Savage Ruin (The Savages #2) Read Online Stella Brie

Categories Genre: Romance Tags Authors: Series: The Savages Series by Stella Brie

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When the past brings more than one enemy to your door.
Eliminating the traitor in their midst is only the beginning. With the death toll rising, Henley and the Santos men form a partnership to eliminate their enemy.
But in a race to get the software to market, they discover the shadows are full of enemies. When Henley is specifically targeted, Thiago, Grayson, and Mateo realize there is more at stake than a piece of tech—they could lose the woman who is slowly stealing their hearts.
Living with the Santos men gives Henley a glimpse of a better future, but she must decide if she’s truly ready to take a leap of faith and stop running from the past. Just when she thinks she’s close, a gruesome message from her stalker reminds her of what’s at stake.
Desperate to draw their enemies from the shadows, they set a trap using the software and Henley as bait. Will their plan work, or will their enemies triumph and ruin any chance of happiness?




Awareness taps forcefully on the edges of my mind, but the excruciating pain it brings is too much for me to handle. I turn to the sea of nothing, and with a grateful sigh, slide into the inky darkness, letting the pain fade into the background. Yet a sliver of awareness remains and a voice slips into my world.

Drifting aimlessly, the low timbre of unintelligible sounds becomes a soothing lullaby accompanying me along my journey, stopping only to be replaced by another. Although different, the new voice seamlessly carries me through the darkness, and my cocoon remains intact—for a while. Somewhere along the way, the tone changes. Raw anguish pierces the veil of darkness, disrupting my peaceful interlude, until I’m unable to ignore it. Compelled to reassure them, I reach but never make contact. Restless, I strain against the darkness that once gave me such comfort.

Angry voices intrude. Expecting pain to follow, I flinch. Utter silence descends. When nothing follows, my body relaxes, but my mind is no longer content to just drift. It’s alert and vigilant against the danger I sense.

The darkness softens to grey, and the pain returns. A whimper escapes. Warmth encompasses my hand, followed by a sharp prick. The pain eases. Sleep takes over.

When I wake, light and heat surround me, pulling from me from the lingering shadows. Gritting my teeth against the pain in my body, I lift my eyelids and squint against the brightness to check my surroundings. The lack of familiarity is both unnerving and reassuring. Instead of grey concrete and a dim room, sunlight bounces off cheerful yellow walls, flooding the space with brightness. A television, high on the wall in front of me, plays softly while beeping noises fill the air around my bed. A dark figure slumps in a nearby chair causing my muscles to tense, but the lean silhouette eases my fears. I’m no longer in the warehouse, and that’s not Diego.

A cool hand clasps my wrist, startling me, and I jerk to find a woman in blue scrubs standing by the bed. “It’s okay. You’re safe and in the hospital. I’m Sam, your nurse, and I’m going to take your pulse. Okay?” She lightly circles my wrist but waits until she sees my slight nod before proceeding. “How are you feeling?” After a few seconds, she lays my hand on the bed and picks up the chart to write something down.

My voice cracks when I answer. “Fine. Sore.”

She grabs a sliver of ice from a nearby cup and places it in my mouth. “That’s to be expected. On a scale of one to ten, how is the pain?”

My body throbs in sync with the drummer in my head, but it’s less intense. “Five?” It’s hard to tell right now because everything seems muted.

She consults the chart and nods. “Good. You’re not due to get a pain reliever for a couple more hours. I’ll let the doctor know you’re awake, and I’m sure he’ll be in to see you shortly.” After adjusting the covers, she continues. “Take it easy, and if you need anything, press this button.” She hands me a remote and gestures to the red button with a plus sign on it.

I nod.

“Thank you, Sam,” a voice states softly. The figure at the end of the bed strides toward me.

Mateo. My breath hitches when I see his familiar face and warm brown eyes. “Is this real?”

“Yes, you’re safe. Diego is dead,” he says reassuringly, his eyes never leaving mine.

I feel like I did when I had a car accident at sixteen… fine until I saw my mom’s face. A dam bursts inside me, and my emotions come pouring out. Tears stream down my face while I silently tell him what happened to me, how scared I was, how bad it hurt, the moment I lost hope, and a million other things, including the overwhelming relief to find myself alive and here with him. I thought I’d never see anyone again. My hand squeezes his tightly, afraid to let him go, but it’s not enough. I’m terrified this is a dream conjured up by my desperate mind.