Once Upon a Kiss (Once Upon a Sweet Romance #0) Read Online Carina Rose

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“Hi, I’m Lacey Winters. Are you single?”

The woman at the island resort had one thing in mind: making her cheating ex-boyfriend jealous. And Drew Mitchell was all too happy to oblige. But in a million years he never could have imagined that one kiss with a beautiful stranger would change the remainder of his vacation—and the rest of his life.
Drew knew he’d done Lacey a favor. Ill fortune had her facing the prospect of a week alone and in full sight of her ex frolicking with the woman he’d jilted her for. So agreeing to be her fake boyfriend seemed like the least Drew could do. But he hadn’t anticipated being so taken with her. And he never could have predicted falling in love.
Now Drew had questions of his own: Can he prove to Lacey that what they have is real? Can he convince her to trust in her heart again? Drew didn’t have any answers. It seemed that what happened once upon a kiss was anything but predictable.


Chapter 1

Lacey gave her best smile to the flight attendant before scanning the numbers and letters below the overhead baggage compartments, looking for her seat. She trudged past the rows of passengers in first class, some already enjoying a cocktail. She felt a stab of envy, regretting that she hadn’t splurged and upgraded her ticket.

Trying not to bump into anyone already stowing their bags, she finally found her seat and let out a sigh of relief. Her seatmate hadn’t arrived yet, and Lacey hoped that no one would be her neighbor for the four-plus-hour flight.

She grabbed her phone, e-reader, and earbuds before stowing her belongings and settling in. Glancing up at the passengers still making their way down the narrow aisle, she couldn’t help but feel a bit melancholy. It appeared everyone had a travel companion—everyone but Lacey.

A happy couple that she assumed were newlyweds approached. The way the man looked at his companion with such admiration as they walked toward their seats made Lacey’s gut twist. It wasn’t that she resented them, but she could think only that they could have been her and her boyfriend, Kevin—well, her ex-boyfriend.

Only a few moments passed before an older couple approached. The woman sat next to Lacey, and the man took the aisle seat across from her. They exchanged a brief smile, and for a second Lacey wondered if she should give up her seat to the man, but when she glanced at his seatmate and saw a young, fidgeting boy and a woman she assumed was his mother next to him, she decided to keep her mouth shut. It was bad enough being alone on what was supposed to be a romantic getaway—sitting next to a squirming toddler would take it a step too far. She did have her limits.

The woman beside Lacey turned to her and smiled.

“Good morning.” Lacey smiled back.

“Flying alone?” the woman asked, tucking her purse under the seat in front of her.

“Yes.” The corner of the woman’s lips angled down. Lacey added, “It’s been a crazy year, so this is a me trip. A vacation for the soul, so to speak.” She repeated the line she had rehearsed all morning, just in case anyone asked her that very question.

The woman nodded and gave her a tight smile before snatching the airline’s magazine from the seat pocket and flipping it open. Lacey held back a sigh, put in her earbuds, set her phone in airplane mode, opened her favorite playlist, and stared out the window. A man with orange flashlights prepared to guide the plane down the runway amid snowflakes falling from the gray New York sky.

Was a solo vacation really the right decision? Her best friends, Grace and Janine, encouraged her to go, to the point that any argument Lacey could come up with was met with an immediate counterattack. Before she knew it, she was packed and taking an Uber to the airport.

Deep down, Lacey knew they were right. According to Grace, Just because this trip was originally planned with romance in mind, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy yourself. The sun will be just as warm and the beach just as fabulous. Not wanting to dwell on it any longer, Lacey let out a long breath and decided to enjoy her flight, her friends’ encouragements still ringing in her ears.

After liftoff, she finally started to relax, her eyes growing heavy. She opened them hours later and stared out the window. A wide smile grew across her face. The turquoise-blue water through the small oval window was unreal in its beauty. Though she was thirty thousand feet in the air, Lacey could feel the tranquility of the sea. She could see the waves crest, and she was sure if she squinted, she’d be able to see the life that lived beneath.