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Kisses and Lies

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T.L. Smith

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I met Marcus at a crematorium. That should have been my first clue to keep away.
He was nothing I wanted. Yet, everything I needed. He was dark, dangerous. And I couldn’t stay away. Even when I wanted to.
We made a deal—just our bodies. But lines got blurred.
I asked for more than one night – I ended up asking for forever. What a mistake that was. What a mistake he was.
Sometimes love burns. And sometimes kisses and lies are all you get.
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T.L. Smith

Chapter One



My hand grips the glass tightly, my breathing picks up as I watch Marcus Stone in action. I can see his skin glistening under the cold night as each stroke grows more powerful, one after the next. My eyes are glued to his body as he comes up for air. His strong jawline opening then closing with each powerful breath.

How can watching someone swim turn you on?

I’m not sure, but it can. Somehow, it turns me on.

Bringing the glass to my lips, I take one more drink, finishing the contents and feeling the burn as it goes down. I need the liquid courage. I need it to face him.

Marcus turns, his strokes finally stop when he looks at me. The light from the kitchen is not helping to obscure me while I sit in the dark, stalking.

My breathing stops as his two powerful eyes lock on mine, his strong hand lifts and strokes his fingers through his hair. I’m helpless, compelled to watch as the muscles in his arm flex during the simple action. His hazel eyes narrow in on me.

“Rochelle…” Marcus says my name as easily as the water drips from his body.

It makes me even madder.

The drink in my hand feels like it could smash any second with the pressure I’m applying to the glass. He pushes himself out of the water, his body glistening as he comes to a stand not too far away from me. Reaching for a towel, he wipes his body. His hazel eyes, now darkening, lock on me when I don’t answer him.

“I’m leaving you,” I say with a smile when my breath doesn’t hitch at those words.

“This is what you want?” Marcus asks.

No fight.

No argument.


“Yes. I’m leaving you,” I say it more to myself this time. Perhaps to help me believe it.

He chuckles.

The asshole chuckles.

“Off you go, then.”

With as much strength as I can muster, I throw my glass at him, just missing his head when he ducks out of the way. When he stands taller, I know that was a mistake. But I honestly don’t care. I can’t care anymore.

Pushing myself up from the lounger where I was reclining while working up the courage to tell him I am leaving, I step forward and come just under his chin.

Marcus is tall.

I hate that about him.

I hate a lot about him.

But then again, I also don’t.

“Is that all you’ve got to say?” I arch an eyebrow.

Marcus arches one back. “Yes.” Then he pushes past me, not caring that he almost knocks me over as he heads inside.

I follow. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself.

“You sleep with her… when I’m not here… in this house,” I yell.

He halts, turns, and smirks. “I do,” Marcus says, the towel now dropping. His swimwear is sitting low on his hips. “And I fuck her hard… all the ways you hate and I love.” His lips turn up, waiting for me to say something in return.

“I hate you,” I spit at him.

“I know you do.”

“I hate you sooo much.”

“That’s okay. You can leave now.”

“Is she coming over?” I yell.

Marcus turns, his hand touching the railing that leads up to his room.

I’ve never really lived here—I was simply a visitor. No one important. Just a person in this man’s life. No one can penetrate him. I feel sorry for the person who finally does get through his impervious walls. They will either be very stupid or love him more than anyone else ever has.

“She will be now. I have steam I need to work off.” He takes the steps two at a time and disappears, leaving me standing in the foyer with my hands clenched as I look around for my things. Luckily for me, I never moved out of my house. What a mistake that would have been if I had.

But worse, what a mistake Marcus was.

While rushing around and grabbing my things, I hear a ding. Looking over to the countertop, I see his cell light up. For some reason he doesn’t have it locked, so I slide it open and up pops a girl’s name.

I gag, then throw his phone

at the floor, hard enough that it shatters.

Fuck him and his cheating ass.

Picking up my bags, I walk to the door and step through, pushing it hard behind me so it slams. Again, fuck him and whatever he thinks.

My car is parked out the front where I left it when I arrived to break this nightmare off. I knew I’d have to make a quick getaway.

I need to get away from him.

He’s poison.


A virus that has inserted itself in my system and won’t leave, sucking me dry.

Now is my chance to extract that poison.

I have to for my own health.

For my own good.

Marcus Stone is not good for me, that much is obvious.

Throwing my bags in the car, I look back at his house, and when I look up, I see him standing on his balcony staring down at me. Marcus’ hands are on the railing, his eyes locked onto mine.