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Not Playing You (Alpha Hero #6)

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Hope Ford

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Not Playing You: Alpha Hero 6: An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman Romance
I’m not a nice guy. Or I haven’t been. But now I want to be… for her.
I don’t trust him. Then I do. Then he proves he’s a player and I’m done. I just have to convince him – and my heart – that it’s over.
This is a Steamy, Sweet, Short Story Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is the sixth story in the Alpha Hero Series. If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.
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Alpha Hero Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



Usually I don’t have any problem. I have complete focus on my job. I’m a fireman; I have to. But today’s different. Right as our truck pulls in and we start dragging the hose, a police car drives in behind us. When I see her get out of the passenger seat of the police car and walk around to the driver, my heart stops beating for at least three seconds. Her partner bends down to talk to her, putting a smile on her face. Two things hit me at once. One, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Two, I don’t want her smiling at him. Only at me.

I shake my head, trying to get it out of my head and focus on what I’m here to do. There’s a party and the grill has caught on fire. It would be an easy fire to extinguish if there weren’t so many people around. I’m trying to get all the people out of the way but nobody is moving. Which is rare; most times people move out of our way pretty quickly. But by the looks of it, with the number of beer cans on the yard and in people’s hands, this has become somewhat of a rager.

I’m pushing through people and stop at the voice on the loudspeaker. Without even turning, I know it’s her. Her voice is smooth and sweet as honey. “People, please make way for the fireman. Move to the side. Move to the side, everyone.”

Everyone moves out of the way in front of me, forming an opening, but I barely notice. I’m too busy watching her. Her red hair is in a ponytail and even from here I can see her green eyes sparkling at me.

I don’t know how long I look at her, but her face twists in a smile. “Have at it, Mr. Fireman.”

I smile back at her and could keep looking if Zach doesn’t start busting my balls. “C’mon, Baker, let’s move. You can flirt later.”

Instead of a comeback, I take one last look at her, then move to the front yard. Somehow it’s pretty contained. Luckily, it’s a charcoal grill and from the looks of it, when it started blazing, they turned it into a bonfire. Yep, right in downtown Knoxville in the front yard.

I walk up to the man in the apron that says Kiss the Cook. “Hey, I don’t suppose you have a burn permit for this?”

He just laughs and takes a swig of his beer. “Nah, man. We’re grilling.”

I start laughing and wave for the boys at the pipe, signaling them to let it rip. I have it pointed right at the fire and as soon as the water hits it, the crowd groans and it only takes minutes to put it out. I give the man a few pointers on the safety of grilling, which I know goes in one ear and out the other.

I’m about to look for the policewoman when she shows up next to me. “You live here?”

She’s addressing the homeowner and I should leave her be, walk away, but I can’t. Physically, I can’t walk away. Even with Zach hollering for me.

I watch her as she deals with homeowner and if possible, she’s even more beautiful up close. Since she’s occupied, I take the opportunity to take her all in, look her up and down. She has on the typical uniform and blue cap. The tight fitting clothing shows off her curves, emphasizing her large breasts and shapely ass.

Before I know it, she starts to walk away. I catch up to her quickly. “Hey, so thanks for the help back there, you know making way for us.”

She smiles innocently at me, like she has no idea why I’m following her. Surely, she feels it. She has to feel this connection. I put my hand out to stop her and she stops suddenly, jerking from my hold. I throw my hands up. “Sorry, about that. Hey, I’m Baker, by the way, and I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime.”

Her eyes widen and shock shows on her face. She takes a step back from me and I can’t help it; I take a step toward her. She holds her hand up in front of me. “Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She turns to walk away but I stride right next to her. “Why not? I mean, are you seeing someone?” I try to hide the anger from my voice. I have a rule that I don’t date married women, but I don’t know what I’ll do if she tells me she’s married. “Are you married?” I blurt out.

She just shakes her head, laughing now. “Is this your thing? Pick up women out on calls?”

I shake my head instantly and tell her honestly, “No. Usually I’m all business when I’m on a call, but the minute you pulled in, I knew I wanted to talk to you, take you out.”