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One In A Melon - The Way To A Man's Heart

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Frankie Love

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I've known her forever. Georgina's sassy, sexy, and stubborn as hell.
She's also my best-friend's little sister. And she's in serious trouble. But the melon dollar question is, will this strong-willed woman let me help?
Dear Reader,
Grady is a gruff and growly alpha who doesn't mind getting dirty in his garden. Or the bedroom.
He's ready to take a bite of something sweet and juicy. Question is, if he was a watermelon would you spit or swallow his seed?!
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Frankie Love

Chapter One


I kill it at the workout. Dead lifts. Burpees. Wall balls. Squat routine. I get the best time of the day. Vance shakes his head, frustrated. He’s my closest friend and we’re always trying to best one another. But his head is just not in the game. His loss, my gain.

While my buddies have all been off falling in love, I’ve been doubling down on exercise. What else am I supposed to do without a woman to come home to?

Vance claps my back. “Well done, buddy.”

“Thought you’d be in better shape now that you and Valerie are living the good life.”

Vance chuckles. “Actually, work has been a shit show. I’m trying to track a suspect down but they seem to have run off. A real piece of work.”

I frown. “Sorry, man. Sounds rough.”

“It’s all good,” Vance says. “I got Valerie at home to remind me that the world isn’t all bad.”

I grunt, admittedly jealous of the fact he’s got his little slice of paradise.

Wiping sweat off my brow though, I admit to being a little jealous as the guys discuss the plans they’ve made with their wives and girlfriends.

“So what should I bring to the dinner party?” Matt asks Trent as we head to the locker room. Both of them are recently hitched.

Major, Beckett, and I all make eye contact. Dinner party? We try not to laugh — what happened to poker nights and drinks at O’Malley’s? Sure, our buddies all hooked up with great ladies — but still… it’s not the same.

It’s just three of us guys who work out together who have managed to avoid the old ball and chain, and I don’t think I’m the only one of the single guys wishing things hadn’t changed quite so much, quite so fast.

I’m glad Major and Beckett recently joined the gym — without them, I’d be flying solo.

“So you guys wanna get dinner later?” I ask them.

“I wish, but I’m trying to sleep train Annie,” Beckett says. “Six months old and that girl is already putting up a fight. Makes me think she’ll be quite a teenager.”

“Right, of course.” I nod. Beckett is new around here and has a pretty full plate being a single dad. “Another time. Hey, guys,” I call out before everyone disperses. “In the back of my truck is a box of watermelons. I had extra at the store. So grab one for yourselves, okay?”

“Thanks man,” they call out. As the owner of a gardening store, I always have a few bins of fresh produce from Lucia at Nettle Bank Farm. She’s Matt’s sister, and I try to support local. When there’s extra, I share it around.

After the guys leave the gym and head home to their women, it’s just Major and me. “O’Malley’s?” he asks. He recently moved back to town after a busted knee ended his NFL career and I know he’s had a tough time with his whole life plan being up-ended out of nowhere.

I nod. “Thank God there’s one of you guys not attached to a female.”

“No luck with the ladies?” Major asks as we leave the gym and head down the street toward our favorite bar.

I shrug. “Eh, not really.” Truth is there’s only ever been one girl. And I know the likelihood of ever going somewhere with her. Vance would kill me if I tried to get with his little sister.

Georgina is off-limits — he made that clear back when she was in high school.

“What about you?” I ask Major.

Major’s lip twitches, and he chuckles. “Don’t get mad, but I was wondering what you knew about Myra.”

“Myra? My Myra?” She’s recently relocated from the South and she seems really sweet, which is a sharp contrast to Major’s hard edges. From what I can tell, the guy’s been through the wringer.

“Your Myra?” Major laughs, pulling open the door to the bar. “I didn’t realize she was yours.”

“She’s not. She’s just my employee. I feel, I don’t know, protective?”

“I get it,” Major says. “But do you know if she’s seeing anyone?”

We grab beers from the bar and I think it over. “Not that I know of. But I’ll let you know what I find out.”

“Sounds good, man,” Major says as we get a table.

My phone buzzes as I take my first sip. I glance at the text and see it’s from Georgina. Frowning, I read it. It’s not often she texts me.

My spine straightens and I try to register her words.

“What is it, Grady?” Major asks.

I swallow, rereading her words: I need your help. Don’t tell my brother. Please.


When Karen messaged me on Facebook out of nowhere two months ago, I was a little skeptical. I’d gotten messages like this in the past.

Want to meet up and discuss a new skin care routine?

Interested in learning about an exciting new business opportunity selling tote bags?