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MAKER - The Men of Whiskey Mountain

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Frankie Love

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I’m not the kind of man an innocent girl should fall for. But Marley River says she knows what she wants. And she wants me.
She says she can handle a mountain man, after all, this freckled face slice of sunshine grew up in Alaska. But I’m more than a feral mountain man.
I’m an ex-drug lord, reformed con-man, an exonerated criminal. Her brothers are the River Boys and they want me off Whiskey Mountain.
I want to turn a new leaf, but not if it means giving up what I want. I love Marley more than life itself. But is that enough when the world is dead set against it?
It’s high time we find out. Because I’m not going down without a fight. I’ll be here, on Whiskey Mountain, defending what — and who— is mine. With guns blazing.
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Frankie Love


I came to this wedding for one reason: I'm trying to be a better man.

Now, before you go thinking I've turned into some softy, listen to me closely. I know if I want to be a good man, I have a hell of a lot of cleaning up to do. I'm ashamed of a lot of things I've done and I'm not proud of the way I've treated those closest to me. But I don't regret all of it. How could I? It's brought me here today to watch Beam and Bellamy get hitched. A woman I damn near destroyed and a man who was my partner in crime for far too long.

Beam was by my side when nobody else was. And so standing here by his side today, it's the least I can do. But still, as I stand in this suit and tie, tight around the collar, I can't help but wonder if I will ever put my demons to rest. Being here at this beautiful wedding on this island Beam has somehow managed to procure for himself, I figure if there's hope for him, there might be hope for me.

And hell, looking around, I see my brother Walker with his bride Wavy, and next to them are Jameson and Jemma. Hell, Jemma has been through the goddamn ringer, and most of it was because of me. She hates me, with reason.

It's hard to stand here, to look at everybody in the eye, knowing what I've done to make their lives living hells. They forgave me, but I'm sure as fuck clear on one thing — I don't deserve their forgiveness.

Since moving up here to Whiskey Mountain, the people I used to know in California have cleaned up their acts. They've gotten their lives together. Married, kids, cabins. It's an Alaskan mountain man's version of a white picket fence. It's paradise, but I'm not a fool. Not everyone can be so lucky as to get a second, a third, a fourth chance. Hell, I've stopped counting because I've had more than my share.

“Why are you standing here empty-handed?” My brother Walker asks, coming over to me and handing me a glass of whiskey.

I nod, jutting out my chin. “Thanks, bro.”

He clinks his glass to mine and we raise them before taking drinks. The rich amber liquid slides down my throat and I calm down instantly.

I've been a little agitated since getting here. It's all too perfect. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop because doesn't it always?

“You having a good time?” Walker asks. I chuckle, running a hand over my beard.

“God, I don't know. It's good to see Beam happy, and hell, Bellamy too.”

Walker nods. It's a proper wedding, white dress, pastor leading them through their vows. “I don't think I ever thought I'd see a day like this. Did you?”

I know what he means. Beam is a burly ass man. My bodyguard for years, but maybe he's a softy at heart.

“I’m happy for him,” I say, “Bellamy too. They look so happy, don't they?”

Standing side by side, we scan the guests. Someone is playing guitar. A woman is singing a song. A dance floor has been set up and Beam and Bellamy are gliding around it. Like we're in a goddamn romantic comedy.

“How's Wavy doing these days?” I ask. “The babies keeping her busy?”

Walker nods. “Yeah, she's already talking about getting pregnant again.”

I laugh. “Damn. You sure are settled.”

“What about you, bro? Do you ever think about settling down yourself?”

I laugh. “What do you think? What kind of girl would want to be with a man like me?”

I see Walker thinking, trying to come up with a woman who would be a good fit for a man like me. It's a tall order. I clap my brother's back.

“Hey, I'm not offended. I know it's the truth. I'm not exactly the kind of man any girl wants to bring home to their papa.”

Still, my brother shrugs. “You never know. Anyone here catch your eye?”

I swallow, looking around the room. Happy people, most all of them coupled up, but there's one woman who keeps looking at me. One woman who should look away.

“Who is she?” Walker asks, pointing to her.

I shake my head. “I don't know. But that girl looks like she's never seen a bad day in her whole damn life.”

“Which means?” my brother presses.

“Which means she should stay clear of me.”

“Well, she came with her brothers, but they are leaving tonight. They got in a big fight a little while ago. Apparently they wanted her to go home with them, but she wants to stay for the wedding breakfast tomorrow.”

I frown. “Sounds intense.”

“They got a tight rein on her, from what I hear.”

Wavy walks over, dragging her husband to the dance floor. As more people join in dancing to the upbeat song, I chuckle, watching my brother, thinking I never imagined something like that. Hell, I never imagined being here with him at all. We've had our differences, that's for sure. But time heals most wounds and ours have cleaned up nicely. The wounds I'm facing now are within me. I've made right most of my wrongs with the people of this world. It's just my own demons that can't seem to let go.