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More Than Most - More Than Series

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ChaShiree M

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Love never crossed my mind. I was just trying to put one foot in front of the other, hoping I would get to live my dream one day. I never imagined one mishap with my car would lead to forever. Until Curtis walked into the room. Then everything changed. I found myself wanting things I never did. I just wish I knew he wanted it too.

Yvette Ford is my every dream come true. She is smart, funny, sexy and made for me. I just have to figure out how to be someone that deserves her. She should have everything. As a mechanic, I can only give her so much. I have to figure out how to get over it because I am done waiting. I am going to write my name on her every place I can. I just have to convince myself, that what we have is More Than Most.

Join me, readers, as I give you another book from the More Than Series. Hey, you might also catch up with Mike and Ava.
Curtis is hot, OTT and so in love with his Lil bit, that stalking is not out of the question. What girl wouldn't love that??
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ChaShiree M

Chapter One


“Oh my God, Yvette. He is starring over here.” I turn my head slightly to see who my friend Olivia is referring too. “No. Don’t look, silly.” I can’t help but roll my eyes. Then how the hell else am I supposed to know who she is looking at. Not that it matters. The truth is, there is only one guy that even remotely makes my body wake up. Not to mention my heart. Curtis Lenile. He is by far the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life and I have only met him once. My car had broken down because let’s face it, it is a piece of shit. I bought it when I graduated high school, moved out of the trailer park where I lived with my mom and her awful, fat ass boyfriend. I moved into a two-bedroom apartment with my two best friends, got a job working for Mindy’s truck stop. I would love to go to college, get a degree in education and be a Kindergarten teacher, but let’s be honest, the chances of that are slim to none. Oh well.

Two months ago, I was driving home from the laundromat when I hit a pothole. My tire burst and I was on the side of the road before I even knew what happened. Luckily, my roommates and I split a AAA membership. I called the roadside assistance, they picked me and my car up and dropped us both off at the closest shop, which happened to be Gallos Car Repairs. As I walked into the shop, watching my car being lifted onto the thing they used to look under it, the most beautiful man I have ever seen walked up to me. “You, Yvette?” He asked his voice like a sandstorm swirling through me sending shockwaves up and down my body. I was entranced and I couldn’t even speak. I thought I was nodding my head

“Holy shit!” comes out of my mouth instead. I stood there, like a statue staring into his chocolate eyes that squint into a grin at the unladylike-ness of my mouth. “Your tire is going to take thirty minutes to fix. You should be more careful, watch where you are going.” He says, I know I should feel a bit indignant, put out by the chastisement, but all I could feel was warm and fuzzy. I didn’t even have it in me to be weirded out by the fact that it didn’t bother me. “Can you talk, Lil Bit?” Oh God. He gave me a nickname. My legs begin to squeeze together as I try to calm my greedy, virgin pussy down.

“Yes.” I manage to whisper not sure where the words came from.

“Good. I thought I scared you too much. Can’t have that can we?” he says as his hand reaches for a strand of my hair and rubs it. “Jesus.” is all he gets out as he backs up. He goes to turn away, not saying another word. I want to reach out and beg him to stay. Before I can do that, another guy comes over and addresses me.

“Hi. Have you been helped miss?” My mind is still on my mystery man. Hell. I didn’t even bother to look at his name tag. Smart, Yvette. Real smart. I think to myself not even acknowledging the guy standing in front of me. Suddenly, I feel a hand on me. I know instantly it isn’t his and am about to move away when I hear what can only be called a roar or a growl.

“Take your fucking hands off of her, Percy. You want to lose that arm?” My mystery man comes back over face full of rage and stands in front of me. I find myself leaning into him to take a whiff. Holy smokes. Who knew grease and metal could smell so sexy? My nipples begin pushing against my shirt as my mouth starts watering for him.

“My bad, Curtis. I didn’t know she was your woman.”

“Now you do. Get the fuck back to work.” His gruff voice is going to make me come right now, standing behind him, in front of everyone. I peek around his shoulder and see the other guy walking away. The sexy piece of man I finally know is Curtis, turns and glares at me. “Don’t let other men touch you, Lil Bit. Do you understand?” His eyes are shiny and glassy, dimming and baring into me.

“I didn’t let him.” I say. My voice is not even recognizable to me. It’s all husky and sexy sounding.

“Whatever the case, I need you to wait in my office. I won’t be able to get your car fixed or keep my job for that matter if I can’t focus. His hand goes behind my back and the whimper leaves me before I know it’s coming.