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Stealing Summer - Hunter

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Lexi Blake

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A daughter lost. Summer has spent her whole life wondering about the family she left behind. On the night she came into being she only had a few moments with them. In that brief time, she reached out to her father, looking deep into his soul, and gifted him the will to go on. But now she is the one in need. Once a child made of pure magic, she is forced to live as a mortal. Her power caused great harm, and she has sworn never to let it happen again. With her friends beside her, she tries her best to help those she can. If that requires her to do a little thievery, well, she is her mother’s daughter, after all.
Everything changes when a woman falls from the sky and Summer meets the handsome vampire named Marcus Vorenus. Just as her past begins to catch up with her, she might have finally met her future.
A mother discovered. Kelsey Owens went searching for Dev and Marcus but all she found was a trap. She was pulled through a magical painting and thrown smack into the middle of a battle on a foreign plane of existence. Luckily she’s good in a fight. Saving the woman targeted by the horde of brutal soldiers, Kelsey is shocked by her resemblance to her queen. As Kelsey investigates the mystery surrounding Summer Donovan-Quinn, she also hunts for a way back to the husbands and son she just claimed.
A queen exiled. Zoey Donovan-Quinn is not happy. The wizard Myrddin is back, her marriage is troubled, and she is sure those two problems are connected. But nothing is more worrying than Dev’s sudden disappearance. When she and Daniel go looking for him, they are drawn into a world thought lost to the Earth plane. Danger awaits them there, but so does the daughter they thought they would never see again. She hopes they survive their reunion.
Three heroines. One mystery. And an ending that will change the Thieves world forever…
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Lexi Blake

Chapter One

A trick and a trap. You’ll solve the mystery and never see the evil coming for you. The world will fold and bend in on itself and you will be left on the wrong side. Years will pass. Your wolf will howl but he will remain steadfast. Hell will come and you will weep, but never leave the path. Hold fast. The magician will rule but you can win. Take back the plane. Don’t believe the myth that there can be only one. There is strength in numbers. So much strength in the blood. Don’t let them forget. History plays itself out again and again, mothers and fathers giving more than mere advice to their children. They give blood so the story continues. The path is set.

Summer is almost here.

Grayson Sloane, Dark Prophet


I’ve been through a lot in my time. Losing Daniel—first to death and then to the old Vampire Council—signing a contract with a demon, killing said demon, taking down the same Council and becoming the Queen of all Vampire. Hell, I’ve survived my children, so when I tell you that realizing Devinshea was missing was one of the worst moments of my life, you should understand I was beyond scared.

I sat around the conference table that morning the day after Dev disappeared, my heart in my throat as I realized how bad the situation was. It was only a few of us—Zack, Daniel, and that other one who wouldn’t have been there if I’d had any say in it. Myrddin Emrys had been sitting in the conference room when we walked in, almost as though he’d known we would gather here.

Or Daniel had called him back from the Hell plane where he’d been acting as Daniel’s emissary. That was the likeliest of scenarios.

“I’ve got some security footage of Dev. He came into the building. I’ve tracked him by scent from the front door to Daniel’s office. At some point after that, we started having some trouble with the cameras.” Zack Owens was up early. Or rather he hadn’t gone to sleep at all. None of us had. If it had been a normal day, we would have been happily sleeping in since the supernatural world tends to be pretty nocturnal. “I’ve got someone looking into what’s going on with the whole system, but it seems to be electrical. The super says we blew a couple of fuses because of the party last night, and he hasn’t gotten them back up and running completely yet. So it’s possible we missed Dev walking back out of the building. I can’t be sure.”

We’d stayed up celebrating a wedding long after the newlyweds had left for their hotel, taking Dev with them to perform fertility rites. While the newlyweds had been trying to conceive their first child, everyone in the Council building had been dancing and drinking and basically enjoying the night. The party had been to celebrate the wedding of my friend and Zack’s niece, Kelsey Owens, to her chosen men, the dark prophet and half demon, Grayson Sloane, and the alpha werewolf who’d been my bodyguard for years, Trent Wilcox. Yes, she married them both. What can I say? I’m a trendsetter. I’m married to two men—Daniel Donovan, the King of all Vampire, and my faery prince, the High Priest of the Fae, Devinshea Quinn.

I wasn’t willing to lose either one of them. It came as something of a shock because I’d gotten used to things being relatively calm. Yes, we had the odd coup attempt, but for the most part, we’d found a wary peace in our kingdom. We didn’t have our guard up, and that would prove to be a big problem because when you’re the royal family of the supernatural world, someone is always, always gunning for you.

The door opened and I had another ally.

“What’s going on?” Neil Roberts, my bestie, slid into the seat beside me. He yawned and looked generally annoyed to have been dragged out of bed, though he’d definitely been known to do that to me. “Someone told me Dev got lost. I thought he was going over to the hotel to do the fertility thing for the newlyweds. Did anyone check the hotel bar?”

I would normally have laughed. But I had checked the bar, and my vodka-loving husband hadn’t even stopped in for a drink. I know that because the security cameras at the hotel hadn’t malfunctioned. They plainly showed my faery prince walking out of the lobby and onto Main Street ten hours before.

“This isn’t a joke.” Daniel looked grim in the morning light. Despite the fact that he’s the ultimate vampire in our world, he’s not inhibited by the normal daylight issues. Most vampires would go poof in the light of day and leave behind nothing more than a pile of ash for our butler to vacuum up, but Daniel didn’t worry about UV rays. Feeding off Devinshea’s unique blood and sexual energy had given him the ability to daywalk. “Dev’s been missing for half a day now.”