The Pack’s Bride (Rulers #1) Read Online L.P. Peace

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Pyri has spent a year being experimented on by a cruel Devori. When she’s rescued, she finally thinks her ordeal is over. Quickly separated from her best friend, Pyri finds herself at the mercy of not one, or even two Adosian aliens claiming her as their mate, but a pack of five!
They’re dominating, controlling and don’t seem to realise they’re pushing her away even as they try to win her heart. Because there’s a caveat to Pyri being here and that’s the Tessans. They’ve given the Adosian leader and his pack a cycle to win her willingly, or they’ll come and free her by force. Pyri has no intention of giving into these males. They’re bully boys. Arrogant, dismissive and foolish enough to think that they can intimidate her into loving them.
As Pyri fights them tooth and nail, Talis, Adaran, Nadan, Kemar and Thelan begin to realise human women aren’t as easy to control as their own and, maybe they don’t want to. More, as she leads them on a chase they begin to see the cracks in their society, cracks that Pyri refuses to stop exposing until their whole system of domination falls down around them. With the Adosian females on Pyri’s side, Talis, as leader, must make decisions that could bring his whole world to the brink of war.

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The cells were utterly quiet and had been for hours. A sense of dread hung in the air. It wasn't often their Devori master wasn't working on one of them, but when it did happen, it usually meant something particularly bad for one of the females he kept in the pens. Pyri's gut clenched. It usually meant something horrible for Elaine, though there was an Aavani female Castus enjoyed as well. The Aavani, Amra, and Elaine fell in and out of favour.

Pyri was lying on her cot, staring at the ceiling and trying not to be sick. She didn't want Castus to open that door. Didn’t want him to take her best friend away. Didn’t want to have to nurse her wounds and soothe her tears when she returned.

Castus wanted Pyri, but her virginity was worth too much, so he took his frustrations out on Elaine, and Pyri hated herself for it, though not as much as she hated Castus. She would kill him if she ever had the chance.

Pyri heard Elaine expel a shaky breath in the next cell and turned to look at her best friend.

Elaine was beautiful. She was the most beautiful woman Pyri had ever seen. She was like a doll, with perfect honey skin, huge blue eyes and golden hair, which she normally wore up in some elaborate style. Elaine often did Pyri’s hair too. She loved styling hair, but not as much as crawling through the ship's access ways or being covered in all sorts of gunk from a day working in the engine room. Elaine was a conflict of interests and personality.

Pyri loved her like a sister.

Seeing Elaine in pain now, in fear as they waited for the doors to open, gutted her.

Voices sounded through the door before they flew open. Pyri half rose from the bed to find Castus entering the anteroom, a grin on his face.

Pyri quickly slid off the bed and hurried to the front of her cage to present herself.

When Pyri got her commission on the Endurance, she was so proud. Endurance was the first ship capable of travelling faster than light. It would be the first to leave Earth’s system, travelling to the Intergalactic Council to petition for membership. The mission was vital to the continued safety of humanity, which seemed to sustain attacks from aliens looking to profit from the sale of human slaves at least every two months. She was a small cog in the wheel of Endurance, an ensign working in astronavigation. But she would be there for the most crucial mission in United Earth’s history, probably in the whole of human history. The success or failure of the mission would determine the future of humanity.

They were attacked and boarded within three days of leaving the Sol system. Pyri hoped that the ageing sentinel stations that made up Earth's defence system would hold out against an alien invasion.

Castus walked along the line of cages, looking at the women, an alien and, his favourite, the two humans, Pyri and Elaine, and sighed. He stopped outside of Pyri’s cell, an almost sad smile on his face. Pyri felt every muscle in her body tighten. Nothing good ever came of that look. Usually, it meant Castus was there to punish one of them.

Elaine was his preferred victim because the experiments he conducted on her failed. He punished Elaine because she wasn’t untouched and the alien DNA he had tried to graft onto her wouldn’t take, whereas it had taken almost immediately on Pyri.