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(Vampire Kings #2) Royal Pains

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Loki Renard

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A rebellious young werewolf finds himself crossing the vampire king as the search for his family goes very wrong…
Will was hard enough to contain when he was only human. Now he must be kept on an even shorter leash.
As his power grows he becomes harder to control. It will take every bit of Maddox’s mastery to keep him in line.
And when he wants to find his real parents, secrets from the past threaten to be even more destructive than the murderous werewolf felon himself.
Can the newly crowned vampire king get his family under control? Or will Maddox’s werewolf pup tear New York City apart?
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Vampire Kings Series by Loki Renard

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Loki Renard


The Party

In the hallowed seat of vampiric power and royal prestige, unholy and unfathomably filthy acts were being perpetrated, and filthy actors were being penetrated. This was the thirtieth day following the coronation of Maddox as vampire king of New York, and celebrations were continuing to ensue. The coronation had been somewhat staid and traditional. What was unfolding now was anything but. It had been said that the new king’s tastes ran to the modern and the cruel, in that order. But there was nothing more old fashioned, and nothing that celebrated the common roots of vampire and man, as a group celebration of carnality.

Certainly, Maddox’s senses thrilled to elegant displays of power and its inevitable partner, submission. As much as he looked out into the crowd to see if he might spot something particularly delicious, the crowd stared back. All eyes were on him and his Will, many eager for the smallest bit of acknowledgement, some merely desperate, jealous, and insubordinate souls forced to bare teeth in sociable grins and have a good time whether they liked it or not.

In the midst of the greatest party the New York undead had seen in a hundred years, Maddox reigned over a sea of writhing, moaning, begging, and groaning masters and servants. There was but one royal command this evening: to be present, and to come. Vampires appreciated the clever word play almost as much as they enjoyed the orgiastic gathering.

Will was absolutely naked and covered in a sheen of oil perfumed by rare scents from exotic countries. The collar at his neck kept him in chained check as he serviced Maddox with the kind of enthusiasm that could only come from having his own orgasm held hostage.

The Library was being desecrated, the historical seat of New York’s vampire elite and minor royalty brought to its collective knees by Maddox’s first decree—that all those who wanted to swear fealty and loyalty to him should attend with their blood pets and make merry with one another long into the many nights of his post coronation coital celebration.

He wanted to give the naysayers reason to gossip, and he wanted all to know that he would not rule from the shadows in shame. They had begged him to take the throne and take it he had. He’d taken his boy over it in every way he could think of and was merely waiting for fresh inspiration now.

Will’s blue eyes flashed in the intermittent light cast by rotating chandeliers of wax candles that not only shed light, but hot drips of their corporeal forms upon those below. Maddox smiled down at his boy, feeling a sense of almost complete contentment. This was the best of all possible outcomes: a willing human pet, a city at his feet. What more could an ancient vampire desire?

Lorien was nearby, leaning up against a bookcase. He cut a sullen and romantic figure, his handsome visage gathering attention from male and female, vampire and human supplicant alike. Maddox noticed the way Lorien was gracious enough to acknowledge them all but give no true attention to any. Lorien remained a lost soul, even at a moment of what should have been ultimate triumph. Maddox made a mental note to keep an eye on him. An unsettled Lorien had brought down the previous occupants of the throne. Maddox had no intention of making the same mistake.

A hot tongue lapped at his balls, drawing his attention back to the present moment. Will was pulling every trick in the book to make his master come for him so that he might finally orgasm himself. Maddox had forbidden it since they arrived and Will had made several uncharitable and insolent comments about various guests. Teaching his boy manners was an ongoing struggle, made much more pleasant by how well Will applied himself when he was properly motivated.

He was certainly motivated now if the wetness of his mouth and the enthusiasm of his sucking was anything to go by. Maddox found himself almost unable to contain his orgasm any longer. As the music and the drums slammed into ever faster tempos, Maddox relieved himself down the throat of the man he loved most in all creation, spending his seed deep inside Will’s throat.