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My Rockstar's Secret Baby

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Jamie Knight

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He’s used to rocking the stage… not a baby.
I meet Ragnar after my BFF starts dating his friend. Unlike her, I can’t imagine being with a rock star. He’s always on the road, playing at concerts. Yet I can’t stop dreaming about him.
I know he’s great at rocking stadiums. But I want to feel his rock hard abs. I figure there’s no harm in one little date. It’s not like we’ll be attached forever or anything.
At least that’s what I thought. Until I find out I’m pregnant. And Ragnar starts saying he’s falling in love with me.
This is terrible timing; I can’t even tell him. He’s supposed to be leaving for a European tour.
He says I’m all he thinks of, no matter where he goes. Yet he doesn’t know what I’m carrying around of his.
He tells me I’ve changed his world. But will he change his tune once he hears the news?
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Jamie Knight

Chapter One - Stephanie

No one noticed me hurrying my way out of the office.

During the entire time that I zipped down the hall and then onto the elevator, not a head popped up from behind the acres of cloth and metal that constituted the cubicle farm. (It had been cheaper, at the beginning, to get an ‘open concept’ space. Only the executives got windows or doors. Mine had a view of the bay.)

I reached the ground floor and hurried for my car. The garment bag already hung in the back, the protruding hook slung over the emergency bar right behind the driver’s seat, so it wouldn’t obstruct my vision while driving.

I still had fifteen minutes, and I knew I could make it. At least, I’d better make it; my little sister was getting married, and come hell or high water, I would be there to celebrate with her.

I arrived with plenty of time, snatched the garment bag out of the back, and rushed to the bathroom. It was somehow colder inside than outside, the gray cinder blocks doing a bang-up job of keeping all the warmth out there.

As far as park bathrooms went, it was one of the worst I’d ever seen, but to be fair, it was built in the 90s when efficiency was the thing, psychological welfare be damned. Then again, it was either use this dirty bathroom or strip down in front of my family and friends, and I knew which I preferred.

Decked out in my maid-of-honor finery, I hauled ass to the bridal tent, matching heels held in my hand for better movement on the soft grass.

When I stepped inside, the sight that met me took my breath away.

“Oh, wow!”

“Thanks,” Jonna gushed.

I’d gotten so used to her being my baby sister, I barely noticed that she’d grown up, but by golly, had she ever. She had a baby of her own now, and a very soon-to-be husband, and she looked radiant, glowing with the love she reflected.

Confident, but still holding my hand, Jonna went to meet her destiny.

“You got this,” I whispered.

She was shaking with excitement, and probably a bit of nerves. It was a big step, to be sure, but I had her back, and I knew she was ready.

The music started up, and I walked a few paces ahead of her, keeping well apace, until I was up at the altar. After a few more moments, along with some “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd, she was safely beside her man. There was a pang in my chest.

We didn’t see each other every day or anything, but it was going to be even less after she was married. It was time for me to try and let go as well. That was just the way things were—

everyone had to grow up and find their own path.

And at least she was in good hands. Despite my initial misgivings, Seth turned out to be a wonderful guy. Definitely very unlike the majority of the heavy metal types he surrounded himself with, all long hair and attitude.

He had been in a band once too, of course, but had left that behind years ago. If anything, he was a businessman in his adulthood. Even our Mom and Dad approved of him, despite the age difference between him and Jonna.

I stuck to the sidelines during the reception. Mom and Dad were mingling, and I wanted to leave Jonna and Seth to themselves and little Casey. They really were a beautiful little family.

The raging monster of envy raised its ugly head inside me, only to be pounded back down again with the mighty hammer of maturity.

It was fine; I was used to being alone. My last relationship had been months before, and had ended in spectacular fashion. As much as my heart, as well as other parts, drew me to it, I was not looking for love.

I will never love a man, because love and pain go hand in hand.

I shook my head to excise the Laura Marling song lyrics from it, and drained a flute of champagne, looking for something to do.

I was wandering aimlessly, looking around, and wasn’t paying particular attention to where I was going. Which is why it was such a shock when I collided with something and fell flat on my ass.

It was a wall. Or very near one, anyway. I never knew backs could be so solid. Especially not ones that could fit into tuxedos so nicely.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” asked the owner of the back I had just run into.

He certainly didn’t look like a metal type. Clean-shaven, short blond hair, sky blue eyes, and the physique of a god.

“I-I, um, yes, I think so.”

I nearly slapped myself. Yes, he was handsome, transcendently, divinely handsome, but that was no reason to make a fool of myself. I had a reputation to uphold.