Saved by Monsters (Everwood Demons #3) Read Online J.E. Cluney

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Heaven and Hell want me dead. Too bad I have other plans.
My hellhounds are determined to protect me no matter the cost, but I’m no longer someone who needs protecting. Thanks to a gift from both my mother and father, I now hold the key to everything within me, and I sure as hell won’t let them down.
On the run and seeking aid, my hellhounds and I will go against it all to see this through and save everyone we care about. But as answers are revealed and my path becomes clear, I realize it’s one I may have to walk alone.
Am I willing to abandon the four men who love me and risk it all to save everything?



‘You are the key to saving the world.’


I blinked as my mother’s voice faded away, the power and newfound knowledge settling inside me as I turned to face Dezikiel.

“Well, if I ever saw a sign of the divine, that would be it,” Jophiel stated, and I noted the way his mouth quirked up as he gazed at me.

“Your eyes lit up blindingly,” Jack explained as I arched a brow.

“What did you feel? Did you see anything?” Dezikiel asked as I shifted the weight of my wings.

Everything felt different now, my power, my mind. I was still me, but my mother had granted me more knowledge of myself.

I glanced down at her ring and touched it gently.

“I heard her voice, she said I was the key to saving the world. And I… just learned things,” I said slowly as I dragged my gaze back to his.

“You heard her?” Dezikiel frowned, and I nodded slowly. It was like she’d been right there with me, and even now, I felt she was still with me in some strange way. I could feel her presence with me, an energy rooted inside me now.

“Fascinating, I’ve heard of some angels being able to bind a piece of their angel grace into objects, as a way to immortalize themselves. I guess this is what Remiel has done to help guide you,” Jophiel said as he pushed off the table and moved to stand before me. He reached out questioningly, and I allowed him to take my hand and inspect the ring.

“Did you see anything?” he asked as he turned my hand and eyed the ring.

“No, I only felt and heard her.”

“Interesting,” Jophiel mused as he released my hand after another moment.

“What did you learn?” Creeper asked from behind me, and I knitted my brows as I struggled to put it into words.

“I’m not really sure. I feel as though I know how to use my wings fully, and my powers, but I can’t explain how or why, or what I can even do,” I admitted sheepishly. It was just a sensation I had inside me now, like I just knew things.

“Your mother probably granted you basic knowledge with her grace woven into that ring. To guide you,” Jophiel shared his thoughts as he rested his finger thoughtfully on his chin.

“Can you tell us anything else?” Dezikiel pressed, but I just shook my head.

“That’s it, I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s been useful. Having you at full power will help us in what we need to do,” he said quickly. “We need to find this angel that Jophiel speaks of. Getting you into Heaven so we can find a prophet to get more answers won’t be easy, but we’ll find a way.”

“Then what?” I asked.

“If they can verify everything, if you can truly close the gates of Hell, then we’ll need to find a powerful archangel to help us reason with all of Heaven. Someone that will see the truth and help the others believe. Then we can close the gates,” Dezikiel said slowly. “That is, of course, if it all is true.”

“The power I just felt from Lily makes me believe that it could be true. But we need to find this prophet first, or any prophet. They can verify it, and hopefully explain to us how we can go about closing the gates,” Jophiel said as he nodded at me.

“It won’t be a sacrifice again, will it?” Creeper growled, and my men stiffened around me at the prospect.

“No, I can’t imagine so. God would not have designed her in such a way,” Jophiel said strongly, and Creeper snorted.

“You really think this is all still within God’s plan?” Creeper muttered, and I tensed up as Jophiel cast him a disappointed look.

“God works in mysterious ways.”

The number of times I’d heard that over the years. I tried not to mimic Creeper’s unimpressed scoff.

“If a sacrifice is what they want in order to close them, then we won’t allow it,” Jack spat as he stepped forward, hellfire flickering in his eyes.

“Neither will we,” Dezikiel said sharply, and Jophiel gave him an odd look, but Dezikiel stared him down until he sighed.