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“Hey, son, come have a drink with us.” He pulls me in for a half hug and motions to everyone in the group. “This one is going to be next. Mark my words.”

A flash of Lexi’s dark hair spread out on a white silk pillowcase enters my mind, and I have to clear my throat.

“Mom wants cake,” I tell him, and he straightens up.

“I’m on it.” He’s gone before he’s even finished his sentence and tosses his cigar in the ashtray. That man worships the ground she walks on, which is why it was so easy for him to step into our lives.

“When are you going to come work for me, Asher?” Mr. Bennett asks before I have a chance to turn around and follow my dad.

“You know I’m only in it for the investments,” I joke, but it’s still the truth.

When Sam started up his company, I was a silent investor, and we’ve made more money than either of us ever thought was possible. Now we’re both set for life, and we get to kick back and enjoy it. Only now he’ll be enjoying it with Parker.

Another image of Lexi on her back with her eyes closed fills my brain, and I have to force myself to push it out.

“If you change your mind, I’m always a phone call away.” Before I can step back, he puts his hand on my shoulder and tugs me closer to him. “Have I introduced you to my daughter Julia? I think she tried to speak with you a minute ago.”

There was a blonde who got in my way earlier—is that who he’s talking about? “Um, I’m not sure.”

“Why don’t we have you over for dinner one night this week? Your parents can come too. It will be good for you kids to get to know one another.”

“Oh, I think that’s Sam calling me,” I lie as I step out of his hold and hurry toward the ballroom.

Before the ceremony, I didn’t have a chance to meet anyone, and I was busy running around for Sam. It wasn’t until the actual ceremony that I saw Lexi for the first time. I’d noticed her name on the program but had never actually met her. Although I’d heard Parker talk about her best friend almost every time I was around her.

When Lexi walked down the aisle, I had to remind myself not to lock my knees. She looked so thick in that tight dress, and it didn’t hide an inch of her plentiful curves. All I could think about was putting my face between her tits to feel how soft they were against my cheeks. I had to put my hands in front of me to hide my erection during the ceremony, but every time I looked over at her, a new part of her body called to me. I wanted to put my dick in all of it and then lick every last inch. Fuck, I’ve never had a reaction to a woman like this before. Maybe I need to get laid?

Then I remember her looking over her shoulder and how her eyes widened when she looked up and saw me. She was so close I could see gold flecks around her dark lashes and a dust of shimmer across her cheeks. She looked like something out of a dream, and I never wanted to wake up.

By the time I get through the crowd and back into the ballroom, I see they’re already serving cake. The DJ says something, and then I see Parker on the other side of the room lifting her bouquet and tossing it over her shoulder. I can’t see past the people in front of me, but when I hear the crowd cheer, the people in front of me move out of the way, and I see Parker giving Lexi a hug. Gripped tight in Lexi’s hand is the bouquet, and for half a second, I think about going out there and sweeping her up in my arms.

When I take a step forward, my great-uncle Chet moves right in my path. “Asher, can you help me get your Aunt Belinda in the car?”

My great-aunt Belinda uses a cane, and Chet isn’t a spring chicken. I know they’ve got a driver, but I can’t say no to him.

“Sure, can you give me one—”

“Take this,” he says, ignoring me, and drops a huge flower centerpiece into my hands.

“Uncle Chet, I don't think you’re supposed to take these.”

“Belinda wants one, so that’s what she’s getting. Now let’s go; it’s practically midnight.”

“Uncle Chet, it’s eight-thirty,” I say, but he once again ignores me.

Belinda is waiting by the door, and I see him take her hand as I walk behind them with the monstrosity of a centerpiece. I guess if they weren’t supposed to take it, someone would have stopped me by now, but I can’t help but think he asked me to carry it so that I’d be the one to get in trouble.