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Black Valley Shifters The Glass Slipper

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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

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I was forced into servitude after watching my family get slaughtered. For ten years, I have been planning my escape, desperate for my freedom, far from the dysfunctional pack, the cruel Alpha that ruled them. I never believed it would be possible until I met him.

It was meant to be a quick conference. I was supposed to be there to represent the Black Valley Wolf Pack. I wasn’t expecting to challenge anyone or change a whole system of corruption and evil embedded in the most deranged and depraved pact in the region. That was before I saw her.
My mate. Now I would burn the whole world and everyone who stood in my way to make her mine.
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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford



"What do ya want to do with the pup?" the voice asked.

I stayed huddled in the corner, thinking if I stayed small, I could convince them to leave, but that wasn't how it worked. They knew I was here; they could smell the fear permeating off me.

"Find her first." The Alpha's voice boomed with such terror that my body trembled at the sound.

"Can't we just leave her?" another voice, this one female, asked. "It's not like she's going to survive. Let's get what we need and leave.”

"No. We need the pup; I'm not risking her running off and yapping her pathetic mouth," the Alpha growled.

I didn't dare to look up to see them. I knew they scented me, but they couldn't figure out that I was under the floorboards, hovering. My parents had known this day would come. They had prepared for it my entire life. They’d laced the small cabin with many scents to try to confuse shifters who could come our way. They’d sent my brother away the minute he was born, knowing that a male heir wouldn't be allowed to breathe past his first breath. My father had wanted to send me away too, but my mother couldn't bear to lose another child, so they’d raised me.

As the years went by, we thought we were safe, that maybe the pack had forgotten about us and they too were moving on with their lives, but we were wrong, fatally so. As the wolves barged in our small home, two grabbed my father while my mother urged me to shift and rushed me under the floorboards before they could see. Then she went off to help my father, but by her shrieking scream, it was too late. She'd lost her mate. For a wolf shifter, the loss of a mate is the end. Many can't survive the loss, and they too die soon afterward. My wolf wanted to go out there and fight, to try to protect my small pack, but the humans prevailed, and I stayed quiet.

I heard the shuffling of footsteps, and then they stopped right above me. The voices were a hush before the safety of my hiding place was ripped open and the sunlight came blaring violently through.

"I found the mutt," the man said before reaching down and pulling me up by the fur on my neck.

I closed my eyes, desperate to escape the horrors that I was sure would then happen to me. I was prepared for the death at hand, but instead, the Alpha walked towards me and threw me in a crate. "You're not going to kill her?" another deep voice asked.

"No, I'm going to make her a slave," the Alpha said before he covered my new cage with a thick black cloth, shrouding me in darkness and despair.

Chapter 1


"Ella," Molly screeched, her voice like nails grinding viciously against a chalkboard. After all these years, her voice still made me shiver and my skin crawl. I wiped my brow and headed to the living room. There, Molly sat, her short stubby legs presented on the coffee table as she leaned back on the sofa. Her lips were covered with the stain of red from the plump strawberries, and her white dress was stained with the juices.

"How can I help you, Molly?"

My question didn't even phase her. She sat there wholly ignoring me as if I were nothing more than a gnat while I busied myself picking up the various debris scattered on the floor.

After another minute of silence, she finally broke it. “Oh, there you are, Ella "Oh, there you are, Ella. I am parched. I'd love a cup of hot tea." Molly didn't even look at me as she spoke; she just stuffed her face with another strawberry and started talking. I couldn't focus on her words. All I could see was the strawberry flesh in her mouth and the tainted red drops of spit that flew in the air. "Why are you just standing there?" Molly demanded, waving her hand in the air manically. "Get my drink."

I nodded and rushed back to the kitchen, where I placed the kettle on the stove. My gaze wandered out the window, mesmerized by the lush green trees surrounding the mountains. I used to love running wild in trees, hearing my mother's laughter as my father and I chased each other endlessly until we both flopped with fatigue on the dirty forest floor.

"What's taking so long?" Molly's voice startled me, making me jump involuntarily. "I don't appreciate having to chase after you. It was a straightforward request. I was enjoying my time. Now you've ruined everything."

I wanted to take the hot water and throw it all in her face. All she did was vegetate on the couch and pretended that her day was hard. Being the Alpha's daughter afforded her the kind of luxury where she could do whatever she wanted and no one would question her.