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Take My Breath Away - Second Chance Babies

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Mia Ford

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One night would change everything…affect our families…our own lives
The feelings buried inside for so long…suddenly coming to life!
She was my childhood friend. I didn’t know if I loved her. And now I meet her in college again. She’s gorgeous…
I can lose myself forever in those big dark eyes and her silky black hair. But, she’s forbidden fruit, our families hate each other. I am a tough talker but I know my family holds a certain control over me. And I wonder if she worth losing my family over.
Graduation was about the corner. We both had plans…none of them involved staying together. We wanted to run and live our dreams. Dreams that weren’t supported by anyone
But, when I hear she’s carrying my baby. I won’t let her go. Her dreams are suddenly my dreams too.
Well, life was about to get tough. But who knows our baby might bring our families close again.
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Mia Ford


I stepped out of my shower and dried my long, curly dark hair. I was lucky to have a dorm with an attached bathroom, so I tried not to complain about how tiny it was. Once I was wrapped in a towel, I flung the door open and wiped down the round mirror. I knew that Violet wanted to take a shower before her classes as well and smiled as my blonde roommate poked her head in. I brushed my hair quickly and stepped out, offering her the room.

“We will never have similar schedules again, Rose. I promise,” she swore as I walked over to the desk by the window that held our makeup mirror. It was mostly her makeup, but I tried to look human most days. I reached for some powder for my pale skin and brushed it gently on, deciding how much concealer that I would need under my eyes. They were already a dark brown and seemed to highlight the flaws. I dabbed a little on my skin and added some dark liner to my lids before grabbing the mascara. I was finished with a clear gloss when Violet stepped out and glanced up with a smile.

I walked across the room to our closet and picked my favorite jeans and a purple Henley to go with the Seattle weather. I went into the bathroom to get dressed, drying my hair in loose waves as Violet did her face.

“We’re going to graduate from here in a year, Vi. Isn’t that crazy?” I asked as I stepped out into the room. She was braiding her hair, and she grabbed clothes to change into.

“It’s been a great time,” she said wistfully before she closed the door. We’d roomed together from day one. We were paired randomly, but she became my best friend instantly. I didn’t know what I was going to do without her when she returned to Texas and I stayed in the area. I heard a knock at the door and frowned as I went to answer it.

“Good morning, Rosie.” Sterling greeted me, holding a drink tray with three coffees. I allowed him to step inside and grinned at him as he moved to sit on my bed.

“You don’t have class until noon. What are you doing here?” I asked as I walked over to join him. He pulled one of the drinks from the tray and held it out to me. I inhaled the cinnamon and smiled at him.

I’d been friends with Sterling since we were in first grade. Our families lived in the same neighborhood and we were close from day one. I won’t lie. I had a crush on him for most of that time as well, but only watched him date other girls all the way through school. It wasn’t until college when we were on our own that he kissed me when he got drunk one night.

It led to other things and other nights, but Sterling still claimed to want to play the field. He was gorgeous with stormy blue eyes and tousled chestnut hair. I was already tall at five feet eight, but he was six feet two and muscled from his time at the gym. Sterling hadn’t changed much over the years apart from the fact that we were sleeping together now. He was the kindest to me since we’d been through a lot of shit together. We were best friends that had some benefits and it never ceased to confuse me at times.

“Look what the car dragged in,” Violet said as she left the bathroom in leggings and an orange tunic shirt with boots. She took the coffee that he offered her with a smile, thanking him.

“Good morning, Miss Violet,” he greeted her in an affected voice as she rolled her blue eyes.

“Thanks for the coffee, Sterling. We were up late studying.” She informed him as he nodded slowly.

“That’s why I’m up. All-nighter.” I looked closely at him and noticed how tired he looked. “I was getting coffee anyway, so I grabbed some for you.”

Violet brought me my backpack and went for her own before we all left the room. I walked with Sterling while Violet hung back, walking with another friend.

“Are you going to sleep?” I asked him as he shook his head. His hair was especially messy today, and I frowned worriedly. “You need to rest, Sting.” I’d started calling him that when the singer became so popular and because it was shorter.

“I will. Tests don’t last forever, Rosie. Besides, we’re done soon. We can sleep then,” he assured me as I laughed.

“I guess,” I said softly as we headed outside.

The sky was gray as usual. I glanced up and sipped my coffee again as we paused in front of the building.

“Where are you headed?” I asked as I looked into his beautiful face.