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Sweet Destiny - The Sweet

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K.C. Lynn

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Three cups of a long-standing rivalry between two families and a wedding that will force them all under one roof.
Two tablespoons of a bride and a groom whose love is put to the test when they find themselves caught in the middle.
A slice of a secret that will change the course of their lives forever.
A pinch of fate. A dash of friendship. A sprinkle of seduction.
Mix together in a large bowl to create a hockey game that turns into a brawl, a rehearsal dinner that ends in disaster, and an unexpected guest no one saw coming.
Bake at 350° for a rich serving of life and a love that transcends lifetimes. A love so powerful it may just be the ingredient needed to end a longtime feud between two families.
A timeless recipe that is sure to fill your heart with a generous helping of Sweet Destiny.
Note: Sweet Haven MUST be read prior to this story.
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K.C. Lynn



Three Months Earlier

The nightmare always starts off the same way. Vivid and soul shattering. Horrendous images flash through my mind on repeat, helplessly propelling me back to a historical moment in time…

I’m surrounded by smoke. There’s so much it’s suffocating. I cough and sputter my way through it, my eyes burning as much as my lungs.

“Joshua!” His name rips from my raw throat as I stumble through the destroyed streets. I look around at the charred city we once called home, the man I love somewhere in the midst of destruction.

“Joshua!” I scream for him again, refusing to give up.

I will never give up.

A figure suddenly emerges from the smog and the first tendrils of hope infiltrate my heart when I notice all the fire gear.

“Thank God.” My heels click on cement as I run toward the firefighter covered in soot, but I quickly realize it’s not my beloved husband. It’s one of his fellow brothers, Firefighter Gibson.

He grips my shoulders and the heavy regret in his red-brimmed eyes sends my heart plummeting straight to my stomach. His mouth moves, telling me the unthinkable, but I shake my head, refusing to believe it.

It can’t be true.

“I’m sorry, Rose. We lost so many, but a little boy lived because of him.”

Despair grips my heart in an unforgiving vise, my entire world shattering as I crumble to my knees. The pain of my screams echo through the ruined streets, shredding my vocal chords and destroying what’s left of my existence.

“Sam, wake up!”

I bolt upright on a scream. Blanketed in darkness, my mangled heart beats rapidly. Sweat coats my skin and tears soak my cheeks as I try to breathe through the spasms ravaging my chest, my hand clutching the spot that physically aches.

Jase’s handsome face appears before mine, drowning out the shadows in our room. Dark eyes that are so similar to the ones that haunt my dreams peer back at me with concern.

A sob tumbles from my lips and I scramble onto his lap, my arms curling around his neck as I cry out a loss I can’t understand but feel all the way to my soul.

“Breathe, baby. It’s okay.” His strong arms come around me, holding my broken pieces together. “It was just a dream.”

It wasn’t. I can still smell the pungent smoke. It lingers in the air, the remnants of it reminding me of all that was lost.

He pulls back, his gaze searching. “Same nightmare?”

“It’s not a nightmare,” I choke out. “I lost you and I’m going to lose you again, I know it.” Voicing the words out loud only compounds my fear even more.

“No, you’re not,” he argues sternly. “We talked about this, Sam.”

He doesn’t understand. He can’t. Not when he hasn’t seen what I have. Felt the devastation and loss.

For the past several months the same nightmare has plagued me, and I fear that one day it will eventually become my reality.

“Look at me.” Framing my face between his hands, he lifts my gaze back to his. “You’re not going to lose me.”

“I already have.” The knowledge burns in my heart as strongly as it did for Rose. “This isn’t some nightmare, Jase. You die in a fire saving a little boy. Only you aren’t you and I’m not me. At least not our names. But…we are them and… Ugh!” Frustrated, I trail off, sounding insane even to myself.

“Baby, I’m right here. Look at me—feel me.” He places my hand over his strong and steady heartbeat. “I’m yours, Sam. Always and forever. Nothing will ever change that.”

I gaze back into his eyes, eyes I know I have looked into and lost before, all for the sacrifice of his job. “If I asked you to quit firefighting, would you?” The selfish question is out before I can stop it, desperation running my mouth.

“Yeah, I would,” he answers, surprising me. “But I’m really hoping you won’t ask me to do that. I love my job, Sam. As much as you love yours. It’s who I am. It’s what I’m meant to do.”

I rest my forehead on his, my eyes closing in shame. “I know, I’m sorry. I don’t want you to change but I can’t lose you, Jase. I want to marry you and have your babies but I’m terrified of losing it all before we even have a chance to build a life together.”

Just like Rose and Joshua.

“I could walk across the street one day and get hit by a car,” he says, “or end up in a plane crash.”

It’s not a plane crash that took him from me. It was a fire and his sacrifice.

“Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, Sam. Except for one thing.”

“What’s that?” I ask, my voice barely above a whisper.

“My love for you and that I will always come home to you. One way or another.”