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Ronan (New Law MC #1)

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She’s searching for freedom and he’s the one to give it to her.
I never knew how much I needed my freedom until I moved to the Klamath Mountains. I was ready to get out on my own and let my bear run free. But when I have a run-in with the Eater Motorcycle Club it could have went really bad if my cousin, who is part of the New Law MC, hadn’t shown up.
Now, I’m under New Law’s protection, and after pissing off the dangerous high-ranking member of the rival club – I’m going to need it.
She rides in on Sayer’s bike… and I don’t like it. She needs the club’s protection and my instant attraction to her won’t let me say no.
When the Eater’s come for her, and I know they will… I’ll be ready. Because this Bear is mine.
This is a Steamy, Sweet, Novella. No Cliffhangers. This is the first story in the New Law MC Series. If you love short romances with alpha men, curvy women, insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.
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New Law MC Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



The wind flows over my body as I drive my motorcycle on the open freeway. The further north I get from Southern California, the better I feel. It’s not just the feel of flying, although that’s good too; no, it’s finally striking out on my own. No more dealing with my overprotective parents breathing down my neck and trying to micromanage my life.

I’m on my way to Eden. It’s at the base of the Klamath mountains in California. The cabin that I’m looking to buy is close enough to the protected forest land that I can feel my inner bear shiver in excitement just thinking about it. The idea that I will be able to shift into my bear without having to worry about getting caught, well, that’s reason enough to make this trek across the state. The town I come from is small and everyone knows everyone. I was taught growing up to never show my bear. I can hear my mom now, “No one will understand, Bree.” I heard it all my life.

So when my cousin Bruin told me about the freedom that he has in Eden, well, I knew I had to do it. I had to go there. Of course, Bruin was always the black sheep of the family. He’s a bad boy and “part of that motorcycle gang,” as my mother always said. But I always looked up to him. He lived life the way he wanted and didn’t care what anybody thought. That’s it. That’s what I want. If my parents knew I was planning to meet up with Bruin, they would have found a way to stop me. But I’m twenty-two now, well past the age of being an adult, and I’m ready to be free.

I passed the sign for Eden a few miles back and as soon as I see a gas station I pull in to fill up. Getting off the bike, I stretch the worn muscles of my back and legs. With my hand on the pump, I can’t take my eyes off the mountains. They are beautiful. Taking a deep breath, I go to lift the handle when my thoughts are interrupted.

“Do you smell that? She’s in heat.” I turn around and look behind me, but I’m not quick enough. Two men have me cornered between the bike and the pump. I was too caught up and distracted to catch the scent of the bear shifters. Both of them are big and tower over me.

One of them reaches out and grabs the tip of my black hair lying across my shoulder. He lifts the strands to his nose and inhales deeply. I freeze next to them, weighing my options and knowing that I’m no contest to them like this, not in my human form.

After he smells my hair, he smiles, showing me his yellow-stained teeth. “Yes, I smell it. She’s in heat.”

I stand up straight and look at the other man, knowing he’s the alpha, the one in charge. “Get lost.”

They both laugh, but I can tell that me standing up to them has angered them because their backs straighten and their laughs are controlled and menacing.

The one I’m staring at takes a step toward me, crowding me. “She hasn’t seen our colors. Anybody traveling through or living in Eater territory has to pay the toll.”

My body jerks at the name. I remember Bruin mentioning the Eater motorcycle club and I don’t think it was good, but damn, I wish I had paid better attention.

“This is New Law territory, isn’t it?” I ask them, mentioning Bruin’s club name.

He lifts his foot and kicks over my bike before wrapping his hand around my neck. He was so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to make a sound. He smells like blood and hunger. He’s a bear shifter, I’m sure of it, and judging by the size of him in human form, he will be a big bear.

The roaring I hear makes me think that it’s the sound of the men shifting right out in the open. He grips my neck tighter. With my air supply cut off, I know I’m going to lose consciousness if I don’t act soon. I can’t shift fully, not out here in the open; it would put all the shifters in danger.

Bending the rules, I flex my hand out beside me, releasing my bear claws and drawing them across the face of my attacker. Suddenly the chokehold on my neck is gone. I’m bent over gasping for breath as the man moans, holding his face. I look behind them and realize then that the roaring sound I heard is motorcycles.

“There’s four of them,” the other Eater says. “We can find this bitch later.”

The man who choked me looks at me with his open wound on his face pouring blood. He wants to stay. I can feel it in his stare. But instead he tells me, “I’ll find you… you’ll get yours.”