The Court Under the Sea (The Shade Princess #1) Read Online NM Lovely

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Seventeen-year-old Karina Ayanna Starheart has only ever wanted one thing, to see Voltulin, the underwater realm of the Dark Fae. Growing up in Ashemari, land of the Light Fae, with her noble family she has become restless, desperate for more. She would do anything to get to the sea, even if that means she has to join the other noble girls to court the Dark Fae prince, Zarek Nightstorm. Upon arriving in the magical kingdom, she didn’t expect to find so many secrets, and she was even more surprised to find that some of the secrets revolved around her. Karina finds herself trapped between the prince and the secrets the deeper she digs, will she survive?

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“Akribus,” Queen Lavinia Shade whispered.

“Akribus, it’s time,” she urged as she roughly shook him from his dreams.

“My love, is everything alright?” the King murmured as he peeked up at his wife’s panicked face. Her ebony curls were wild from her restless slumber. Lavinia turned her sapphire eyes to him as she whispered once again.

“It’s time. Viktas will strike tonight.” Tears poured down her face as she clenched him tighter to her. King Akribus shuddered as he rose from their large walnut bed. He flicked his eyes to the two silver sconces along the far wall and watched as his magic brought the flames to life. He stared for a long moment, wishing he could change this ending, wishing with all his heart that he could save his family from this slaughter.

“If he usurps the throne tonight, then we must hurry,” Akribus muttered, sorrow prominent in his voice. He knew Lavinia’s visions would come to be. He just didn’t know it would come so soon.

Akribus donned his black velvet robe, hanging from one of two silver hooks, and reached for its smaller twin. He rushed to Lavinia’s side and helped her into her robe, giving her a small squeeze as he took her slender hand in his.

“Is everything prepared, Lavinia?” He brought her hand to his lips, giving her a small kiss, and watched as her eyes shuttered at the contact.

“Yes, everything is ready, my King,” She breathed as she brought her arms up and wrapped them around his neck. Tears trailed down her pale face as she leaned in for a hug. Akribus cleared his throat, and they quickly parted and rushed from their chambers. They made their way to the small room dedicated to their only living heir, their daughter, Princess Karina Ayanna Shade. Her name had not yet been announced. This was her only protection from harm when Viktas took the throne. Lavinia gathered her newborn in her arms, wrapping her tightly in a small pink blanket. King Akribus leaned in to press a kiss upon his wife’s forehead before they continued to the queen’s lady-in-wait, Celestia.

“Celestia, it’s time for you to go,” Lavinia called as they entered the small chamber down the hall from the queen’s. Lavinia waited patiently in the doorway as Celestia rose from her bed and gathered her coat. “King Akribus is preparing your transport. You must be quick and quiet. Keep her safe and remember, she must not know until she’s well prepared.”

Lavinia spoke sternly. They’d had this talk many times. She trusted Celestia with Karina’s life and upbringing.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I understand. I only wish you could save yourselves.” Celestia’s voice faltered. The queen scrunched her nose at the statement.

“You know we cannot. I have seen every scenario, every consequence. You taking Karina to Ashemari is the only thing that saves her.” Lavinia was devastated that they wouldn’t be able to see Karina grow into the amazing woman they knew she would be. There was no hope for herself or the king. If they stayed to fight, they would all be slain. Viktas would not give up; he had gained too many supporters. He would hunt them down if they ran, ensuring nothing stood between him, the throne, and the power it carried.

“Lavinia, the preparations are complete. Cirro is waiting on the other side.” King Akribus urged them along as he rushed them out the door.

“Quickly now!” He spoke in a harsh whisper. He reached for Karina and held her tight as they rushed down the corridor. The dark walls sped past as they made their way to the hidden stairwell, concealed by a tapestry of the King upon his throne. He yanked it aside and tapped the wall behind it. As the wall vanished, Lavinia led Celestia through and the King slipped in behind them. They ran through the stone corridor at a rapid pace. The corridor led upwards towards the top of the sea. Their underwater Kingdom, safely hidden from the Light Fae realm, and Akribus shuddered to think of what would become of Voltulin once Viktas took over.

As they rose through the long corridor, a beautiful aqua light shone down as the sun pierced the sea. The corridor opened to a small circular chamber. The Fire Chamber, for such it was called, allowed the royal family to transport anywhere they needed. The air hummed with magic; the chamber holding an immense amount of power, forbidden to anyone other than royalty. Nowhere in the kingdom held as much as this small place. Lavinia approached her husband, leaning in to kiss Karina one last time. Karina cooed as she shifted in her sleep. Lavinia glanced up at Akribus with tears pooling in her eyes.