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Ice Planet Honeymoon - Aehako & Kira - Ice Planet Barbarians

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Ruby Dixon

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Kira and Aehako are happily mated and waiting for their baby’s arrival. Everything is great…or is it? Because carefree Aehako has turned into the most hovering of spouses, and he’s making everyone at the cave crazy.

Kira thinks it’s time for a vacation…of sorts.

This story is an extended epilogue for book 3 of Ice Planet Barbarians — Barbarian Lover — and is for readers who want a little more of their favorite couple. Don’t start here! You’ll be missing out on so much story. Start at the beginning with Ice Planet Barbarians.
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Ruby Dixon



I wake up to the sensation of the baby kicking my bladder. With a grimace, I get out of my warm bed, next to my sleeping mate, and make my way out to the designated “bathroom” area for the South Cave. The set-up here isn’t as nice as the main tribal cave, but we make do. It doesn’t bother me most times…just when I have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

Which happens a lot more lately, come to think of it.

My toes curl on the cold stone floor and I get my business done as quickly as possible, then pour a bit of water into a bowl used for washing hands. It’s cold this time of night and the water is turning into icy sludge, so I’m shivering by the time I make it back to the cave I share with Aehako. We had chamber pots in the cave for a while, but the concept makes my stomach turn, and with being pregnant, I can’t have one in the living area. I just can’t. I’ll endure cold feet.

And so will my mate, I think impishly as I slide back under the covers and immediately stick my cold feet on him.

Aehako groans and immediately grabs me, tucking me against his bigger body. “Cruel female.”

“Don’t you want to warm my toes for me?” I tease, snuggling up against him. Aehako is massive—bigger than a lot of the other sa-khui, who aren’t a small people. I have to be the little spoon every time, but he’s a sprawler and sometimes I wake up with him stealing all the blankets in his sleep. So he gets to warm my cold feet. Those are the rules.

He tucks me against him, brushing a hand on one of my cold feet as I curl it against his thigh and lie on my side once more. He tucks his arm around my waist, his lips against the top of my head.

The baby kicks again, this time doing an impressive kick instead of a slight flutter. I suck in a breath, surprised at the ferocity of it.

Aehako loses all of his drowsiness. He immediately stiffens against me, his hand splaying over my belly. “Are you well?”

“I’m fine,” I promise him. “It was just a kick.”

“But you drew in breath. Does it hurt?”

“It was just surprising. That’s all. Go back to sleep.” I cover his hand with mine and close my eyes, pretending to go back to sleep myself. All the while, the baby in my stomach has decided that it is most definitely not sleep time. It flips and kicks and moves around, and I can feel the tension brimming in Aehako’s big body. He doesn’t go back to sleep. I know he doesn’t, because I know him. And so I wait.

It doesn’t take long.



“Are you asleep, my mate?” His lips brush over my hair, pressing a kiss there.

The baby kicks again, and even though I just peed, it feels like I need to get up again. I knew being pregnant wouldn’t be a barrel of fun, but sometimes I wish this kid would pick somewhere to sit other than my bladder. “I’m awake.”

“Do you think the kit is well?” His hand caresses my belly and I can hear the worry in his tone.

My heart squeezes. My Aehako is always so laughing and carefree, so easily confident. Yet lately, as my belly grows, so does the worry in his eyes. This isn’t the first night he’s been unable to go back to sleep, and I suspect it won’t be the last. He’s not going to sleep well until I have this baby…and that’s months and months (and months) away from now. “I’m sure it’s fine. Go back to sleep, love.”

“But it is very active tonight.”

“Sometimes it does that.”

His hand slides over my belly. “What if it is trying to get our attention? What if something is wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I reassure him.

He doesn’t sound convinced. “How is your stomach?”

I have the occasional bout of nausea thanks to strong smells, and every time I do, Aehako panics. It’s like he can’t stand the thought of me sick or hurting, which is kind of sweet. In the middle of the night, though? It’s also kind of irksome. I remind myself that he’s just worried. This is our first baby together. It’s natural for him to be overprotective. “It’s good.” I make my voice sound as sleepy as possible. “Go back to bed, love.”

Aehako just tugs me closer, burying his face in my hair. “You would tell me if it was not, yes?”

“I absolutely would, I promise.”

He grunts and gets quiet, but I notice his hand stays protectively over my belly, and he twitches every time the baby kicks again, as if it’s punching his insides and not mine.