Music Heals the Heart (Wild Hearts #1) Read Online J. Haney, S.I. Hayes

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People have a way of finding each other.
Kris King was on the top of the world. High on life and ready to take the Country Music world by storm, when the unimaginable happened.
Eleven years later he is tasked with helping young Nicolette Barrett to restart a career that has fallen flat. She wants to leave Niki B behind and get back to her real Southern Tennessee roots.
Can Kris crawl out of the bottle long enough to see just how promising this woman can be, or will his foul mouth and broken spirit forever be bruised beyond repair? Together can they learn to trust in fate and perhaps let the music heal them both?

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Sweat pours down my face and stings my eyes as the band behind me fades, and I belt out the final chorus of my set. Cheers, screaming women.

This is the dream.

If someone had told me two years ago that a twenty—four—year—old college dropout like me would be performing on the same stage as greats like Clint Black, Martina McBride, and Rascal Flatts, I’d have told them to smoke another one.

Yet, here I am, taking a bow in front of nearly seventy thousand people. My second album, Lightning in a Bottle, has gone platinum, and the title song was nominated for Single of the Year. I didn’t win, but damn just being nominated with the likes of Blake Shelton makes this trip real and feels damn good. I’m playing just thirty minutes outside my hometown, so having my family here makes it even sweeter.

Coming off the stage, I’m bombarded by little arms wrapped around my hips. My hand pats the dark waves of my baby sister Claudette’s ribbon—adorned head as I laugh, looking at my parents.

“That was so good, jerkface.” She squeals. “I met Chris Young. He kissed my cheek!”

“Is that so?”

Mom palms my cheek. “You did good, baby. I knew they’d love you like I do.”

“It was for you. Happy Birthday, momma.” I hug her too.

“Go clean up. We’ll meet you out back. Hurry up. I’m starving.” Dad pats my shoulder.

I nod, kissing my momma again before making my way backstage. I’m still breathing heavily. My heart is racing so damn fast. This has got to be the best night of my life. Getting to my dressing room—I have a dressing room!

I pull it together, and in less than fifteen, I’ve smuggled myself out the rear and am jumping into the back of my parents ‘90 Crown Vic station wagon. You know the type, the one with the wood paneling? Dad loves this thing even if the rear seatbelts aren’t what they should be. He just goes on that it’s a classic. Looking around as we pull off, I don’t see Claudette. I know she’s under the blanket in the back, but you know the game.

“Claudette? Has anyone seen you? Oh no! We left her!” I say, mocking fear until she jumps up, grabbing my neck.

“Rawer! I got ya!” She giggles, climbing over the seat and onto me.

“Yup, you got me good.” I hug her, she’s ten this year, and I can’t believe it. It was like yesterday when dad came home and told me I had a baby sister. I was so excited to be a big brother. She’s my favorite person. I watch her as she settles next to me, shoving her hand into her my little pony pocketbook.

“I got you somethin’, even though you’re a jerkface.” She pulls out a little cardboard card. Attached to it are two leather chord bracelets, one yellow, the other blue with a little silver trinket. The card says, Brother & Sister. Then I see the silver trinket carved to be a compass. It continues to read, Our paths may change as life goes on, but our bond will always be strong. I smile as she snatches it back.

“One for you and one for me. I want the yellow one. The lady in the store said they’re wishes. You make a wish, and when it falls off, it will come true.” Her’s is too big. She has to knot it and wrap it almost triple. I smile as she grabs my hand and puts mine on me. “There now, wherever you are, I am too.” She smiles.

I really love how her little brain works.

We wind up at a Bar—B—Que joint downtown. It’s actually where I got my start, so it’s like coming full circle. Dinner is all laughs and talks about my upcoming tour. I’m traveling all over the US and parts of England and Wales. I’m stoked.

Dad looks at his watch and Claudette. She’s starting to wind down. “Well, son. Think it’s time we get rolling along. Besides, don’t you have a few after-parties to make appearances at?”

“I could stick around a little more.” I look at my momma.