizes it’s one of her former clients who has abducted the bride. Now Marion finds herself in the middle of literal witch hunt so that she can bring the bride home and get her to the alter on time. Marion will need all the help she can get from the Premonition Pointe coven, the ghost who can’t stop flirting with the groom, and a gun-toting grandmother with a perchance for younger men.



“There you are!” Lennon Love grabbed my hand and tugged, pulling me toward the stage. The steady strum of base reverberated through the club as the almost-naked men on stage gyrated to the music, making the women in the audience scream their approval.

“Lennon, I—”

“It’s your time to shine, Marion!” she yelled over the music as a grin spread across her face. We were at Abs, Buns, and Guns watching a male strip show for her bachelorette party. It most definitely wasn’t my time to shine. I was just there to support her.

I glanced over my shoulder at Hollister Crooner. The tall, dark-haired man was standing by the bar with his hands shoved in his pockets, frowning at me. I couldn’t exactly blame him. He’d come to Abs, Buns, and Guns just to tell me that his brother’s fiancée, Kiera Vincent, was missing.

Kiera was a former client of mine who’d changed her name after leaving an abusive relationship. I was the only one who knew her real full name was Desiree Ciaràn Hopkins. Everyone else knew her as Kiera Vincent. If she was missing, there was a good chance her ex-boyfriend had found her. My heart started to thunder against my breastbone, and the desire to bolt and head back over to Hollister had me turning in his direction.

“There she is,” the emcee said into the mic. “Marion Matched, the woman who matched Lennon and Bodhi, making this night possible. Come on up here, Marion. We have a surprise for you.”

“I can’t—” I started, shaking my head.

“Of course you can.” Lennon gave me a gentle push, mischief shining in her amused eyes. “Go on, Marion. There’s no way I’m going to let you miss this.”

I opened my mouth to protest again. Hollister was waiting, and I had to do whatever I could to help him find his future sister-in-law. But before I could speak, two pairs of strong hands lifted me up by my armpits and swept me up onto the stage.

The crowd went wild. Women stood, hooting and hollering, shouting their approval.

I was placed in a chair in the middle of the stage while oiled men in skimpy underwear surrounded me.

Lennon threw her head back and laughed as one proceeded to shake his tush in my face and then acted as if he were grinding in my lap. On any other day, I’d have been howling with laughter, caught up in the ridiculousness of it all. But today, all I could do was grit my teeth and bear it. I couldn’t just jump up and run off the stage. Not without making a scene and having to stop to explain why I was refusing the lap dance that Lennon had obviously orchestrated.

Explaining anything about Kiera to a crowd could not happen. It was too dangerous. Instead, I decided it was best to wait it out and then make my excuses and find Iris, who was supposed to be meeting me outside to leave with Hollister.

“Yassss!” Celia, the ghost who worked for me, cried. She was floating in front of the man pretending to grind against me, swinging an invisible rope as she acted as if she were trying to lasso him. “Now this is what I call a party!”

All the women at the bachelorette party were on their feet. Some of them waved dollar bills and demanded that they were next. I spotted my friend Tandy up on a chair, waving her cash at us. My aunt Lucy was beside her, gyrating around, and I wondered briefly if she was going to throw a hip out of joint. My aunt caught my eye and grinned.

I gave Lucy a tight smile while trying to keep an eye on Hollister and impatiently waiting for my chance to bolt from the stage.